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This One Realm

~The Plot~
July 7th, ATS 1125

King Aberdan of Fomura celebrates the twentieth birthday, and Day of Age for his daughter, Oralia. The Realms are peaceful, and continue their Golden Age. War between the three realms seems nearly non existant. But like most good things... The winds of change will soon change what all have come to know, and love.

Peace is an fragile thing, and there are those that know just how easily such a thing is broken. Dark forces in the hearts of mortals, gods, and demons have begun to stir, and stories speak of dark times to come.

The winds howl with warning, the lightning cracks with anger, and the rain weeps with sorrow... all for something that has yet to pass, but will certainly come to be.

The Order Of Magi have grown fat on their power, and wealth. Like a cancer they devour, and rot before moving onward towards the lifeforce of the world. The distant word of "War" has begun buzzing in the ears of people from all walks of life once again. The "Order" they have nurtured, and created is needed for the world, or so they believe... and they will stop at nothing in order to shackle Freedom.

Destiny... seems to be upon you though you might not know it.

A story of a group of individuals is being scribbled on the Parchment of Fate by hands unknown. This story... is how the world that once was broken, will break a new.

But for now... drink, dance, be merry, or do whatever else you wish... Enter the Castle of Fomura, and let yourself begin writing your destiny.

~The World~

The world is an open sphere of air and divided into "Realms" or layers of floating continents. At the bottom of the world is the Void. An eternally spinning vaccum that sucks in everything that falls within it's reach, and destroys it to it's basic materials, and then distributes these reasources back into the world. It takes everything such as the moisture from a body, and even it's soul, and redistrubutes it later on in time, and history.

The Low Realms... The largest of all the continents. They are the only known sources for the various types of metal, and so have almost all control of them, save for what they export. They are also the only known source of harvested water because there is the Water Fury. That is a constantly raging thunderstorm that seperates them from the Mid Realms.

Think of it as a bigass thunderstorm. And in order to pass through it, there's three ways. Mount ( flying animals), air ships, or teleportation ( which is rare due to the massive amount of energy needed).

The Mid Realms. These continents are smaller than the Low Realms, but are still big enough to have their own Oceans. They have the majority of crops for the world as their land is the most fertile, and are also the only known source of stone. The weather there is normal, and can range from sunshine droughts to thunderstorms, and even blizzards. Above them is the Ice Caps which is a layer of floatin icebergs that shift chaotically, slamming into once another, and reforming on moisture in the air.

The High Realms. These are the smallest of the continents are generally only about two hundred miles in size. They are the only known source for gems, and are the capitals for all Magics. They have the Schools, and general Magical supplies, and numerous mages that occupy the world. Their weather is constant sunshine which forces the use of magic to regulate their environemt.

You can see black outlines of the realm above you whenever the sky is clear. Though they may not be in the same place as they float, and rotate in a circle. The date effects latitude, longitude, and everything in between making those that travel well versed in astrology for the wrong day could be your undoing.

~The Setting~
You will begin at the party being hosted by the King of Fomura. How you are invited, or arrive is completely up to you. You can either be known, break in, or whatever else you wish.

Creativity is welcomed with open arms. If you can think of it, then use it. So long as it's balanced. Anyone who wishes my opinion is free to ask me. I'm generally laid back.

Your posting expectations are to be weekly, not daily as some of us do not have the freetime that others do. I also expect that we respect each and every writer. There will be graphic scenes including violence, language, and possibly intimate scense depending on where we as writers take this. I don't approve in censorship, so you are all free to take this as far as the TOS allows. Anything beyond that is to be written outside of the site, and summarized in an acceptable manner.

Age will be considered when approving outside writers. Know that if you don't like what you read, then do not read what will be written in this story. Anything protected by the TOS is beyond judgement of a visiting reader unless spoken on by a member of the Staff.

In this thead I along with the Staff are Judge, Jury, and Executioner, but we fair.
~Known Magics~


Soothsayer's are those that use their magic to summon, or call creatures that exist from beyond the mortal realm. Most believe them being capable of only summoning Angels, and Demons, but they can also something other supernatural beings such as Elementals, ghosts, and even Gods granted they have enough power. Though they summon these beings, they have no control over them, and can simply ask of these spirits.

The obvious danger for a Soothsayer is calling a spirit that is beyond their abilities should it decide to kill the individual, and use their body as a vessel.


An Ani-mancer is an Mage who focuses on the study of applying animalistic traits to themselves. Such an example would be a Mage creating large feathered wings like that of an eagle to himself in order to grant flight, or to perhaps even turn himself completely into an eagle.

Some Ani-mancers have been mistaken for druids who themselves train to master the art of changing their forms into animals. Ani-mancers often borrow traits, and aren't known for chaning their forms completely, even though they can.


Pyro-mancers study the element of fire in their magic. They often are the most powerful individuals in raw spell strength, but like fire it can burn them. Great care should be used when studying to become a Pyro-mancer for one's spells can overload, and create a greater effect if one so much as uses an incorrect tone. A sharp enunciation can power up, or lower down a spells power. The effect is dependant on the spell being casted.


A Hydro-mancer commands the element of water, and later Ice.They can apply their talents to most liquids other than water, granted that their skill allows them to. Hydro-mancers are rarely prone to spells of destruction, but can do tremendous damage when they acquire the knowledge. Most known Hydro-mancers often weild more mundane spells.

Their power is prone to a "Freezing" effect. If an inexperience Hydro-mancer performs a ritual, or casts a spell that is beyond their ability, their fear can cause the spell to instantly turn to an icy form, and could possibly kill the caster, as this "Ice" will draw it's power from the caster's soul.


Geo-mancers practice Earth based magics, and tend to apply them towards rock, sand, wood or whatever else is 'naturally' created from the earth. The are also the only known Mage that can heal, or cure an ailment as their affinity to the Earth grants them a moderate ability to draw from life itself, and rapidly heal, or even sometimes completely cure.

