This Time, I'm Definatly Saying Hi

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  1. Coming to Iwaku from my old forum is sort of like coming from out of the country into a big city.

    I come from an older website that's now knees deep in it's twilight years. Though it wasn't role-playing centric, It had (and still sort of does) have a small role-playing community. Though nowadays waiting weeks between posts in a thread is a normal thing now. I searched about the internet for a place where I could chase the specter of an active RPing community, and that is what brought me here.

    There's so many fancy things here - like having separate threads for character profiles for instance. I'd dare say about 90% of the extra utilities here is stuff I haven't seen before. But it is pretty easy to see why it's useful. Even though I've RPed for some time. I found that the discussions and advice from the Role-play Institute Pages really spoke to me. It sort of put into words lots of things that I tried to follow just by intuition. Even though I don't write for anything more than passing the time, it is just fun to work at improving something you're doing for your own sake. I'd like to think I'll be able to continue doing so over here.

    Anyway, to keep it short, I will just say I also filled out all all the relevant stuffs in my profile page if you want to find out more. But most importantly, I sincerely hope to at least contribute to the fun!

    And, thank you to the people who already said hi. I would have probably just kept on lurking for a good month otherwise!
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    Hey there!
    welcome to iwaku. I am Daisuke Yazamaki, and its nice to meet you. *smiles and bows* anytime you wanna chat, or RP send me a PM or message me on my profile!
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