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  1. The pack was furious, their alpha seated on his 'throne' within the large cave that they called home. Really it was just a rock, covered with a large blanket stolen from humans. Many of the werewolves were in their wolf forms, fur bristling as they looked at the female figure they surrounded. A human dared to cross into their territory, their home. They had gotten a lot more aggressive to their humans as of late... so many did not dare enter the forest now. But yet here this woman was!

    "Alpha, what shall we do with her!?" One outraged member, one of the only in human-based form, would ask. His tone was clearly angry, dark green orbs shooting a glare at the young woman. The alpha, a dark gray and black male wolf would flick silver eyes to the woman. His body was large, covered in scars and muzzle graying with age. Ears would flick back. A decision would need to be made. Generally humans were merely chased from the territory... but this human responded with less fear than others... and had come too far in.

    "We will--" He would pause, gaze flicking up as a younger wolf, a male who had just reached adulthood, trotted into the cave. Silver eyes would fall upon the woman surrounded by the wolves, flicking with a bit of recognition before walking on, until he came to sit at the bottom of the rock next to the alpha. This male was the heir, the alpha's only surviving child. The multi-toned monochrome wolf would watch the female for a moment before speaking. "I want her, father." The news shocked the rest of the pack.

    A werewolf, wanting this human filth? The alpha would look down to his son, then to the woman, then to his son again. Eyes would close, pondering for a long moment. Finally he would give a nod. "Fine... she is your responsibility, Seth. Feeding her... watching her... Do what you will." He was sure his son did not wish to kill the woman... but wanted her as a slave.

    The young werewolf would nod, padding forward and brushing the human's shoulder with his nose, giving a light growl. "Come." He would walk, expecting her to follow. Old wounds had been reopened with her sudden appearance. He wished to speak to her and get some answers.
  2. It was the most uncomfortable feeling as Lily sat in the cave, being stared at by every wolf that was inside of it. It felt as if all the wolves had something against her when all she did was walk around the forest, after returning home in years. Lily's parents had recently passed away from an incident, so she came back from the city where she lived with her grandparents until she was about twenty.

    Looking around, she could tell that the older wolf was obviously the leader of the pack from the way he spoke, which surprisingly didn't startle her. Any other human would have been shocked by the fact that these wolves could talk, yet to Lily, it somehow felt like she had known that all her life. Or the fact that one of the wolves was now in a human form. Lily wanted to speak up as they were talking to get something off her chest, but her thoughts were interrupted when a young male wolf came into the cave and up to the alpha wolf, saying that he wanted her.

    When the alpha wolf agreed, Lily had hoped that she didn't hear what she heard. Having to live in a cave full of wolves wasn't something that a human could withstand for a long time, so she wondered if he was keep her as a slave or possibly kill her at some point if she didn't do something right. Feeling the soft fur against her shoulder, it pulled her out of her thoughts, hearing the wolf telling her to follow him.

    Nodding quickly, Lily got up from where she was sitting and followed the wolf out of the cave to wherever he went. Now that she was alone with just one wolf, she couldn't help saying something that had been on her mind since she was taken to the cave.

    "Umm.. Excuse me.. But what did I do wrong..?" She asked in a soft voice not wanting to provoke the male.
  3. She got up without a word, following him out of the cave, though Seth was certain he felt the gazes of his packmates at his back. He would shrug it off, pushing the thoughts of their questions and rage out of his mind. No... She was more important than any regular human... At least to him. Even now, years later. She would speak, and, judging by how she spoke, it became clear to Seth that she didn’t actually recognize him. The male would come to a stop, looking up at her with sharp, intelligent silver eyes. She didn’t remember... And the feeling of betrayal would cut even deeper now.

    “Things have changed since you last came to this forest, Lily. It seems you have forgotten some things... But I have not forgotten you.” His words were a bit stiff, turning his gaze away from her as he kept walking. He doubted that any of the other wolves were going to come after them, especially given his rank, but all the same it was better they got further away... So that their conversations could be guaranteed private. He wasn’t letting her go. No, not now. He wanted answers.