Geo-mancers must be wary that their actions are in the will of the Earth. Purposeful desecration of the earth will sever their bond to their spells, and also to consciousness, and place them within a coma state. Needless to say... Geo-mancers are champions of nature.


Aero-mancer's are the workers of the wind. Their spells draw directly from their concentration. This forces a trance-like state where the caster is completely vulnerable at the gain of power. Their spells are second only to a Pyro-mancers in the intial early stages, but come as a close second when they are mastered.

Aero-mancers are able to control the weather to a certain degree when they have matured in ability. They cannot completely control the weather around them, however they can increase or decrease the severity of the weather around them.


A Uni-mancer is a practitioner of all known magics. They're considered a jack of all trades, for the ability to multiply their options, they reduce their efficiency, and often take the greatest time in order to fully mature into a seasoned Mage. An individual could spend their entire life, and not even master a single style of magic, so this emphasizes the time, and dedication needed to even scratch the surface of Uni-mancing.

~Known Factions~

(Currently an unselectable faction unless convinced to allow such by a writer)

The Order Of Magi

The Six Tenets

I will sacrifice my magic when ordered to feed the Templars.
I will Master One Magic
I will not sire children.
I will not help those who cannot help themselves. Weakness Is a Sin.
I will not share the magic outside of the Order.
I will use magic whenever possible, and nurture such talents.​

Magi of The Order adhere to the Six Tenets with fanatical devotion, and are forbidden from becomming Uni-mancers. It is this devotion that inspires The Order's militaristic sense of obedience, and order. The Order is constructed of ranks, and they are as such.

The Five Masters - They are the mind, body, and soul of The Order. Nothing is ever decided upon without a vote being passed, or denied from the council. This ensures that no individual can ever control The Order fully. The Masters are the controlers of the Templars.

The Four Keepers - The Order has four schools. The Citadel of Fahm, the Tower of Doth, the Spire of Tavit, and finally the Fortress of Vaust. Each school is headed by a Keeper, and it is this person who guides, guards, and controls the school in order to preserve The Order's Tenets, and the schools function.

The Eight Couslands - The schools each have two individuals who act under the Keeper as an assistant. One tutors the First Caste, and the second tutors the Second Caste. They are also responsible for ensuring order, and the saftey of the school.

Magi - These individuals are those that have graduated from their school, and now serve as either recruiters, warrior mages, or anything else that the Masters have decided for them.

The Second Caste - The mages in the Second Caste are considered Maturing Magi as they are nearing completion of their training, but are still near the beginning of the totem poll for the Order. These students range in age as they are graded on their potential, and control of magic.

The First Caste - The Magi in the First Caste are considered as Fledgling Magi with either no talent, or minimal talent. They are the lowest in rank, and report to Second Caste, Cousland, Keeper, and The Masters.

All members are clothed in black flowing robes, that are trimmed with silver runes. The runes themselves indicate name, rank, school, and what 'one' magic they are devoted to.

Apostate / Illegal Mage

An Apostate is a Magi who once belonged to The Order, and since left or "escaped". An Illegal Mage has trained in magic outside of The Order due to not being "Discovered." Becoming an Apostate is a Branding of Death, for once you are labeled as such, you will be hounded by the Order, and their Templars until you are dead. They typically act how they wish, and live life by their terms. This completely goes against order, and so is considered evil by the Order.

The most common trait for an Apostate is the study of mutliple forms of magic. This practice is what makes them dangerous as a Magi of The Order is only gifted in one type of magic. An Apostate's ability to practice all magic also garnishes them the distrust of most common folk, as The Order is seen as a source of protection, and law.

An Illegal Mage is generally not as talented as an Apostate due to being trained in magic either by themselves, or by an Apostate or fellow Illegal Mage who doesn't have access to the reasources of the schools. The have the benefit of not being branded, and so can go unnoticed. If discovered by a Templar or Magi Of The Order, they are asked to join The Order. Upon refusal, they will kill the individual.

The general difference betwen an Apostate, and an Illegal Mage is that an Apostate is branded by upon leaving the order. This brand is in the shape of a Triangle, and appears on both of the hands for the Branded.

Simply put, they are individuals who wishes to live how they want without rules, and are generally distrusted.


(Currently an unselectable Faction unless convinced by the writer)

Templars are The Order Of Magi's elite fighting force. These individuals are either recruited, or captured in order to serve as warriors for The Order.

When brought into The Order, the Templar's mind is seized, and captured in order to accomplish absolute obedience. They become mindless servants to their masters. What makes these indivduals dangerous is their ability to siphon magic from their target, and use it in order to augment their natural abilities. They essentially feed off of their targets, and weaken them while growing stronger. Add in their ability for combat, and they become a nightmare for any weilder of magic.

The ability to siphon makes them both dangerous, and also weak. For once a Templar begins to feed on magic, it's natural life begins to diminish at an accelerated rate. So while the Templars are house, and not hunting Apostates or Illegal Mages, they are fed magic by individuals of The Order in order to preserve them.

There are no ranks within the Templars. They are all soldiers, and so do not report to eachother.

No known Templar has ever regained their self control, and left The Order.

~The Character Sheet~

Name: (Your character's name)

Age: (Their age)

Gender: (Their sex)

Race: (Their race. If you decide to do something exotic, please provide a description for the rest of the writers, and please PM me the description for approval. Remember that balance is key.)

Appearance: (Please use an image or a description. I've found that images often help writers visualize, and connect better when writing with others.)

Height: (Self explanitory)

Weight: (Self explanitory)

Personality: (Please describe a little about them, such as what they hate, love, aspire for or anything else that comes to mind.)

Class: (Their Class, job or what they do for a living. Again... if it's something not considered ordinary, please provide a description, and PM it to me for approval.)

