This, That, or the Other Thing

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  1. This is a pretty simple game. The poster above you lists 3 things - you choose the one you like most about those things (and feel free to offer a small explanation or defense for that choice), and then you list three things. The three things do not have to be related in any way. If you do not understand or know the things mentioned by the user above, you can still pick one and say something like "it sounded less weird than the other two?" or something. Or just be random.

    Poster A: Apples, oranges, pears.

    Poster B: Apples (cause they have variety!)
    Poster B, cont.: Rocks, music, Nevada

    Poster C: Rocks

    I will start.

    Anne McCaffrey, Larry Niven or David Weber?
  2. I don't know who any of those people are :/

    So I'll pick Larry Niven, because his surname sounds vaguely Elven



    French Toast
  3. French Toast! Is mah favorite. :3

  4. Ravens! I miss seeing them around D:

    Sight, Sound or Taste?
  5. Sight, its easier to live without the other two, I guess.
    ((sad that no one knows the Sci-fi authors I listed, but oh welll))

    Apples, Purple or Cream Soda?
  6. Purple. Because it's the best color. Period.

    Sunny, Overcast, or Rain?
  7. Rain, because we never get any of it in the desert and I MISS IT.

    Suits, Covert Affairs or Royal Pains?
  8. Covert Affairs, because I enjoy spy shows and movies.

    Speaking of Royal Pains...

    House, Grey's Anatomy, or Royal Pains?
  9. House.

    Hammock, Mattress, or tent?
  10. Mattress, because I lived in a tent and that shit is hard to sleep in. Never really slept in a hammock, soo...yeah.

    Science fiction books, fantasy movies or modern tv shows?
  11. Fantasy Movies (or books!) because LOTR >:3

    Breakfast, lunch, or dinner?
  12. Lunch, because there is less limitations on when and what and how much.

    Fire, Water or Air?
  13. Air, because Fire would consume all oxygen, suffocating me to death, and Water would drown me. Because I'm a total derp when trying to control the elements.

    Carptet, Tile, or indoor jungle?
  14. Tile, no particular reason.

    Anime, manga or Dorama (jdrama?)
  15. Anime, because all the others replay like Anime when I remember them later anyway.

    Spaceship, Airship, or (Water)Ship?
  16. OMGs, that is a horrible choice!!! AHHHH
    ummmumm...well, umm...


    Navy, Seals, or Marines?
  17. SEALS, cause Sam Hanna is a bawss

    Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, or HAL 9000?
  18. Bill Gates - he is both god and the devil

    Shooter, Adventure, or MMO
  19. AAAAH HARD CHOICE! Umm..... Shooter! No, adventure! No, shooter! *twitches*


    Bed, Bath, or Beyond? (I don't exactly know what I mean by this, so interpret it your way.)
  20. Beyond, because it is limitless and baths tend to be small.

    Bag, purse or backpack?