This place needs more color.

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Could we have some more color?

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Fel of the Eternal Forest

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No matter which template I use, it's always so dark and dreary. Even the gold setting. WHY? WHY IS EVERYTHING SO BLACK? I thought Asmo was the only emo here, and he's no longer of any power!

Seriously though, Could we please see some more color?
The problem is that if we add styles with different BG colors other than black - You won't always be able to read the custom text colors people use so often. D: So I stuck with black and used accent colors. Otherwise, I would have added a bunch of other styles already.
;_; This is my sadface.
I really like the look and colours on here. Sure it might be a bit dark and dreary, but I find that it gives a nice feel to the site.



*throws Fel into the bathtub and starts jumping on him while dousing him in black paint*

/holds the violent asmo back/

Black is cool and modern =]

*Separates Sakura and Asmo*

Please continue. I was enjoying that.

I find something soothing about color on black. I most definitely prefer it over a dominantly white site.
I do agree that the black is nice with the custom text, but some days, I feel like playing Mary Sunshine. Is it possible to have a brighter background while keeping the background/blocks of text black? Or would that would a horrid fashion choice at this time?
Oh yes, it would indeed be a horrible visual mess of uglyballs. XD I could try to make a black and white contrast style, but it may kill people's eyesight. t______t I can fiddle later and see if I can do some darker color shades + black threads that won't scar us for life.
Ha-ha. Well, we wouldn't want to give away that we're crazy or, at least, out of sorts with our bold fashion choices. Not until the world is ready, anyway. And, of course, there is no rush. Just mild curiousity and an addiction to color. Thank you for the consideration though!
Can you blame me for being counter-culture? or trying?
*knocks over the cake trolley, throwing toilet paper and shoes at everyone, then kicks holes in the walls and vandalises the kitchen*
You know if you mess up that doll house you have to repair it.

and since this shouldn't be an insanity thread I'll just add that it's nice to be on a site that doesn't have a default of white as a background. It's much easier on the eyes and sadly with custom font colors being able to change around backgrounds a ton would cause many problems, but more bright colors to clash with the black for those that want it wouldn't be a bad idea. How about orange and black... or is that the Halloween theme, hmmmm....
I want sparkles...... goddamnit D: SPARKLY COLORS DIANANANN -rattles-
*kicks Magentara in the ribs, and douses her in gasoline*
... Sparkles?
Hmm. I think white gives it a too sterile and impersonal feel and I am, personally, an enormous culprit for using different colors for my roleplays to delineate characters (especially when I'm playing more that one).
However, I don't see why we couldn't try to accent the black with a few other colors...
Dia, if there's anything you'd like me to do in the way of helping, just send me a line. ^_^
I actually prefer the black scheme. Its not as harsh on the eyes for me seeing as I usually surf the net in a dark room out of personal preference of my Dad and I.

If you feel compelled to change some things and add a white skin, go ahead so long as the black set up we got now is an option too.

Iwaku has always had a black scheme. It would be weird for it to not have one now.
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