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  1. "I like playing games to pretend I matter to people, that people are counting on me. And if I ever mess up, I can try again."

    That line hit me the most. Also it made me remember an article I read about the impossibility of respawning in real life. Interesting stuff.
  2. All my feels. ;____;

    It is actually one of the biggest reasons I got in to writing/playing pretend/roleplaying. When I was little, playing pretend was cause I didn't want to be me and where I was at. When I got older, I started writing mary sue stories as I way to exist in other worlds. And imagine my GLEEEEEEEEE at discovering roleplaying where not only did I get to exist as another person, I could also do it WITH other people.

    I'd say roleplaying is a wonderful, WONDERFUL, healthy thing! You have an opportunity to live other lives, but you're also interacting with real people and can make real friends and relationships.
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  3. Yup. That's the reason why I roleplay and why I get so ARGHEMOTIONAL when I don't roleplay.

    It's nice to pretend that I matter. Well, that my characters matter. Close enough.
  4. Spot on. I began role-playing when I was 12 and I was going through an awful adjustment to middle school. Everybody made fun of me. Nobody liked me (I had terrible hair, I've stuttered my whole life, and I was just very awkward) and I felt absolutely low low lower, so when I found something that I was pretty okay at that made me feel important and included, I took it and ran with it. I found many, many friends through that back then, and I still have those friends today. It's one of the best things I ever came across, and it also helped me develop my writing skills. ;p

    This is also why I don't rage at people for Mary Sue characters, I just let them be until they grow out of it. I remember when I just started RPing, my character had long purple hair, eyes that changed colors, a wardrobe full of awesome clothes, was super slim and gorgeous, and had a flying pet tiger. She could do everything because I felt like I couldn't do anything. When someone much older than I pointed out to me that she was 'stupid' and a 'mary sue' I was absolutely crushed to find that I was doing it wrong, the one thing I felt mattered. It was very upsetting and RPing was ruined for me for about a year because I was trying so hard not to be a Mary Sue, ya dig?

    RPing is a doorway to a different world, at least for a little while.
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  5. "And sometimes, if I focus hard enough, I can pretend I'm not pretending."

    I cried.

    Reading everyone's posts made me feel less alone in this world.
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  6. Oh yeah, so true. I started RPing because I loved to think about the characters in books I read so then I could BE the character. I was really awkward and shy and being in an RP gave me a chance to practice being social and I'm a better person for it in my opinion.
  7. That is probably the most honest thing I've ever read & resonates within my own heart as well.

    It wasn't so much as needing to be needed, as it was, needing to be something or someone for me. Roleplaying gave me a voice when life wasn't offering me a podium for my feelings.
  8. I'mma go cry myself to sleep now.

    (That picture hit right home. The reason why I began to roleplay was because I had no way to let out my frustrations or emotions other than the art of writing. I felt like my true self behind each character, each post. It gave me the very bit of self esteem I needed and friends that will definately stay my friends forever)
  9. ...Dammit. And I thought my iTunes was the only thing the universe used to remind me that I had all the feels, and all the impotent, desperate need to change the past. x.x It's wonderful, though, to know I'm not the only one who loves to write, and uses it to grow, to change, and to escape for a little while, even after adolescence. I've been told, more than once, that I should be able to deal with everything head on, since I'm an adult (Just barely) but never how. So...yeah. Sometimes I still need an escape. others, I just want to write because I love it. All my feels. And thank you. ._.
  10. True, yet sad.