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This One Realm: Chapter 1 "A Night To Remember"

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  1. July 7th, ATS 1125

    The Colossi Palace

    Above in the skies of Fomura, the air is littered with fantastical shimmering lights. The fireworks rocket here, and there, as they race to the heavens, and explode in a short brilliance. Thunderous sounds of music sweep from a large palace, and carries itself far down into the city that sits at the Palace's feet. It would seem that this night of celebration has been spared no expense.

    Thousands of Nobles, Guildsmen, and the better known inhabitants of the realm have gathered here today. They gather to celebrate the twentieth year of Princess Oralia, and her ascension to adult hood and the right to rule upon the departure of her father's kingship. It will be a grand night of wonderful foods, song, dance, and the occasional drunken fool.

    Soldiers adorned in suits of armor, that are polished to a mirrored shine patrol the halls, battlements, and the general audience grounds. They themselves are caught up in the spirit of the night, and have a relaxed air about them. Certainly everyone is in good spirits, and is at ease this night.

    As one enters the Grand Hall, they will witness a sea of moving people, as some dance, other's converse, and a few more drift unsuspectingly through the crowd in order to serve their guests. The large carved pillars that hold up the massive glass window at the Hall's top are adorned in fancy colored ribbons, and have lanterns suspended from them. Along the walls are ancient stone tablets that have each royal family members' name, title, and eventual accomplishments carved into them. Princess Oralia's name has been added, and filled with Emerald allowing it to glow in the Hall's light.

    King Aberdan has certainly gone out of his way to make this a night that none shall forget for years to come.


    King Aberdan stood calmly a top the steps leading to the King's Table. The massive amount of people that were gathered in the Hall was simply astounding... he often forgot just how big the realm truly was at times. Softly he stroked his beard with a pleased smile upon his worn face, and that fiery light that always graced his eyes was shining in full force tonight.

    "Oralia, my child... do come, and partake of the festivities. I am going out of my way to grant you a magical night. Why must you hide during this night?" He asked after turning to look at his daughter. He was determined to get the girl to liven up a bit, and enjoy herself... she was a reserved woman at times.

    "Oh I wish your mother could be here to see all of this... I imagine I would be getting quite a scolding about my lack of meagerness tonight, ha!" He added with a deep laugh. Though he was older now, he still had the power of a bear in his voice, and the gentleness that came with being a King who'd learned the patience of rearing a child on his own. Truth be told, he'd never employed a nanny or another member of the court to care for his child. A truly uncommon trait, but certainly well placed in an uncommon king.

    "Come now, girl. Get out and enjoy yourself tonight."
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  2. (Get into it like they join or get enlisted or whatever?)


    He shrugged and was about to say something when his phone rang. He answered, "Dylan, I don't have to be in till later, remember?... Oh okay.... turn on the news?" He looked at Blair and turned on the news.

    The reporter: "While there were no causalities, the owners of these buildings are not happy about this. If you are just tuning in, 3 warehouses in the city were covertly hit last night. Everyone in each building was found unconscious and the place trashed. Police are unclear as to who or what could have done this, but they believe there might be a connection to the building explosion from yesterday."

    Ray: "My god."
  3. Blair

    She frowned "I have a feeling this may be about attention. First there are casualties and now just..." Little things. Why knock someone out when you could kill them?
  4. Hunter

    He looked across from the shadows and saw Blair, he glared slightly, aware that she couldn't see him. Besides, she was leaving. He would make his move when she left.
  5. The Palace Dungeons


    The sound of calm rhythmic breathing was slightly unnerving to Zagara. He'd heard horror stories about castle dungeons, and so far... they'd been right. What could possibly keep someone so calm? It just didn't make sense to him. So he became intent on finding out... and passing the time before his next beating which he'd been growing accustomed to over the past two weeks.

    "So... what do they have you in here for? You weren't caught thieving like me were ya? Nah... you don't look too beaten up. You must have been locked up today." Zagara said through the dim lighting, and focused his glowing eyes on the person in the cell before him.

    "My name's Zagara."

    The Grand Hall


    "Good god, my girl, if I was as fashionably late as you tend to be, I'd have lost a war or two!" Aberdan said with a hearty chuckle.

