This thread is posted just as my clock struck new year

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  1. if my calculations are correct, I have posted this thread at exactly midnight, this thread is forever encased in time, so now anyone who dares post in this thread, will have good luck. Also maybe double good luck since this is my first post ever
  2. You're .0567 seconds off.

    Sorry, you don't win anything.
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  3. I've had enough wine to believe anything about now. I can use all the good luck I can get, cause if this year sucks as bad as last year, I'm buying a house boat, driving it to the middle of the Atlantic ocean and staying there for the rest of my life.
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  4. Pbffffft.
    You buzzkill.

    *punches everyone in this thread!*
  6. Ow... What was that for?
    Is that a part of some silly superstition?
  7. One punch for every year your have been alive? O_O
  8. I thought that only applied to birthdays :O
  9. Punches! Punches for everyone!!!!
    My skin is delicate!
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  11. Being that you're an owl, that's terrifying.

    The eyes.
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  13. to quote kenshiro of fist of the north star

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  14. I want good luck !!@.@

    - throws self around the thread - xD.
  15. [​IMG]
    I will be safe from your punches
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