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This shit is getting out of hand

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Rare, Mar 21, 2015.

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  1. (This is just a short rant about what's happening at the General Chatting subforum)

    I mean why the fuck are there so much shitty threads, that do nothing for this site; but, to annoyed the crap out of people. The others began to shitpost all over the General Chatting subforum beyond The Asylum (it's there for a reason, people).

    To the people that are shitposting for no reason at all, please stop being so god damn annoying. I mean, it's one thing to post a random thread once in a week; but to post about four threads a day about dumb shit, that's taking it too far. I mean, go to the Asylum, if you want go and post random shit.

    Summary: Go to the Asylum, if you want to post random shit. Don't go on the Greneral Chatting and post random shit there.

    That is all, that I have to say. I hope that you have have a good day :)
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  2. These topics arise because their makers like seeing the reactions.

    Want them to stop?

    It's the same as trolls: Don't feed them. Ignore them and create new, constructive topics, or go do something else a while, like play in the content boards or your RPs :)
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  3. No-one's forcing you to go into the General forum, you know.
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  4. So maybe I'm misunderstanding what the general chat section is about: I thought it was for people to talk about whatever they liked, provided it wasn't spam or against the TOS. I've not been here all that long but when I see something that I'm not interested in, I just skip on over it. Is the general chat supposed to be chat geared towards the site or site activities? I've seen moderators posting all sorts of things having to do with a variety of topics. Is there something I'm missing?
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  5. And you speak as if this thread is any different. =P
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  6. Nope. It's just as you've said. Don't spam and don't break any of Iwaku's rules and you're fine. You can talk about ponies or jello or liek omg Harry Styles is soooo hawt *giggleSQUEE!* o___o;;

    This is the counseling section. Threads like this are fine here. Replies like yours are not. Shoo. Shoo shoo.

    @Rare I know it's annoying and all that, but Grumpy and Minibit both have good points. Just ignore it and don't even worry about it. You'll find you have much less stress and rage in your life. :)
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  7. Ah alright, thank you kindly for that clarification.
  8. Here's a tip: If you don't like the General Chat forum, then ignore all the 'shit-posting' threads you dislike so much. It's pretty simple.

    I'm not trying to be rude at all. I'm just saying, if you don't like it, then just ignore it.
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  9. And if select members annoy you that much, you can ignore them as well and not worry about having to see their posts or topics.
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  10. Perfectly reasonable rant. It gets annoying to see those kinds of posts but such is life. At least it's out in the open and not festering anger or hate.
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  11. Shitposting should go into the Shitpost Thread (read: the Insanity thread).

    Getting tired of seeing my General filled with horse shit.
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  12. Very clever of you to find a work-around to post this thread without making me mad. :D And by clever, I mean You failed miserably and I want to punch you in the face.

    If you hate shitty topics, don't read or post in them. THAT EASY.

    Going in to those threads to complain about those topics, or posting new topics to complain about the bad topics just ADDS to the problem. You're giving them the attention they want. If you hate spam topics, you don't create more spam topics talking about how shitty the spam topics are. That's just counter-productive. @___@ It is also not productive creating rant topics about it to get a bunch of members all riled up and going "YEAH MAN I HATE THAT TOO, LETS FORM A MOB AND BURN THE WITCHES!" That actually creates a lot of extra problems for admins and staff who then have to moderate those explosive topics and make sure no one is witch hunting stupid, but ultimately harmless members and bullying them. We really don't have a problem with silly stupid topics because they can be fun, but we DO have a problem with members getting riled up and obnoxious in RESPONSE to those topics.

    If you want to do something CONSTRUCTIVE to prevent and slow down shitposting, POST GOOD TOPICS. People are a lot less likely to be bored and post dumb topics if there's lots of new interesting topics for them to post in. Post polls, post question topics, post top five favorites, post a story topic. Just post something with a point and with content in it.

    But if anybody posts something inflammatory that is going to cause a ruckus and get members targeting each other, we WILL shut the topic down. >:[ Whether it's a petition to ban someone or rant topic about shitposting. You see us locking a thread, it's because someone is about to get their ass in trouble - whether they themselves are being a dick OR because we are trying to protect them from painting a bulls-eye on their forehead and getting themselves harassed by pissy members.
    #12 Diana, Mar 21, 2015
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2015
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  13. I think there might be a misunderstanding here. What this person defines as shitposting and what others define as shitposting might be entirely different. This individual might be unaware as to what the admins define as shitposting.

    Regardless, I agree with both sides, however, I think this could have been handled better in general. Kudos to those who kept their cool with it!
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  14. When something looks like it does not belong, members report it and/or staff lock the topic!

    Members are also totally allowed to bring up a problem if they notice there is one. That IS why we have the report feature and even the Help Desk!

    THIS THREAD and Rune specifically, is getting a stick not because he's trying to complain, but because of how he chose to do it. Rune has been part of problem threads before. Rune started a thread in General that got locked, was told in another thread why it got locked, and then chose to find a loophole to repost that thread again. After being told it was a bad idea.

    The thread is indeed a legit complaint about a current problem, but it was also posted in a shitty way. >:[
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  15. Does this mean you're looking out for me like some kind of Guardian Angel? :innocent:
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  16. I haven't said anything mean or 'bullied' the members, that post random things. I just told everyone that they should post at the
    Asylum, if they want to say something out of the blue.

    If I had 'bullied' someone, then it would be reasonable to get upset. But, I didn't state any users or groups of users and said harsh things towards them.

    In short, Seiji said what I tried to say:
    If you want to post random crap, post it in the Insanity thread or request for a whole subforum similar to RPG's spam. Not fill the General with useless threads, that aren't general at all; but just random threads.

    If you want to lock this thread, go ahead. I had said what needs to be said and the stress of the drama is gone.
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  17. I absolve you of all responsibility.
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  18. As has been said thus far in more clear and lengthly ways, please just avoid those threads if they are such an irritating thing for you. Some people such as myself do enjoy them and their randomness, and everyone is welcome to make threads they themselves believe they'd enjoy, structured or not. You are no exception to that, and you are also not forced to look in any of those threads or the GC forum as a whole. I'm not telling you that you can't hate them, but what I am saying is you need to respect that not everyone shares your views about them as a problem.
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