    “About three years after you up and disappeared without a trace two of our packmates were killed by humans trespassing into this forest. Normally they did not travel so far in... But since then my pack has driven away any that venture in even the slightest... Killing them if they enter too far. I’m actually surprised that they didn’t kill you. Honestly Lily... What the hell were you thinking?” His words came out as a growl, fur bristling as he shot a glare at her.

    “You disappeared without a god damned word, not even a goodbye! You don’t even remember me... When we used to spend most of our time together when we were younger down by the lake. We promised to meet there everyday... And we kept that promise... We kept coming and coming.. But then one day you didn’t. I kept going though... Waiting... Hoping. Then I realized you weren’t coming back. That you had left me and betrayed me.” Seth spun to face her now. Hackles were raised, ears pinned, and eyes narrowed as he looked at her. Larger than an average wolf, being a werewolf and all, he indeed looked quite the fearsome sight.

    “You are so lucky they didn’t kill you... That I still remembered you... They would have done it without any mercy. You need to be more careful!” Seth would stand there, glaring a moment longer before heaving a deep sigh and looking away. “...and yet... As much as I want to stay angry with you... I just can’t.” He would shake his head, looking back to her now as ears lifted slightly. “Why did you come back? Why now?”
  4. The moment he stopped and started speaking to her, Lily was quite confused on what he was talking about until he said something about the lake as well as meeting up all the time. Lily was startled by the way he snapped at her for coming so far into the wolf's den. All she was doing was looking around her old home, thinking that it wasn't a big deal until she was taken. Realizing what he was talking about, Lily took a moment to remember what had happened in the past, only to remember a tiny wolf pup she would play with by the lake near her home.

    Thinking deeply about it now, she could see the similarities between the wolf now and the wolf then. "Wait.. I didn't up and leave. I was sent to live with my grandparents abruptly. My parents told me it was no longer safe to live in the woods, so they packed up my things and the next thing I knew I was living in the city."

    She explained everything that happened when she was younger, not expecting him to understand because he wouldn't have to go through the same thing. "I didn't come to the lake because I was completely unable too." Walking over to him, she crouched down to the ground while rubbing her arms a bit to warm up from the cool wind that was blowing through the woods.

    "I don't expect you to accept my apology for my absence over years and forgetting you, but I'm deeply sorry for all the hurt I caused you these years. I would even understand if you wanted to kill me.." She said softly, enough for him to hear as she looked down at the ground, feeling guilty for what she had put him through.
  5. Lily was quiet when he first started to speak to her, reflected on his words he hoped. Seeing the errors of her ways. Seth would turn his silver eyes to her as the human began to speak, ears lifting just slightly, though as he listened he wasn’t quite sure what to feel. He had known her house was right at the edge of the woods, which was why she had started coming to the lake to begin with. It had been pure accident that the two met as children... But their friendship was strong. A unique one.

    Perhaps they had sent her away because they saw her with him one day... Or simply saw him around. His pack had usually been rather careful when it came to revealing their wolf forms to humans... Rather taking their human forms whenever one was near, nude or not, to protect the pack. Maybe, if they saw him, that was why the humans that killed his sisters came. Maybe it was actually all his fault. Seth would shift uncomfortably at these new thoughts, turning his gaze away from her.

    He might not had fully understood why she hadn’t been able to come back, having never left the forest to see how big the world was outside... But... For some reason he felt that he could trust she was telling the truth about being unable to come back. He would give a sigh, looking up to Lily after a long moment. “I would never want to kill you, Lily. I felt hurt... Upset that you had gone... Betrayed... But... I know you’re telling the truth about not being able to come back. I can hear the sincerity in your voice.”

