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  1. When Justin is forced to move into a new fancy prep school, of course he expects his life to change... however when he meets a certain girl in the school that is when things really start to change... ~~~~ -Quick Character Info- Name: Justin Johnathan Stark (Some of his friends used to just call him Just) Age: 17 Height: 6'3'' Look: (Like in picture at bottom except with red eyes, he is albino) Handsome young man, white hair, red eyes, albino (people always ask him about his hair and eyes.) muscular body. He is also tall. Personality: Goofy, Funny, Smart, Kind, Caring, Respects woman, Stubborn, Can be pretty Hyperactive. Extra Info: Always wears a necklace that has a clover on it (Look at pic to get a better idea of what it looks like). People always ask him about his hair and eyes. It is just natural. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Justin smiled at his parents when they stopped in front of his new school, a school that he will now be living in for quit a while. Then he looked at the gigantic golden arch gate that had a big sapphire S in the the middle of the gate. He wished his parents wouldnt have spent that much money for him to go into this fancy school. His dad went here when he was his age and said that those were the best years of his life. For the longest time Justin protested about going to this school... but now he was here. He got out of the car, grabbed his luggage out of the trunk and waved goodbye to his parents. "Bye mom, bye dad. Love ya." he smiled. Then his mom said, "Bye sweety. Good luck." and with that they drove off. When Justin could no longer see the car, he turned his attention to the gate and walked up to it. Well, he thought, time to see what how great Schariff high school really is. Suddenly the gate opened. ~~~

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    Name: Emi Jade
    Height: 6'0"
    Type: Yankee/Yakuza

    Emi's limo pulled up and she got out of it in a traditional kimono garb. As she walked a host of henchmen followed behind her with her things. She Walked pass Justin and gave him a chilling look before continuing down a separate path to the dorms.
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  3. ((Holy crap, she is tall for a girl XD)) Justin glanced at the girl and sighed, god, he thought, I hope everyone here are not snobs. He grabbed his luggage and went inside. Who am I kidding? He asked himself, of course there will be snobs... its a fancy prep school. He entered the building.
  4. -Quick Character Info- Name: Hope Bree Jules Age: 17 Height: 5'6 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hope had her uniform on, it was a sapphire colored polo with a gold S stiched to the left side of her chest, tan mini skirt, socks that almost go up to her knees and black flat dress shoes. She didnt mind the skirt but she hated the polo shirt... the only thing she liked about it was color of it, the color really made her eye pop. She finished making her bed then looked at the empty bed right next to hers. She was told she was having a roomate. Somebody named Emi,

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  5. Emi can through the door and her 'help' flooded the room and put her things away then bowed to Emi and left. Emi nodded and closed the door and sighed, "Sorry 'bout 'em." He said in a surprisingly hoarse rough voice. She kicked off her shoes and walked over to her, "Emi's th' name. You must be Hope." she added and bowed politely.
  6. As Justin entered the building a couple people looked at him surprised. He knew they were surprised about his hair and eyes, everyone was always surprised about them, he always gets asked if it is his real hair and eye color. He tells them all the same thing, yes. He went to the left side of the building where the boy dorms where. Supposedly he was going to have a room mate.
  7. Hope looked at the girl and smiled, "Hey! Yes I am Hope. Its nice to meet you Emi. I am so happy that I finally have a roomate!"
  8. Emi smiled, "I'm 'appy if you are." she chuckled, "How long have you been goin' here?"
  9. Hope grinned, "I have been here for 3 years. This is my fourth year!" she paused for a moment then added, "I also heard there was a new guy who who might be here now or is on his way here. I heard he is super cute! Its kind of weird though that both of you are starting at the same time in the middle of the semester."
  10. "Ah, I think I saw 'em on my way here." she smiled,"He was cute." she chuckled, "I guess I'd better get ready for class." she added.
  11. Hope smiled, "Did you get any uniforms yet?"
  12. "Ya' I sent for em' weeks ago." she said opening her drawer and pulled out her new uniform. It seemed to sparkle from the sunlight beaming into their room. She was happy to be at a nice school for once. One she didn't have to fight to survive in.
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    Name: Hashiro teenshen
    Age: 18
    Height: 6'4

    Hashiro climbed out of his fancy Camaro and clicks the lock button making the car lock. Heading towards his dorm were he was suppose to meet his new roommate. He chuckle at the sound of it as he climbed the steps towards his dorm
  14. Justin grabbed a sheet of paper out of his pocket and read he muttered, "506" he looked up and found the room, "Ah! Here it is!" he walked in.
  15. Hope smiled, "Great. I will be right back" she walked into the bathroom.
  16. Emi changed while Hope went to the bathroom. She unpinned her hair and it fell pass her shoulder and to her lower back into light spirals. She looked at herself in the mirror satisfied and gathered her things for class. Here she could reinvent herself and be nice for once. She put her cell in her jacket pocket after putting it on mute then waited for Hope.
  17. Name: Angelita Yuki ( People call her Angel or just Angelita )
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'3
    Info: She's mysterious and likes to be alone. She is a SMART girl . She seems cold-hearted and that's why people don't really talk to her and she doesn't care really. Her Mother died when she was young and her father is some one very powerful she doesn't like to talk about some might even say her father is a king. She always has some type of book with her. She sings and draws a few people has seen these drawing because it's rare for her to leave a picture behind. But they say their very beautiful like her.
    : Red-hair-anime-girl_s.jpg ( she always wear a leather jacket over it and her eyes are bright blue-green)
    Angelita hopes off her motorcycle wearing a leather jacket over her school uniform that she wasn't very fond of . She walks onto the school campus and looks around then at the sheet of paper in her hand " 304 " she said softly to her self and proceed to her dorm with her back pack over one shoulder her hair which was in curls bounced as she walked
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  18. Hope put on very light makeup (didn't need too much since she was already natural beautiful). A few minutes later she got out of the bathroom and smiled at Emi and grabbed her backpack, "You Ready?"
  19. Emi nodded, "Yea, les' go." she said smiling and followed Hope out the door. She ha her schedule so she knew the room number of her first class but had no idea where anything was. she was happy that she was with someone who did know.
  20. " Hah found it! Room 506 " he said pushing his way inside, But apparently he wasn't the only open in the room " Who the f..."
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