    "All right. I will mingle and be merry. ...But you promise you will be my first dance? And my last one! That is my birthday wish!"

    "Aye, my girl. I promise that I will be the first, and last to be graced with a dance. And I also promise that before I go blind and senile, I'll see you in one of those 'puffy' dresses the likes of when you were but a wee girl!" He finished softly, and lightly placed his hand on her cheek. "But I'll be damn site more jolly if you find yourself a suitor tonight too!" He said knowing full well that his jab would ruffle his daughters feathers some.

    "Mind yourself tonight, and have a good time. Before we dine this night a great many things will have changed."
  6. [​IMG]

    The glowing eyes quickly snapped from the point beyond the mage, to focus upon him. All was silent as they regarded him, reading his body and the air around it.

    Prestadeth held in a snort of disdain. For a moment, she considered simply ignoring him to continue plotting her escape, but he was a mage-albeit one who made the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end, for some reason.

    He could be useful in making an easier escape. She could always kill or maim him, later, so her fellow Guardians wouldn't find out.

    "Prestadeth," she finally spoke, so quietly, it was almost difficult to hear. "These scum captured me three days ago, and I woke here a few hours ago. But that doesn't matter. . ."

    Zagara blinked, and there she was standing behind the bars of her cell door, clearly visible in the light.

    "We are leaving soon."
  7. [​IMG]

    Steve Arrived at the Ball Fashionably late and already slightly buzzed, He wasn't dressed as usual, but in a red suit and greatcoat with black riding boots, and of course his trademark tall red hat, his beard and hair were immaculately trimmed, and his clothing well tailored and cleaned. He looked impressive, noble, and most of all, dreadfully handsome, he noticed several young women were flashing looks at him, but he didn't care, the woman who grabbed his attention, was hiding behind a curtain at the far side of the room. For just a moment their eyes met, his dark and mysterious and hers bright and young.

    He smiled and teasingly left it at that, he deliberately moved just out of her sight range, half to goad her into looking his way, the other half was because the alcohol was across the room from him, and his buzz was fading. He retrieved a fairly full glass of wine and headed out he laughed slightly to himself.

    "Tonight will be a night to remember, for everyone."
  8. Oralia was grinning, watching the people in the room as her father teased. A man with a strange looking tall red hat had caught her attention. It was a strange thing to wear... Apparently he had caught her looking and smiled at her!

    At that point her father mentioned suitors and she turned away to heave an exaggerated sigh at him.

    "Suitors! My dearest father wants me taken away already? I imagine you'd be lonely in this big castle all by yourself." With a wry smile, she bounced on her toes to give the King a quick peck on the cheek. "For you I will hunt and prowl for a potential suitor. Don't forget my dance!" Another kiss on his other cheek and Oralia eased herself off to join the rest of the people in the crowd.

    Away from the safety of her hiding place, it felt a lot like being lost at sea. Oralia scanned around for something to focus on. Like that weird red hat. She lost sight of it while talking to her father.
  9. The Palace Dungeons


    "Ah... an elf. Not often you find your kind down in these parts. Not that I've ever seen them much... you being my first." Zagara said with what he tried to portray through a bruised, and beaten smile. "What do you mean "We're leaving soon?" How do I know you won't try and knife me in the back?" He asked with suspicion as he then looked to the lock, looked down the hall, and rested his hand on the door.

    A small flash of light burst from the lock as it melted to the floor in to a boiling puddle. With that, he slowly pushed the door open, and then looked down the hall once more, and back to Prestadeth. "... guess I can't leave you here... since you were nice enough to give me your name, and to talk to me." He finished with a matter of fact tone, and then rested his hand on the lock of her cell.

    "This is going to sound foolish, but promise not to kill me until we get outside the castle... I'd like to see the night sky one last time before I get my throat slit... cause I've got a feelin' that you'd do that."

    The Grand Hall


    "Nay child. I'd be surrounded by grandchildren within a time, and you'd be doomed to stay here with him forever!" Aberdan chuckled onc emore, and then nodded his head deeply to Oralia. "A promise is my world, Oralia. I will be here when you are ready. Now go on, and have yourself a time."

