This Roleplay is About Biscuits

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  1. This roleplay is about biscuits. You must roleplay as a bakery good. You cannot post more than a single paragraph at a time. THIS IS THE ADVENTURE ABOUT A BISCUIT LOOKING FOR FRIENDSHIP AND HARMONY.

    Once upon a time there was a Biscuit. Biscuit was always the odd one in the batch, for Biscuit heard a story when he was a young doughball. That story was about a gingerbread man coming to life and running away. Well, Biscuit too wanted to run away, but not to be an asshole like the Gingerbread man. No, Biscuit wanted to go out in to the world and make lots of new friends! He knew that the world was a dangerous place for a Biscuit, but with all the vampires and werewolves out there, surely a Biscuit will go unharmed. So, jumping fresh out of the oven, Biscuit rolled out of the bakery and on down the street looking for a new friend!
  2. "Eh? We got another one, Boss." The Donut reported. Baclava smiled.
    "More and more, every day. The rebellion is at hand, brothers."
    "Do we approach him?"
    "In time. We must see if he is truly worth joining the cause. We can't have another Scone." Baclava rolled over to the window.
    "A Biscuit eh? Interesting...We watch." Baclava went back to his throne.
    "Soon, pastries will be the dominant race. The time is nigh!"
  3. Biscuit was rolling down the street and for a moment he thought he heard voices. Chopping it up to early morning insanity, Biscuit rolled on his merry way. He did stop when he got a rock stuck between his buns and called for help. When no one answered he had to hop, hop, hop until it fell out. Then Biscuit kept on moving and looking for new friends!
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  5. It was hen that a croissant dropped behind the biscuit.

    "Aaah you smell fresh mon-petite, be carful around here ze streets are, how you say, unsafe, dangerous. Watch out for the doughnuts eh? zey have more nut zan dough"

    He allowed himself a small chuckle.

    "Now tell me mon-petite, what are you doing out here?"

  6. Sho continued to look around. He had no idea that one of his many holes actually led to any parallel worlds. The smell of all the fresh bakery made his already starving stomach growl even more. He continued to walk down the streets looking for something to eat. Sho was fairly sure he could find something better than Arby's in such an upperclass looking neighborhood.
  7. The Biscuit was totally startled by the Croissant, and at first thought this was the perfect opportunity to make a new friend! But, the way the Croissant talked was pretty gay. Not the FUN kind of gay with cool clothes and man friends, but the SCARY kind of gay where things were stuffed in to you! So Biscuit just coughed. "Thanks for the warning, man, I'll just be going on my way then, yes!" After screaming "IMMA DUUUUUUDE!" Biscuit was rolling away for his dear life.
  8. Character Name: Cherilyn Black
    Gender: Female
    Race: White
    Specie: Human
    Age: 29
    Role: Wife to Dominic Black in Chapter 2: AU

  9. Sho continued to look around. This entire town seemed to be centered on the bakery industry. However, that didn't matter much to him. Compared to the residents of this place, Sho was a goddamn giant. He roamed around Downtown Breadsville just like Godzilla roamed around the model city of Tokyo. He paused for a brief second has his skinny little hand grabbed for the roof of the city hall. "Hot damn!" He said as he shoved the roof in his mouth. Apparently, it was made out of banana bread.
  10. Biscuit was as happy as could be as he rolled down Main Street! At least until he saw the biggest thing he had ever seen! It looked a lot like a gingerbread man, but clearly it must have been a meat-man in a funny hat. Biscuit trotted on up to the giant man and hollered up to him. "HEY UP THERE MISTER GIANT MEAT MAN? DO YOU WANT TO BE MY FRIEND?"
  11. Cupcake was new to Main Street. She'd moved there only about a couple of days ago when the master had put her up in the shelf next to the Cinnamon bread. But CinnamonBread didn't really like to talk to her a lot, so Cupcake often got bored out of her mind watching people come in and out of the bakery. So one fateful day, after hearing about the strange Biscuit crawling about the road, she decided to go on an adventure of her own. She rolled off the shelf and out of the store and onto the road to see what she would find. Just her luck! She spotted Biscuit talking to some very large giant creature thing that she could barely see unless she fell backwards trying to look up. Cupcake didn't want to ruin her frosting trying to climb someone who looked like that so she shouted at the Biscuit she'd heard so much about, "HEY YOU! Do you give autographs?"
  12. Biscuit, being a young an impetuous bakery item, was still fresh enough to be a bit clueless. He wasn't sure if the Cupcake was talking to him or the giant in a turban, but he assumed it would be him because clearly the giant was so huge it could hear them way down below. "Why what is an autograph?! Is that one of those things you ride around in and go BEEP BEEP?"
  13. The croissant was left alone... again.. but no matter there was always....

    [ame=""]YouTube- Bananaphone[/ame]

    He walked down the street singing to himself when he saw....... something huge..... In a turban.