    Seth would move forward, curling his furry body around her own the best he could. “It may not change the fact that being alone hurt but... At least now I know it wasn’t on purpose..” Seth would glance back towards the direction they came before taking a few step, brushing against Lily with his tail. “I need to get you home... It’s cold... And winter will be around the corner.” He was going to try and get her away from the pack now before it was too late if he could. She didn’t need to be caught up in their affairs or get hurt... The male would shift on his paws, glancing to her again. “Do you want a ride back...? I’m strong enough to carry you now I’m sure.” Plus... It would be faster... And he didn’t want any other member of the pack coming up on them if they took too long getting her home.
  6. Glad that he wasn't too upset with her, Lily looked up at the wolf who was trying to cheer her up in a way. Hearing him say that she should get back home, she couldn't help but be confused. Not wanting to question in, she got on to his back allowing him to take her back home. "I thought I'd be taken to the cave.. I don't want you to be in trouble for taking me back home."

    She didn't want him to be blamed for anything. It was understandable that they were friends as kids and he still saw her in the way, at least sort of, but wouldn't the pack question his decision for letting her go back. "It feels like things around here have really changed and not for the better.." She said quietly to herself.
  7. Seth would lower to the ground as Lily approached him, helping with his muzzle to get her situated upon his back. Her question would cause the monochrome male wolf to tilt his ears back, a soft sigh leaving him. She didn’t want him to get in trouble for taking her home... Though certainly there was going to be chaos because of it. Seth would shake his head, glancing around and scenting the air in preparation for their run. If none of the others were close then they were certainly good to go.

    “I’ll be fine, Lily. I’m the heir of the pack now... Even if I get in a bit of trouble it wouldn’t be anything too bad. If anything the only one who would really be able to question it is my father... But... Don’t worry about it, alright? I have this under control.” With a satisfied nod Seth would turn back in the direction, at least the general one, that her house was in. He had never really gone there himself... Though he crept close a couple of times when she was going home.

    “Hold on tight.”

    Then they were off. Seth was running, paws hitting the ground hard. He was trying to get her away as fast as he possibly could, ears lowered back as he rushed across the earth. She would be okay... She would... He’d make sure of it.

    It took a few minutes but finally Seth would slow, panting a bit as he looked around. “So... Which way is it--” Muscles would tense beneath her, lowering his body to the ground. “Lily... I need you to get down for a moment. Someone is close... Just play along with me, okay?” Silver eyes were narrowed slightly. The werewolf that was near wasn’t really that dangerous but... If he saw Lily riding on his back like this there would be problems.
  8. Lily held on tight to Seth as he started towards her home. Even though he reassured her of the fact that he wouldn't be in too much trouble, Lily couldn't help thinking that something may go wrong. Noticing them slowing down, she was about to answer his question before his body shifted beneath her, indicating that something was definitely going on. When he lowered himself, Lily slipped off his back slowly to avoid hurting herself.

    "Sure.." She replied to his request, wondering who it was that was nearby. A situation like this could cause questioning immediately if it was someone from his pack, but if it was someone else, there's a possibility that it could be used against Seth in some way.

    Being a burden was something Lily didn't want to be and if she had to choose, she had wished that she was never found in the forest to began with. But the past has passed now and nothing can be changed. "Seth.. What should I do?" She asked him softly, looking towards his wolf form.
  9. Even if she had been holding on tight to the fur of his ruff, legs pressed against his sides to keep from sliding off, Seth had been unbothered by the presence of his friend upon his back. She was actually lighter than he was expecting; How easy it was for him to carry her! Had she not been eating enough? Was she healthy..? Perhaps by human standards, though not that of werewolf ones.

    Once she had slid off his back Seth would rise again, tail raising up over his back in a dominant manner, gaze searching for the one that was near, expecting them to show their face before too long. His words were soft, a whisper, as he answered her, so that only she would be able to hear. “I need you to act like you’re my servant... Just run your fingers through my fur or something... Try to act a bit downcast... We can’t let anyone know what we are up to.” He was feeling a bit worried now. If someone saw him with Lily it was going to complicate things regardless...