Weapon(s): (Self explanitory)

Magic/Abilities: (Describe their magical, or mundane talents such as summoning, medicine, swordfighting... you get the idea. Note that if you create a magic based character, that they will be reviewed in order to guarantee a balanced style of play. If he's going to be winging out some powerful spells, there must be a powerful consequence.

I would prefer that any character have only two styles of magic if they wish to multi class. If you decide to do so, then you will have to designate a Major, and minor either in the description or by listing it as Major, and Minor. I would also ask that each character be adept at either physica combat, or magical combat. Your character can still be capable of both, but just not posses the same level of skill... initially. : D)

Home: (Where they are from. If you wish to create a custom home for them within the world, then feel free to do so.)

Background: (Please provide either a brief, or detailed account of their history.)


Jumi - Currently active - Bio posted, and approved.

Diana - Currently active -Bio posted, and approved. 1 GM action

Tegan - Currently active - Bio posted, and approved. 1 GM action

Jack Shade - Currently active - Bio posted, and approved. 1 GM action

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Other Writers are encourage to join if they wish, but as I said before. Please get in contact with me outside of this OOC.
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Name: Zagara

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Race: Scion. (A being born from magic. Human for all intents and purposes, however he shows three times the magical potential of most master mages. Note, that this is story specific. Balanced play will be applied while I am writing him.)

Appearance: Shown above

Height: 5'8

Weight: 182 with a sinewy build.

Personality: Possessing a mentality that compliments his element, Zagara is a hotheaded young man who usually talks his way into trouble, and doesn't think ahead when his blood begins to boil. He's particularlt angry towards royalty due to their habit of holding their status over those they believe to be lesser than themselves, and literally hates the Council of Magi, and their school which is known as the Citadel of Fahm. Dispite his hatred for the council, he greatly respects Apostates, or "Illegal Mages." Having escaped from the Council's Templars, he doesn't openly challenge anything regarding magic, but he would certainly outright attack anyone currently allied with them.

Underneath his cold, angry, and lone wolf exterior, he is a man who is frightened about the power that is at his fingertips, and exiles himself to a life of depressive lonliness. He often feels that he wasn't ment for the world, or not right now. His destiny is something not of his choosing, or so he believes.

Class: Apostate

Weapon(s): One longsword.


Pyro-mancer: This magic is Zagara's bread and butter. Nine times out of ten, he will get the result he wants, however like the rest of his magic, he cannot guarantee success. Due to his affinity with the element, his spells also have a chance of "Overloading" or resulting in a greater effect than desired or expected. Such is the price for talent at such a young age.

Uni-mancer: Zagara is a practioner of all forms of magic, except for summoning, and therefore understands the various structuring of pronunciation, and gestures used for each style of magic. He however cannot freely cast magics from any style. Being a Uni-mancer his success rate for most spells outside of Pyro-mancer magics will often fail.

Basic Swordsmanship: Zagara is familiar with a sword, and it's practical uses. His basic understanding of sword combat will allow him to defend himself granted his opponent is of the same level. A more skilled individual will certainly have the upperhand against him.

Survival: Having spent a portion of his life on his own, and living on what he finds, Zagara has developed a respectable knowledge of how to survive in the wild in regards to how to gather what food, what herbs help with ailments, and how to shelter himself in sever weather. Stealth however... is not his forte.

Home: Formerly the Citadel of Fahm, currently he is a wanderer.

Zagara was born through the will of the magic. He is a child of magic, and therefore has no mortal mother or father to call his own.

A secret ritual under the guidance of the Council of Magi hoped to produce a weapon of immense magical power which they could control, and use to concquer the known world. Their efforts were... less than what had been expected. A child was created, but a broken child. One who breathed, and bled magic. When other would call on the magic, they would draw it in. Zagara simply radiated with it.

Being deemed a failure, and a threat to the world, he was chained to a Hold Stone under the Citadel, and left to be tested upon until their error was discovered. The tests, and magic placed upon him eventually drove him insane, and forced his mind to retreat inwards, and effectively caused a state of amnesia.

He does not remember anything specific about his life, except that he was running from the Templars one day, and fell from the floating Citadel. Having nothing other than the School's amulet around his neck, he set off in order to learn what he could about himself, and his unique... "gifts."

Name: Princess Oralia

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Appearance: Long light brown hair that falls midway down her back. She prefers to keep it french braided out of her face. Silvery grey eyes. Pale skin with a petite frame and delicate build! Always wears a small golden tiara with pearl and diamond. Oralia likes wearing long fancy shirts with simple pants.

Height: 4'7"

Weight: 95 lbs

Personality: With a quiet personality, she doesn't seem to have a lot of presence. Oralia isn't shy per say, but she is a bit awkward with people. She is used to the familiarity of her family and servants, so meeting other people that treat her differently is overwhelming. A little bit spoiled, Oralia doesn't feel at all comfortable without the "frivolities" of royal life, but has the decency to not complain about things she should be grateful to have. Her father is her world and she wants to make Daddy proud!

Class: Royalty and Future Heir of Fomura

Weapon(s): It's not proper for a young woman to be carrying around weapons. However, she does have a small knife hidden somewhere on her person.

Magic/Abilities: Non-practicing Soothsayer. She hasn't used summoning since she was a child. (At the time, it was a natural and very easy task for her to summon something!) Oralia is a practiced archer and has recently been attempting fencing.

Home: Happy and safe with her Father the King! :D

Background: Little Princess born to the King and Queen as the only child! Sadly, the Queen died from illness while she was still young, but Oralia has always been her father's little girl. Seeing him as her moon and stars, Oralia was a model child! Occasionally she would be prone to wild fits of adventurism, driving castle servants to the brink of exasperation with her imagination and irritatingly clever games. Worse, she showed magical aptitude that help with those adventures!

But one evening she accidentally summoned up a real monster for one of her games. Scared her near to death as well as the staff. She refused to take on a master or teacher, and has not even attempted to use magic since.

