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  1. I didn't see this game here on Iwaku, but then again I only looked on the first forum games pages :P Ayway, the game goes like this: I choose two things, and the next person has to pick what they'd rather have, say, wear, eat (or whatever fits in the context), for example, "This or that?" and the next person says "this". The one who replied can then pick another two things they want the next person to choose from, for example "Apple pie or chocolate cake?", and so on. So let's start:

    Madoka Magica or Cardcaptor Sakura?
  2. I haven't heard of either, so I'll just choose Cardcaptor Sakura. I like Pandora's Box-esque stories.

    Fire or Water?
  3. FIRE!
    My little chimchar would feel so betrayed if I chose anything else :3

    Natural hair colour or crazy dyed colour?
  4. Natural hair colour. Not that I don't mind crazy dyed hair, in fact, I'm thinking about dyeing my hair magenta, but I think natural is better in the long run.

    Lemon/lime soda or Cola?
  5. Lemon/lime soda. Cola is so overrated.

    Console or PC games?
  6. Console :3 Most of the time if I'm playing on PC I'm emulating a console

    Happy ending or Sad Ending?
  7. I prefer happy endings.
    Time travel, or magic?
  8. I think Time travel could be considered a type of magic, though... But if I had to chose between only time travel or magic without being able to travel through time, I'd choose magic.

    Subbed or Dubbed?
  9. Subbed

    Black or white?
  10. Black. Er... We're talking about the colors, right? Not race?

    Science or religion?
  11. Science.

    Love or money?
  12. Love. But money will make me do anything, even what love won't. (And yes, it was a question about colour not race XD)

    Cheesecake or iced cake?
  13. Cheesecake.

    Netflix or the theater?
  14. Netflix! I always get stuck behind the couple making out in theaters. =/

    Tea or coffee?
  15. Tea. Earl Grey with a bit of sugar and some milk gives me life <3

    Cotton candy or candy floss?
  16. Cotton Candy.

    Printed books or ebooks?
  17. Printed books. I like the smell.

    Newspaper or tabloid?
  18. Tabloid. At least I know almost all of it is crap. Newspaper has way too much bad news.

    Pizza or Cheeseburgers?
  19. Cheeseburgers are nommier according to me. Yes, nommier is a word.

    Earth or wind? (I saw the other elements earlier and I thought these guys had to get a chance)
  20. Earth <3 Nature :)

    Poor with tons of people who love you or Rich and lonely?
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Not open for further replies.