    A few moments later, whether Lily was ready or another wolf, or rather werewolf in his wolf form, would approach the two. He was younger, only about half of Seth’s size. Seth would let out a soft sigh of relief. This was one werewolf he didn’t mind running into during the current situation. The younger male would turn smoke-green eyes on Lily for a moment before looking at Seth, tilting his head to the side in a confused manner. “Seth, why ya got a human with ya?” He hadn’t been at the cave with the others it seemed.

    The monochrome male would shift, straightening himself. “A trespasser, Kapu. I’m having her tend to some things for me before I take care of her presence here. My father granted me that right. It is something that I want to do alone.” His voice was firm as he spoke the words, making it seem as if he planned to kill Lily, when in reality he was just trying to get her to safety. The younger one would approach, Seth’s body tensing some as Kapu scented the air, taking in Lily’s scent as he looked upon her.

    “Ya don’t seem bad, human... What’cha doing in our forest anyway?” Dammit. Even though Seth had been trying to, indirectly, send the young werewolf away he seemed insistent on learning more about Lily. That was the only real problem with the situation... They were losing valuable time.
  10. Running her fingers over his coat, Lily kept her head down as her hair fell over her eyes, keeping her from making any eye contact with whoever had come to see them. Realizing that Seth wasn't as tense as before, it was obvious that whoever had some wasn't much of a threat to them. It was interesting how wolves could easily detect if something could cause them harm or not, yet for some reason the wolves back at the cave thought of her as threat. Sighing quietly to herself, Lily still couldn't believe what she had gotten herself into.

    Feeling the other wolf come closer to her, she could hear every moment he made towards her. Having him smell her was a little bit uncomfortable, but she stayed still not wanting to startle him with any sudden movements. As he pulled away, she relaxed a bit, thinking it was all over until the wolf called Kapu asked about her.

    "Please don't mind me.." She said softly before moving her long dark brown away from her face to reveal clear as the sky blue eyes, looking directly at the younger wolf. Turning her gaze to Seth, she wondered how he was going to get them out of this situation. Although Kapu didn't seem to be any harm, Seth was making vague yet clear suggestions and movements telling him to leave them alone.
  11. Kapu would blink, tilting his head to the side even more than before as Lily spoke, moving her dark hair away from her eyes to show them. The smaller werewolf was about to speak again when Seth cleared his throat, the younger one looking to him. Under normal circumstances Seth wouldn’t have minded having Kapu around... The other werewolf was almost like a kid brother to him. But right now was really, really not the time.

    “Kapu, why don’t you go back to the cave? I’m sure my father is still addressing members of the pack on the situation, and you’ll probably get in trouble if you miss it completely.” The monochrome would could feel his nerves starting to eat at him. Kapu’s curious nature was going to put them in too much danger if the younger one didn’t get a move on soon.

    These words however would seem to do the trick, because the smaller werewolf would turn away, looking back towards the cave. “Well... Alright... I don’t see why we need to kill humans anyway... We’re not that different, are we?”[/color] Seth flicked his ears back, clearing his throat again. Kapu would looked back towards him, giving a smile. “Alright... I’ll see you back home. Don’t be too long, okay? I want to play a game before the hunt tonight!” Hunt? Shit, he had forgotten. As Kapu walked away Seth would watch him go, the worry in his gut growing.

    If the pack was going to be hunting Lily’s scent could be picked up. It wouldn’t have been so odd if it was merely in the air, from where they had left earlier, but if they got to this spot and scented her... Was it too close to her house? Seth would mentally curse, slowly looking back to his friend.