Present date, it is Oralia's 20th birthday!
Name: Kargon

Age: 42

Race: Human


Personality: Scowling, intolerant, brash, cynical, aggressive and cruder than a rusty axe.

Class: First mate of the Tourniquet.

Weapon(s): The Raquian Tooth - a huge serrated bastard sword fused with shark's teeth, barnacles and rusted metal. It is hand-forged by Kargon and a symbol of the fear he inspires in the crew.

Magic/Abilities: Kargon rules by intimidation and conducts a rough and fearless style of leadership. He is an expert seamen with a seasoned knowledge of the routes between the three realms. In combat he uses his size and robustness to overwhelm his foes.

Kargon the Cast Soul: Fifteen years ago, an accident at sea sent Kargon overboard. He almost drowned. Some say a part of him did. Others say it was only a piece of him that was dragged back onto the deck. Since that day, Kargon's soul has not existed in the same space as his body. At times it separates, like a moon in orbit of the planet, and slips a few seconds into Kargon's future or a few seconds into his past. This allows him to relive moments, replay memories or gain a measure of premonition. Sometimes others see his soul and witness only a dark and ragged shade - all the darkness that flashed before Kargon's eyes when the ocean took him.

Home: He was born in Maker's Cove, a mining town on the southern precipice of the Low Realms. A place where airships are needed to navigate the lower seams on the cliff-face of the precipice. The town has produced some of the hardiest and most skilled aircrews in the realm. Now he lives on the Pirate Ship Tourniquet, or "Old Torny" - plague of the Water Fury.

Background: An unremarkable life - full of heartlessness and tough breaks. His father died in the mines; his mother died giving birth to her twelfth child. Kargon raised himself after that, killing two of his brothers and whoring three of his sisters. As a teenager he served in the taverns of Maker's Cove - a purveyor of gossip and underhand errands. Then at the age of 17 he got himself onto an aircrew, and the relaxing part of his life was over. His first outing was on a Void-Skater salvage ship, where he saw the darkness at the edge of the world up-close. Then he served ten years in the mine-convoys, ferrying rock from the underside of the Low Realms up to the towns. It was here that the criminal underworld drew him in and he got caught up in rock-smuggling. At the age of 27 he got a place on a crew making smuggling runs across the Ceradene Ocean and it was here that he almost drowned. After surviving his near-death experience he was never the same and he tipped further into risk and violence. When the ocean routes were raided 5 years later by the Pirate Ship Tourniquet, Kargon switched sides and swore allegiance to the captain, whose past glory as a rebel leader against the Maji appealed to Kargon's sense of profit. He never looked back, and with brutal finesse he shouldered his way to the position of First Mate over the next 8 years.

Now the captain of "Old Torny" has a plan to make them rich, and it involves a heist at Fomura Castle using some of his old rebel contacts. The only problem is, the captain's in prison, so Kargon and the boys will have to spring him first...
Name: Prestadeth

Age: 18 (100 years, give or take, by human standards)

Gender: Female

Race: Forest Elf.

Presta wears light, loose clothing, she has heard that the amount her clothing usually shows is considered improper by human standards; but she can't figure out why-it's so much easier to move around. She is never seen without her gem circlet.

Height: 5'8

Weight: 150lbs (mostly muscle)

Personality: At first glance, Prestadeth is strong-willed, taciturn and even slightly hostile. This is only because you're probably a human, which means she doesn't like you. If you manage to get on her good side, you'll find that she is a capable, loyal ally. If manage to get on her really good side, she'll down a few pints, tell you a joke or two, then insist that everyone dance.

Though she is a competent warrior, she is still very young; which makes her hotheaded and stubborn at times.

Class: Guardian. The Guardians are a group of highly trained warriors who protect Istesgal. A potential candidate is selected by the elder guardians, and must go through one year of rigorous physical and mental tests before they are chosen. Though they deal in warfare and death, they require each of their members to devote themselves to peaceful activities, such as art or music, to keep them from becoming mindless killing machines. Since they belong to a peaceful clan who abhors war, they are treated as greatly respected outcasts.


Cúhigil: Presta prefers to use her long, curved dagger when slaying a foe. The blade is sharper than it seems. . .
Poison Thorns: Long, sharp thorns that have been dipped in a neurotoxin, which temporarily displaces an opponents equilibrium. Humans are especially susceptible to this toxin. Presta has a limited store of these.


Primary Ability: Warrior Training

From a very young age, Presta has been trained in the arts of combat, stealth, tracking and warfare. Fear of death and pain has been cut out of her. Her senses and reflexes have been made quicker, even for an elf. She is at her best when in the cover of the forest, where she can hide among the trees.

Secondary Ability: Inborn Geo-mancy

The forest is her ally. The trees tell her what the wind and animals are seeing from miles away. The soil heals her wounds.

Home: Istesgal is the last remaining refuge, away from humans, the forest elves have. It is a small island, drifting near the Mid Realms, the entire island is covered in a lush rainforest. Recently, the Order has taken interest in the unique flora and fauna found only on this island, and wish to set up small settlement on Istesgal to study them. The forest elves are not pleased.


The night Presta was born a storm, that threatened to tear even the oldest trees from their roots, raged outside. She never met her father, he lived with the other Guardians just outside of the village.

When Prestadeth was sixteen, she pleaded with the elder Guardians to let her take the test, though she was still too young. Somehow, they relented, though they all knew she would not survive.

When they found her, a year later, deep in the dark part of the forest inhabited by demon beasts, she was still alive. When they saw the blood and shreds of meat that smeared across her mouth and body, they knew that there was something dark in her. They gave her the circlet to wear and allowed her to be a Guardian. One such as her would be better off as an outcast with them, where she could be watched and purged of this darkness, than living among the others.

Prestadeth was sent to the mainland with two others to meet with the Order. When negotiations went sour, humans and elves began to die. Prestadeth was captured and taken to the dungeon under castle Fomura. Why she was not simply killed with the others eludes her, but she doesn't plan to stick around long enough to find out.

