This School's Full Of Demons!!! (Rp based on an image)

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  1. Okay, let me say this right now, I put 'intermediate' as a content rating, but I'm not a perfect example of intermediate. I'm just closer to intermediate than elementary, and I'd just like to rp with people more skilled than me, helps me learn. Also, some things I need to stress. Do NOT say you're interested if you expect huge paragraphs at each reply. Sometimes I write paragraphs, other times I write a few sentences. I put exactly what needs to be said and done in each reply, not too much more and definitely not less. And sometimes, as with complicated words, I may mess up on spelling, but I will let you know in ((parenthesis)) that I'm not sure whether or not a word is supposed to be spelt the way I typed it.

    I am also putting up an offer. If you have skype, and are like me, and like to rp fast, than please, by all means, message me your skype name. That action alone would make you a permanent roleplay partner of mine.

    So, like the description says, I'm basing this ad entirely on an image I chose. This is NOT the beginning of the rp ((the moment that the image expresses)) the events in the image will happen later on. So if you're confused about the prefix of this post, thinking it should be a jump-in, you're wrong. I'm just taking the details from the picture, making a character based on it, and making a basic plot idea.

    P.S. I forget how to do spoilers and such, so if someone could kindly leave that information in the comments, would be most appreciated.

    So here goes.... sample_052903baec330e5da6efeb868cb49d433e398502.jpg

    Name: Sean Masaki
    Age: 17
    eyes: Hazel
    hair: Brown
    Race: Half-human (But he doesn't know that so shhhh), American-Asian (Asian father, American mother)
    build: Athletic (Runs track and participates in both the school's fencing and judo club)
    Intelligence level: High-middle class (Gets B+ and A's, keeps his grades up for sports, likes to read as well)
    Grade: 4th year (equivalent to a junior in an American high school)
    Hobbies: Judo, Fencing, Reading, Running, beginner's parkour
    Bio: Sean stands out in school, having the darkest skin tone in his class since his mother is American. He's highly athletic and has a small shelf of awards from his judo and fencing clubs, as well as a few from running. He likes the idea of parkour, thinking it a useful skill to have, and has been trying to make a beginner's course on the rooftop of his apartment building so that he could learn the basics. He gets emotional sometimes, because of his mother's constant state of poor health.

    I think that's enough of a bio. odd enough, the love interest (You) is the demon girl in the image. But if you start the RP with me, you can help figure out how that happens. The Rp would start the morning before the events in the image. (Oh, and the second image is Sean's appearance).
    So, your job is to make the demon-girl character. You can go crazy with making her, but try to keep the physical appearance close to what she looks like in the image. I'll be waiting a while to accept any submitted characters, because I'd like to see some different versions and decide from there. Ok. So get crack'n people. Starry_sky__Suzuya_wallpaper_by_ying_yu.png
  2. Oooh I'm really into demon RP's right now so I accept this challenge! Also the spoiler is the slashed out eye right next to the things that look like talk bubbles and below the bolded, italic, underlined options.
  3. Noblesse


    Luciela "Lu" Noblesse


    Hell fire blue

    Pure white

    Archdemon; rare and extremely pureblooded, considered royal demon.

    Slim, delicate but far more sturdier than she appears.

    Intelligence level:
    High; although she may be naive to the current ways of the world and the advanced technology.

    4th year (really depends on your preference however)

    Fencing, practicing ancient magic, literature, (secretly) stargazing

    Attacked by a rogue but powerful organization of 'lesser' demons, the aristocracy of the Underworld was threatened into falling into ruins. In order to keep their only daughter safe, Luciela's mother had lulled her soul into slumber and sent her to a safe haven far away from their kingdoms strife. Only a few days later, the royal crown fell into the hands of the demon leader that led the rebellion. Having no one to wake her, Lu was trapped in an endless sleep until finally waking a hundred years later.

    Her powers far surpasses the average demon but having no proper training for decades Luciel has yet to reach her full potential. The fighting style she posses is more or less amateur-ish and filled with openings that can used against her. In order to remain safe from the threat of the organization she decides its time for her to form a contract. Her eyes set on a certain fourth year...

  4. I know but I don't know how to make them anymore :/
  5. Oh wow. Amazing character design. Hmmm. I'll wait until this afternoon, if no one posts a character sheet, then you're automatically in, Lunar❖Noblesse.
  6. Okay! Casting's closed. I have decided to use @Lunar❖Noblesse character, Luciel.
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