    “Lily... When you get home... Stay inside for tonight... Secure it any way that you can.” The male would scent the wind again. The wind had shifted, carrying more scents towards him, but they were further away. But... The pack was on the move. He would lower to the ground again. “The pack is on the move already... We need to hurry and get you back...” His voice held a trace of his worry, though he was trying hard to hide it for her sake.
  12. Finally Kapu had left, but now they had other troubles to worry about. It seems as though time wasn't on their side. Getting up from the ground, Lily quickly got on his back again and held onto his body as tightly as she could. "Just go past those trees to the right and keep going straight till you see the house.." She told him, remembering that he needed help with directions on how to get back to her house. Lily had a pretty good memory when it came to the forest and knowing how to the get back home, because often got lost in the forest when there was no one to help her.

    Riding on his back till they arrived to the front of the house, Lily slipped off his back and knelt down to Seth, face to face with his. Smiling at him sweetly, she leaned her head against his, rubbing the sides of his face as she looked him in the eyes. "You've grown to be an amazing wolf..." She said before pulling back to thank him for bringing her back to the house. "Please come back soon. Safe and sound as well.." Going up to the door, she opened it to walk inside. Closing it behind her, she quickly began locking up everything as well as closing the curtains on all the windows so that no one could see in.

    "Please be alright tonight.." Whispering to herself as she finally took a seat upon the couch in the living room.
  13. Seth would give a small nod as Lily directed him towards her house. He was, in some ways, surprised that she could still remember, considering how long it had been. In others, just based on what he could remember about her, he wasn’t all that surprised at all. She had come into the forest quite a bit when they were both still young, and he had enjoyed those days greatly when he could play with her at the lake. Those days seemed so long ago, so forgotten, though here they were now. They were alive and well, though the events of today did have the werewolf worrying some. He would shake his head ever so slightly, not wanting to worry Lily more then necessary, before he lunged onward, paws hitting the ground hard as he rushed her home.

    He would come to a stop once they were in the back yard, lowering his body down to make it easier for his friend to slide off his back. He would lift his gray gazy to her as Lily came to stand in front of him, ears pricking up. That sweet smile, one that he had fallen for every time as a pup, still captured his heart now. Her hands were so gentle too as she rubbed his checks, her gaze meeting his own. Seth would give a nod as she thanked him, lifting his head just a bit as she said to come back soon, and safe and sound as well.

    “Of course I will, Lily. Be safe...” Seth would wait until she went inside before turning away, giving a loud sigh before trotting off, heading in a roundabout way that wouldn’t, hopefully, make his pack suspicious about the direction he was coming from. He was still running, trying to put distance between himself and Lily’s home, just in case he ran into a pack member, though he was still scenting the air, checking for packmates as he went. As long as they left Lily alone... Everything would be okay. It had to be.


    Some time passed before he returned his pack. Some of the older pack members were already gathering for the sake of the hunt, discussing strategies and the targets of their prey that they were going to try and take down. Seth would lay down beneath a large tree that grew just outside of the cave, flicking his ears back as he let out a deep sigh. The sun was lowering, and soon the hunt would begin. Gray eyes would look around, nose lifting to scent the air. Where was Kapu?


    The younger packmate had doubled back around, following Seth’s scent to Lily’s house. The werewolf was confused, ears flicked back as he walked towards the strange dwelling, following Lily’s scent to the door. Nose would lower to the wood, sniffing a couple times. So this was where Seth had taken the girl... But why? He would tilt his head to the side, staring at the door for a few moments before starting to scratch it with his front paw, a whine leaving him. Was the girl still inside here...?
  14. After watching as Seth ran back to the forest, Lily thought it would be best to get comfortable now that there wasn't much to worry about or so she thought. Walking up the stairs to the master bathroom, she turned the knobs of the tub to fill it up with water, getting it ready for her to have a relaxing bath. Undressing herself and throwing her clothes into the nearby hamper, Lily slipped herself into the tub filled with warm water. Leaning her head back against the back, you could see the stars slowly starting to form from the window that was just about the tub.