*Pic ganked shamelessy from nashaya
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Name: Steve "The Red" Mordecai

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Race: Human


Height: six feet four inches

Weight: one hundred and nintey pounds

Personality: Steve is a very complicated soul, one one had he loves knowledge, and the power that magic brings him, on the other he is a lazy drunk who often gets into trouble and can be prone to great bouts of anger. He cares little for petty matters, only seeing the bigger picture. He also is very fond of his hat, and will react with violence if anyone tries to take it from him.

Class: Cousland ranked magi

Weapon(s): A mahoganny staff trimmed with brass

Magic/Abilities: Steve is a Pyromancer, and one of the Eight Couslands of the Circle, So his skills are beyond Question. To him, Fire is more natural than the air he breathes, and can use it to great effect under the most disruptive of circumstances, However such knowledge isn't without a price. The heights of Magic he can achieve can take it's toll on his physical well-being if he isn't careful.

He knows much of the world outside the Order as well, having served as a battle-mage or even just a night of carousing at the local pub, Steve has seen much of the world from the bottom to top so to speak.

Home: a small village in the high realms

Background: Steve was born in a small village in the high realms, the order noted his power at a young age and took him. he barely remembers his life before the circle.
Name: Ku-Jon Bokor

Age: 68

Gender: Male

Race: Human 'Lycanthrope'


Height: 6'8

Weight: 320

Personality: Charismatic, Friendly, Wise, Violent, Determined, Stubborn, and a tad sexist.

Class: Criminal, Airship captain, Usurper

Weapon(s): Ku-Jon fights mostly with his hands and body, though against other blades he is partial to using scimitar-like blades with finger holes in the handle for quick blade manipulations.

Syr Dagger: Hewn from the magic nullifying rock of Nocta Syr, this small obsidian colored dagger can nullify magic. Brittle and hardly a combat worthy weapon, its use is only in the defense of magic.

Magic/Abilities: Ku-Jon is a skilled captain, a leader capable of inciting mobs, and a fighter who depends on overwhelming his opponents with both his size and incredible strength.

Shifting Flesh: Born a Shape changer, Ku-Jon has spent years mastering the painful morphing of his body. At his present point, Ku-Jon can shift almost any part of his body with that of his true form. Possibly a manifestation of the savagery in his soul and maybe a random happenstance of magic and genetics, Ku-Jon cannot get rid of this affliction and is often subjected to its vicious humors. Passively, this ability increases his natural speed, scent, agility, strength, hearing, sight, and resilience beyond what a normal human could exhibit. The fur growing from his true body is a hardened type of spine heavily resilient to blades and elements. Strangely, the lycanthropic blood also slows Ku-Jon's aging, which explains his appearance at his current age. Such an ability might be explained by his high rate of regeneration inherent in all lycanthropic creatures. Replacing aged tissue almost instantly, healing has helped Ku-Jon retain his age. Unfortunately the condition has its side effects. An increased appetite for raw meat has been a strange taste Ku-Jon has had since he was a child. Likewise he is given to destructive rages and spontaneously shifts during storms, the electrical energy in the air stimulating whatever it is that controls his transformations. Iron, when fashioned into a weapon, is powerful poison to Ku-Jon.

True Form.
Aeromancer: While one cannot call Ku-Jon advanced in Aeromancy, certainly his latent ability is impressive. Having no formal training, the captain has only focused on one application of the magic in relation to his job. The ability to change the weather is the only Aeromancy ability Ku-Jon has shown capacity to use. Requiring a deep trance, his emotional state usually dictates the change in weather around him.

(Anti-ability) The Curse: Those who enter into the prison on Nocta Syr are universally cursed. As the earth in Nocta Syr negates the use of magic in any form, this curse lies dormant within the host. Should the host escape, this magic is immediately activated in the form of a seed. This seed feeds on the latent magic and life force of an escapee, weakening them toward death as it grows inside their body. Due to the natural hardiness of his kind, Ku-Jon may have up to a year of life if he never shifts his body or performs a spell. Prolonged use of either or both can shorten his lifespan exponentially however as each application of ability stimulates the growth of the curse plant. Only powerful mages who understand the properties of life or precise destruction can hope to injure the thing and leave the host alive.

Home: Born in the countryside of Cryd in the middle realm known for its crop yield, Ku-Jon and his sister Almarie lived off the land and what money their crops could fetch. During and after the rebellion, Ku-Jon stuck around the Lower Realms on his ship The Tourniquet, and now currently resides within Nocta Syr which is the lowest piece of land above the Abyss. Nocta Syr, due to the strange polarity which renders magic useless, is a prison for especially dangerous apostates and criminals sentenced to torture instead of straight execution.

Background: Ku-Jon and his sister Almarie were born in the Midrealm around the town of Cryd. Their parents, hard working individuals, attempted to pass on what knowledge they could to their children. But the winters were harsh and when Ku-Jon was ten and his sister eight, both parents succumbed to a winterborne illness. Taking over the farm proved almost impossible for the young Ku-Jon and as Almarie began to show signs of magical abilities, secrecy was key in order to keep her with him. Wrestling with his own inner demons and unable to figure out why his body morphed at the onset of any storm, Ku-Jon eventually lost his land to neighboring farmers who assumed the fields open to be taken, considering their state of disrepair. Despite losing their livelihood, the two siblings promised each other they would not lose faith and press onward. Brooking passage to the Lower Realms, Almarie and Ku-Jon worked the mines side by side. His brute strength lent itself well to the job and Almarie's budding mystical talent in pyromancy only secured their positions as the most successful miners in the area.

