This site is amazing!!! :)

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  1. I have been writing and role-playing online for 6 years. Over the years I have found that role playing online you get a lot of unhealthy criticism and not enough freedom to write what you want to right about. Sometimes you get flaky partners or get bored over time. But one month ago some one referred me to this site. I admit I had my doubts about this community and at first I was confused and had trouble finding partners to roleplay with. But I kept posting for a week and was soon welcomed by many, nice people online. And then I met someone online that made me fall in love with role pay again. This person obviously much better writer than I have ever imagined she wrote 4-10 paragraphs a message while I wrote 1-5 paragraphs a note. And the more she wrote to me the more excited I was at wanting to write and try to be just as good. And the way she wrote was almost enchanting. I was obsessed waiting for long hours not sleeping properly just to see what she wrote next to me. I felt like a child waiting for the next update of my favorite comic book. I have fallen in love with this writer and member Tay and recommendations her to anyone want to roleplay with an amazing partner and I am very satisfied with IWAKU. Thank you for giving me hope again.
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  2. YAAAAY! We make roleplay dreams come true! ^o^
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  3. amen, all the coolest people I have ever known, are here, in one nice neat package.
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