    It would be a beautiful night in the forest. This was her favorite part about living in the forest away from all the city lights which caused the stars of the night disappear above them. The full moon was brightest star among them all. Closing her eyes softly and listening to everything, a sudden noise could be heard from downstairs. It was the sound of scratching as well as a small whine. Opening her eyes, Lily thought it would be best not to go towards it because she knew that if it was Seth, he'd make it known in a very different way. Staying quiet, she tried her best not to make any loud noises.
  15. Kapu would tilt his head to the side, whining softly again as he stared at the door. Maybe he was wrong, and the scent just ended here... Maybe she wasn’t inside? The younger werewolf would start turning around, glancing at the door for a moment longer before turning, running towards the cave that he called home where the others would be waiting.


    The fact that Kapu hadn’t been there did worry the male some. It was unusual for the younger werewolf not to be around before a hunt, and Seth could feel himself being drawn to checking on Lily. Especially as the stars began to appear in the sky... His anxiety was rising, gray eyes shifting in the direction of the inhabited home. He let out a sigh, rising to his paws, just in time to see the younger werewolf return. Some glares were shot towards the other male, though he ignored them and padded over to Seth.

    “Hey Seth~~” He was panting a bit, but other than that Kapu seemed fine. He did, however, seem to hold the scent of Lily’s home, which hardly settled Seth’s nerves down at all. He would give a short nod to him. “Hey...” He would reply, glancing around to search out his father, who would begin the hunt...

    [[Timeskip Until The Next Morning]]

    Kapu had mentioned going to the home, which had almost immediately gotten Seth into ‘freak-out’ and ‘protective’ mode for the rest of the night. Luckily the younger werewolf didn’t mention anything other than that, so he figured Lily was likely still safe, though when the morning arose he wanted to make sure.

    The sun had barely begun making it’s way over the sky when Seth set out for Lily’s house, careful to scent for anyone who might be following him the whole way that he went. Kapu’s words troubled him greatly, even if they didn’t hold anything bad in them. What if he had discovered that Lily was still alive? Still in the house? Seth could feel his heart racing with worry at the thought. Sure he had been upset with Lily at first... But now that he understood her reasoning for having to leave, well, sort of. Even still, he could tell now that it wasn’t her choice, and so that made his desire to protect her even stronger.

    When Seth arrived at the house he would come around to the back door, just as Kapu did, before scenting the air. It seemed like there were no scents drifting from inside the house, and he couldn’t see inside either. Good. The male would go to the door, shifting now to his human form. He’d knock then, a couple of times, just as he recalled seeing someone else do that had come to visit the family. Then, looking around, he would shift back to his wolf form, wobbling a bit at such a quick change. It was a little rough on his body but at least Lily would know it was likely him, rather than another werewolf.

    “Lily?” He would call, trying to keep his voice down to be on the safe side.
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  16. After it had been quiet for some time, Lily finished up with her bath and took herself to bed once she was dressed for bed. Laying down on her soft and cool bed, Lily fell fast asleep. The night had went by so quiet that Lily was still asleep when Seth came knocking at the door which work her from her slumber. Rubbing her eyes as she sat up in bed, hearing her name from outside the house, she quickly got out of the bed to go open up the door for him. Upon opening the door, Lily revealed to Seth that she was dressed in a short night gown that stopped just above her thighs.

    No bothering to cover up, she didn't think that it would bother him. "Sorry.." She said with a quiet voice, still trying to wake up since her slumber was so comfortable before. "Please come in.." Allowing the other in, she closed the door behind him before going over to the couch of the living room, laying down upon it. Trying not to close her eyes, Lily looked towards Seth and asked, "How was the hunt?"
  17. “It’s alright...” He paid no mind to her outfit, since such things were not something the pack normally dealt with. Seth would pad into the home, looking around with his gray eyes scanning the interior of the home. It was a lot different from the cave, even the ground in here felt different, and what a surprise he found when he stepped on the soft ‘grass’ that covered the ground in a different room. Everything in the home was so strange and different from what he knew. Humans seemed to live rather comfortably. He would make his way to Lily’s side, sitting down by the couch as he sniffed the air. Even the scent of things were different... And Lily’s scent lingered within.