Tragedy struck as Almarie was found out and apprehended by a Templar, spirited away to the Mid realm. Following her, Ku-Jon found it impossible to wrest her free of the magi control. So in retaliation he led a ten year revolt known as the All-Realm War pitting the lower classed against the monarchy in order to undermine the funding for the magi and strike when their defenses were weakest. Needless to say, the war failed and Ku-Jon's sister was killed to usher in some…experiment of the magi. Fleeing to the Lower realms on the ship of an old comrade, The Tourniquet, Ku-Jon spent several years as an outlaw accruing infamy and a crew of hardened pirates.

Lured into a trap by the magi, Ku-Jon at least managed to give The Tourniquet and his men ample time to escape, while he was surrounded and subdued by templars. Convicted by the King to endure the hell of Nocta Syr, Ku-Jon has spent the last ten years in the lightless hellhole of a prison. The moans of the abyss beneath the island all but drive the inhabitants insane and even Ku-Jon is faltering in his humor and hope. Lately, more than ever, he's been hoping for word from the airship.

Three weeks ago, a letter found its way to him in the belly of a rotten fish. It only read three words, but there could be no doubt who the message was from and who was its intended recipient.

"We are coming" It said…and Ku-Jon awaits the taste of freedom.
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Cassandra Petit (prefers Cassie or Cass)

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Appearance (since an image search for female pirates mostly resulted in naughty images): Cassandra is a sharp-looking woman with medium length brown hair tied up in a ponytail and blue eyes. Her face is more tall than wide, ending in a pointy chin that makes her face look like a horse's. She likes to wear a pair of small stud earrings, and when she's not piloting, she wears a silver necklace as well. So far as her dress goes, she prefers to wear trousers, because skirts tend to get stuck in a ship's steering wheel, and she likes wearing baggy tunics tied in place with a leather belt, from which hangs her mechanical tools and her sword. On especially sunny days, she can be seen wearing an oversized blue tricorn which she inherited from her significantly larger father.

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 125 lbs, slightly muscular.

Personality: Has self-confidence issues, and is hesitant about fighting. Gets along well with people, and likes to joke around. However, it is easy to ruffle her by making remarks about her femininity. She is not concerned with romance, and can stay professional on a ship manned mostly by men. She mostly longs for adventure, with a little bit of profit on the side.

Class: Airship pilot for hire, one of the best pilots in the business.

Weapon(s): Cassie's weapons are mostly for self defense purposes, consisting of a dagger hidden in a sheath on her upper leg and a more obvious steel shortsword hanging from her belt. Depending on the circumstances, she also may have a heavy handheld wooden mallet on her person.

Magic/Abilities: Cassie is a practiced Aeromancer, as required from someone of her profession. She can calm all but the most fierce squall, or create a sudden draft to propel a ship upwards. She has received formal training from her father, but is still relatively inexperienced with it.

Wind Blades: Cassie's most powerful wind technique, and the only one she uses for offense. It involves creating a centralized current of winds that move so swiftly that they actually start flaying skin from bones. In the right environment, she may also pick up sand and/or grit from the ground and propel it like sharp shards of glass. This technique generally leaves Cassie exhausted and immobile after use, because it requires a great deal of concentration for someone so young to use it.

She is also an able pilot, with a knowledge of first aid and basic carpentry and mechanical repairs. She's not skilled much at fighting, but she has practiced swordplay a little, just enough so that she doesn't accidentally cut herself with her sword.

Home: Cassie was born in Maker's Cove, Kargon's hometown, where she picked up most of her experience with airships from working with her father.


TL;DR version:
Cassie gets trained in wind magic and sailing by her dad. Dad dies, she takes up his business. Mom dies, she works as a mercenary pilot.

Cassie's early life was an adventurous one. Her father, despite her mother's ardent attempts to train Cassie as a miner instead, taught his young girl about his own trade, that of being a pilot of a supply ship. He showed her how a ship was made, how to set up the special rigging that would allow them to fly, and when she was just the tender age of eight, he started letting her fly his cargo ship. She was a fast learner, and she lived for the exhilarating feeling of flying through the air. Her mother, feeling disappointed but willing to let her daughter plan out her own life, finally conceded to her father's point of view, and with the support of both of her parents, Cassie trained throughout her youth to become a famous airship pilot.

But that wasn't all she learned. Her father was a talented Aeromancer, and while teaching her how to use the airship, he also showed her how a skilled wind magician could alter the skies to his or her benefit. Being a relatively intelligent girl, she learned it quite readily, becoming more skilled in Aeromancy than she was at being a pilot.

Her training came to an abrupt end, however, when her father died in a fight with a drunken sailor in a bar. Maker's Cove was notorious for its hardy and strong citizens, and her father was no exception, but not even he could survive being stabbed from behind. The sailor in question had been asking for a fight for a while, and Cassie's father had made several disparaging comments towards him due to that. Without warning, the sailor snapped, lunging at Cassie's father and running him right through the heart with a saber. He died almost immediately, leaving the still-yet-unrefined Cassandra to take up his business at the age of 17 in order to support her mother.

Due primarily to her youth, gender, and inexperience, Cassandra found it tough for anyone in the city to take her seriously. She had lots of raw skill, certainly, but that didn't mean much given that Maker's Cove was full of older male pilots with much more skill than her. Still, she persevered, training herself both mentally and physically, and hiding her gender via various means, until she could consider herself more than an equal to those around her. And then, when she was 22, her mother died, leaving her free to do whatever she wanted. And so she did, selling her father's shipping business and going to work as a mercenary pilot. She is nervous about this choice of career, but believes that she can find a lot more business this way.
Name: Alyss Greenkey

Age: 29

Gender: Female

Race: Half-Selkie

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Appearance: When not in her official uniform and armor, Alyss tends to wear simple, easy to move in clothing, and the occasional pretty dress. She has scar tissue on the palms of her hands and soles of her feet, where her father repeatedly cut away the webbing between her fingers and toes- Alyss covers these scars with gloves. She also has two long, vertical scars on her ribs where her father cut away her fins at birth.

Height: 5'4

Weight: 120lbs

Personality: Cool and collected, Alyss has often been viewed as the calming force behind Sindar. Alyss is quick in both body and mind, able to analyze and react to a situation quickly and efficiently. She is fiercely loyal to her comrades and kingdom, especially her general, Sindar, for who she would gladly fight her way through hell and back. Though she is not above speaking her mind to him when they are in disagreement. Above all else, she despises liars and cowards. Alyss's sense of humor tends to be blunt, which makes it difficult for others to tell if she is joking or not. When not on duty, Alyss takes on a softer, more fun-loving persona. Unfortunately, due to the demands of her station, Alyss does not have much free time, these days.

Alyss is a little sensitive about her Selkie blood, bordering on ashamed. She does her best to conceal her fey nature and blend in as a normal human.

Class: First Lieutenant to General Sindar Graeves


Alyss prefers to keep her enemies at a distance with a long spear called Siren. The blade is made from a sharpened crystal which absorbs most magical attacks. Once absorbed, Alyss must quickly discharge it, or risk having the spell overpower the crystal and erupt. Normally, she simply flings the spell back to her attacker.

For close range attacks, Alyss uses a rapier. She has been known to dual wield the weapons to fend off multiple attackers, though this is very taxing.


Psyche's Voice: Alyss is able to project herself into the minds of others, if they are willing to let her in. This ability has been very useful for long-distance communication between herself and Sindar. Not many know of this power.

War Child: Sixteen years of military service and constant training have made Alyss a formidable opponent. She has mastered the spear and rapier, as well as unarmed combat. What she lacks in physical strength and stamina, Alyss makes up for in agility, deadly accuracy and a kind of cunning that has made her feared even among her own ranks.

Alyss has a penchant for strategy and psychological warfare, and has aided Sindar in leading many campaigns against the enemies of their king.

Selkie Blood: Alyss takes to the water quite naturally, and can swim about quickly and quietly, even when burdened with armor. She can stay submerged for hours at a time, despite the water's temperature, and even seems to be revived by prolonged exposure to the element.

Home: A small port town in the Low Realms.


Alyss was born to a wealthy fisherman and his wife, who always disappeared to swim in the shallows of the ocean and stare longingly at the waves. Her father doted upon her and called her his 'little darkling,' because of her dark eyes and hair. However, Alyss's mother was always distant and quiet, for reasons the young girl could not understand.

One day, not long after her sixth birthday, Alyss was playing in the garden with her governess, when they found a wooden box hidden within the huge rose bush. Inside lay an old piece of leather, hard and brittle from years of neglect. Her father was out fishing, so the girl took the old leather thing to her mother. It was large and black, but it had an almost iridescent sheen to it. When Alyss showed it to her mother, the woman immediately snatched it from her hands and ran from the house to the ocean, like a woman possessed. She never returned.

Her father was always out to sea after that, searching the rocky coves and the deeps, but never bringing home any catch. The servants all left, except for the governess, who came once a week to make sure Alyss was clothed and fed. Soon, their house fell into disrepair, despite the girl's efforts to keep everything the way it was before. . .

When her father was home, he drank and shunned her presence. When she heard him cry out in the night, Alyss would cover her ears with her hands, close her eyes and regret.

Then a storm came, and with the storm came black ships, bearing the sigil of some far away place, then came death.

Alyss does not remember much of that night, only the smoke and screams and blood. At one point, she woke in the arms of a young soldier, they were both bloody and broken, but he trudged on through the wreckage. Alyss could see the blood dripping from where his eye used to be.

She had heard the words 'sole survivor' and they jangled about her head like a bead in a jar. Alyss had been taken from the protective arms of the soldier, and placed in the cold stone halls of a monastery. She lived every day in the hopes of seeing him again, and repaying him for saving her life.

Two years later, on her thirteenth birthday, Alyss lied about her age and enlisted in the army, despite the looks and jeers. It was difficult to convince them to let her enlist, but with the glory the Lady Elenore brought upon the royal navy, the army was desperate to boost morale with extraordinary female soldiers of their own. They looked at the scrawny, weakling and laughed. Let her enlist, she won't make it past basic. Can't even hold a sword up . . .

Captain Alyss Greenkey had found General Sindar Graeves, the man who had saved her life, but he was so far ahead of her. How could she ever be of any help to him if she didn't catch up? The girl fought harder than the rest, became more clever. She looked up to the Lady Elenore for her inspiration to climb even higher.

Lieutenant Alyss Greenkey finally had her wish, and Sindar now had a most trusted ally. She never told him who she was, and she doubted he would recognize her from that night. Since then, she had grown into a woman, her once black hair had turned white, and her brown eyes gold. She thanked him every time she warded off an enemy in battle, stayed up with him until dawn in a dark planning room, twisted the arm of an enemy while Sindar calmly asked him once more where his friends were hiding.

Alyss couldn't be happier.
Name: Ando Reyer, 'The Little Bastard'

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Race: Human


Height: 5'4"

Weight: Slim, but muscled

Personality: Ando's a sarcastic little shit.

No, really.

Pouring copious amounts of sarcasm and comments of the snide variety onto a given situation is not only a habit for the man, it's an instinctive coping mechanism; he feels a lot better about flying into battle against three other ships if he's dropped a few lines about how this totally couldn't possibly go wrong ever. It can wear on certain members of the crew sometimes, but Ando's a sociable little bastard, and knows how to stay on the good side of people and talk his way out of situations as well as fight his way out of them.

He's also quite an inquisitive, deep-thinking person. Despite his background, he's an extremely intelligent little fellow who's made it to where he is now through his ability to think things through and work out ways around problems and difficulties. He will occasionally rub this fact in with others, but never so much as to piss them off.

Class: Airship Navigator, as well as Mechanic when the need arises

Weapon(s): Throwing knives, Shortsword, Repeating-Crossbow

Magic/Abilities: Magical(ish) Ability – Instinct – Ando's gut instincts are unnaturally good. He knows when that ropes going to give way even before the sailor watching it does, he seems to know exactly where the crack in the hull is, or where he needs to shoot that man to make him drop the key he's carrying.