    “It went well enough, actually.” The male said softly. He would lay down, curling his tail around his legs. Gaze remained fixed on Lily however, breathing a soft sigh of relief. “I’m glad that you’re alright... Apparently Kapu followed my scent here, but he didn’t notice yours too much... He seemed sad that you were gone, though I didn’t dare tell him the truth. None of the others paid it much mind either...” He set his maw down on the couch next to her.

    “Other than that, well, we all managed to get well fed. Still feel quite stuffed from it, actually.” He would yawn, stretching his body slightly. “It’s pretty early for you, isn’t it?”
  18. Watching each movement that Seth took, Lily could tell that everything was very new to him and he was just getting comfortable every second that passed. Hearing that the hunt went well and what had happened with the younger wolf, she sighed in relief that the other didn't suspect much. "I was worried that it was another wolf who had came to my house last night, so I tried my best to remain silent."

    Laughing quietly to herself as he laid down on the couch with her, she began to run her fingers along his soft coat. "Yes it's pretty early for me, but if you'd like to sleep don't hesitate." She replied as she positioned herself till she was comfortable, laying her head down on a pillow that sat upon the couch. "I guess I shouldn't go into the forest anymore to avoid being captured again, huh?" She questioned, feeling a little upset if that were true.
  19. Seth would give a small nod. She had been right to remain quiet, to keep the fact that she was here hidden from Kapu. Knowing a human lived so close to them would be motive enough to bring several of the members of the pack to Lily’s house to get to her... Especially since she was captured once before. The whole situation made the male feel nervous, and he would give a soft sigh when his friend said he could sleep. He could try, though he doubted that he would have very much luck at the activity. Even if he was a little tired... He was worried about what might happen to her, still trying to work out a solution to keep his friend safe.

    He would close his gray eyes, giving a small nod as she guessed that she shouldn’t go into the forest anymore. “Not right now, no. It’s dangerous for you... And if you get caught you could be in a lot of trouble... My pack mates are not forgiving, and they won’t hesitate to kill you just because you are a human.” He would press his head gently into her side, shivering a bit. Not out of cold, but at the thought of her being killed.

    “I don’t want anything to happen to you, ever, so please... For now just stay out of the forest. I’m going to see what I can figure out about the event all those years ago... Maybe convince my father that humans are not so bad... Or at least that you are not. If you were ever hurt... Lily... I... I... Just please... For me...” Seth would open his eyes, lifting his head to look at her a bit better. “This doesn’t mean that I’m going to abandon you again, however. I will come visit you, here... Where you can stay hidden from their prying eyes...” He let out a whine, hoping she would understand.
  20. Smiling at Seth, she patted him on the head gently before slowly getting up from the couch, trying her best not to disturb his position. "I'm going to make myself some breakfast." Turning her back towards him, she walked into the kitchen, searching for all the ingredients that she was going to use that morning. It was going to be a filling breakfast for herself and Seth. Knowing that it was probably better not to season anything for him, because he may not be used to it. In the kitchen for twenty minutes, Lily carries two plates in one hand and two glasses of something to drink in the other as she makes her way back into the living room.

    "I know this may not be what you're used too, but I figured you could take the chance to try something I made." Setting the plates down, it was filled with all kinds of breakfast goodies. Bacon, scrambled eggs, toasted croissants with strawberry jam inside, a handful of different kinds of fruit and a large glass of milk. "If it's too much to ask, I kind of want to see what you look like as a human.." She was ready for whatever response he would give her, because it probably took a lot of energy to make the transformation.
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