Dexterous – Whilst he's not a big, hulking strong sailor-type, Ando more than makes up for this by being a nimble little bastard. He excels at acrobatics and fast, brutal attacks that he gets in before his opponent has had a chance to react. Mixed with the fact that he's an incredibly dirty fighter, and he's a useful man to have on your side in a fight.

Sociable – Ando's good with people, capable of talking his way out of situations often more so than he is at fighting his way out of them. He knows how to act with anyone from low-life thugs to crime bosses to nobles, and utilises this skill often. He's well liked by the crew of the Tourniquet, despite his gallows-humour, sarcastic attitude to some situations.

Bright Spark – Ando's brains have been the key ingredient to him surviving his upbringing and making it to where he is now, a fact he's quite proud of. Naturally highly intelligent, he's never received a formal education but instead has learned numerous skills throughout his life that help him out time and time again, and can easily learn more. He's an extremely capable navigator, as well as a skilled mechanic for the air ship on which he serves, as well as a variety of other skills he's picked up along the course of his rather interesting life.

Home: Caladrof, one of the major cities on the Low Realm

Ando's grown up as an orphan on the streets of Caladorf, surviving as a thief and runner for the local Crime Lords, who kept him fed and sheltered by way of reward. He became an enforcer for one of the gangsters in the city, but recently duped several crime bosses out of an item of great importance by playing them off against each other and making off with the prize, and is now fleeing the city for pastures greener. Or skies more blue, in this case.

Ando's lived an interesting life, to put it simply.

Growing up in Caladorf, one of the major 'steel cities' of the Low Realm, Ando never knew his parents, or how he died. All he remembers is stealing to stay alive and working as a runner of messages and other unsavoury items for the local gangs and crime bosses. His small size and speed, as well as the discretion he developed from an early age, meant that he excelled at such tasks, and quickly was taken in by some of the gangs. He didn't care what sort of people they were; he was just glad to have a roof over his head.

In his teenage years, Ando worked as a cutpurse and occasionally serving aboard some of the airships that moved cargo across the Realms (it was during this time he learned what he knows about airship navigation), but it was when he was 19 that he caught the attention of one of the major crime bosses, when he orchestrated a large con where he tricked several gangs into wiping each other out for a cache of high-quality steel being moved through the city before swooping in to claim the prize himself, the resistance already removed.

From then on out, Ando was one of the dangerous chaps around town in Caladorf. He worked cons for Dashiel Clyde, the crime boss who Ando assisted. One one occasion, he spent nearly a year working for an airship constructor as his assistant, as part of a con to take the old man's fortune. He succeeded, and in the process learned the inner workings of airships. Things continued like this for several years, until Ando caught a story about his boss.

The story stating that Dashiel Clyde had found himself something, an item of incredible value and worth, and was about to move it out the city.

Seeing the opportunity, Ando rolled out his trademark con, tricking others into targeting Dashiel and his boys as they moved the item and allowing them time to wipe each other out before finally moving in to mop up the survivors and take the item himself. He fled Caladorf quickly before anyone could realise he was responsible for the killings and the robbery, and has recently arrived in Bandit Bluffs, hoping to find passage to the Mid Realms.
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Lyseth (lie-SETH)

True age unknown, appears to be in her early twenties



Angels are beings who reside on an entirely different plane of existence, known as the Ethereal Plane. They appear human, except for the large feathered wings at their back and their pupils are slitted, like a cat's. They have two genders, male and female and they do not age the way humans do. It is debated whether they age much slower or if they stop aging at a certain point and if they reproduce like humans. They are known to have the ability to fly, possess heightened endurance, and wield great magic. Not much else is known.

It should be noted that Lyseth often wears a cloak and a mask to hide her face in public.

About 120 lbs.

Thoughtful and quiet, Lyseth wanders from place to place, hoping to return home and no idea how to achieve that. No library she has visited, no spellcaster she has talked to, can tell her how to undo the spells keeping her trapped in this body. She misses her friends and her family and she is ashamed, feeling she somehow let this happen. She is not social but she is willing to talk to people and help wherever she can. Those who have attempted to harm her have learned the hard way not to mess with her. One of the humans who tried to assault her, she froze into an ice statue and then broke into pieces.

Bard/Wanderer ... Illegal mage

A small knife to cut things but certainly not a weapon.

Hydromancer (Main) - An accomplished hydromancer, she is able to manipulate water, ice, and, for a brief amount of time, blood as well. She is strange in that she uses gesture and pure will to spell cast, instead of words.

Soothsayer (Minor) - As an angel, it would be safe to assume her summons would often be the angelic sort but she has shown the capacity to summon elementals, ghosts, and some minor demons. However, she rarely uses this ability as she envies whomever she summons as they are able to return home and she is not. It fills her with a greater longing for home and it breaks her heart.

Musician/Singer - This is how Lyseth makes her living. She sings and plays music to get food, passage, etc. This is something she enjoys and excels at.

Dancing - She loves doing this!

Flight - Unavailable at the moment. Lyseth is attempting to regain her wings but so far it is a painful and unfruitful process.

Somewhere in the High Realm/Ethereal Plane

Lyseth was an angel who lived in the Ethereal Planes, surrounded by family and friends. She remembers having a very happy life. But then one day, she was summoned to the High Realm and trapped inside of a human body.

The man responsible for summoning her was the father of the body she was in. He believed an angel's power could revive his comatose daughter, even at the cost of the angel herself. What he failed to realize was that a human body could only endure so much and Lyseth inadvertently burned the soul away. The man did not understand this and had now conscious but incoherent daughter locked away. She managed to break free years after the man had died and she had been forgotten.

Lyseth disguised herself and slipped on board a ship to the Mid Realms. She has been there ever since, looking for a way home and slowly regaining the rest of her powers.
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