    As Oralia went off to mingle, Abderdan turned his attention to a few men who were perched at the foot of the table's stairs. He'd put these men off for quite a while in order to goad his daughter into leaving her hiding place.
  10. When Prestadeth smiled, it did not seem reassuring, more predatory.

    "You are right not to trust me, but take comfort in this," Prestadeth leaned forward, her face a hair's width from the iron bars, and only a few inches from his. "One of the vermin who locked us in here has my blade, I cannot slit your throat until I have it." The cool easy tone assured him that if she did slit his throat, he wouldn't feel a thing.

    Prestadeth pulled back, her gaze returning to a steady calm. "Besides, neither of us could escape this place alone, there are hundreds of humans here. I can hear them," her eyes flicked briefly to the ceiling, motioning to the stomping feet and loud voices many floors above them.

    "We would have to run a great distance from here, before it would be safe enough for me to kill you." Prestadeth idly examined her sharp fingernails, before adding offhandedly, "plenty of time for you to devise a counter attack."
  11. Blair

    "Do you know what they do in this organization? I'm curious as to why it's causing so many problems."
  12. Ray

    "You are Blizzard. Hmmm, several things are now making much more sense."
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  13. The Palace Dungeons


    "Heh... well what can I say after meeting a crazy convict beauty who's got eyes that look like that." Zagara said with a smirk, and rubbed his hands together quickly. "You might want to take a step back... This could get messy." He then placed a finger on the lock, and lightly traced a large curvy symbol. As he connected the drawing, the lock burst into flames, and fell straight to the ground in a molten pool.

    "I'm not one for counter attacks... I usually just torch the problem, and leave their ash behind." He added with a wink as he looked back at Prestadeth. He knew that he'd just opened a new world of trouble for him, but he knew he'd need her help to get out... and for some reason... he had this gut feeling that she'd be quite handy later on. That is if she didn't have a hand around the hilt of a knife, and plant it straight into his neck.
  14. [​IMG]

    The ship smashes to pieces, its decks snapping upwards, its masts cleaving in two, the mage-wind sails burning. The floating boulder continues on its course and ploughs through the hull, ripping open compartments, sailors falling out, tumbling into the Water Fury where all is lost.


    "Twelve abeam!" echoed the watch-captain of the Tourniquet and beside him the pilot spun the wheel, sweat and raindrops dripping from his burly arms. The ship lurched to the left and the floating boulder skimmed by, scratching the masts as it passed.

    Another boulder strikes the underside, impacting directly on the Carmot Engines, green fire erupting. The ship loses propulsion in an instant and begins a spiral, plunging through the Water Fury. All is lost.


    "Nine abaft!" echoed the watch-captain, his voice breaking a little this time. He even helped the pilot wrench the sphere-wheel, pulling it back with all his might. The Tourniquet pulled up sharply and there was a rush of air as the second boulder shot by.

    The rock field grows denser, the spaces between impossible to navigate. The sailors are frozen, their mouths agape, as rock after rock slams into the hull and we break apart, ship sections falling like splintered rain.


    "Cut tailshaft, starboard careen, full... SHIIIIIIT!" the watch captain stopped halfway through echoing the order and grabbed hold of the nearest rope, as did the rest of the deck crew. There was a chorus of cries as the Tourniquet spun, rolling to starboard as more floating boulders came flying out of the mist. The ship listed over, corkscrewing as the rocks flew by, some of them impacting the mast, some piercing the cabins, but the larger ones missing altogether. The sailors dangled from their ropes, flung around by the force of gravity.

    Only one man didn't need to hold on, for he had strapped his feet to the deck the moment they entered the boulder field.

    Kargon continued glaring over the bow as the Tourniquet righted, his feet spread wide to support his massive, barrel-like frame. Rivulets of rainwater coursed over his body like the rivers and pools of a continent, tracing silver on contours of muscle and armoured leather.

    At times the crew would see the First Mate normally, but then a lightning strike from above would distort the image and they would see his other form, hovering a few hundred feet in the mist ahead. His Cast Soul was out there, the ragged shade floating amongst the mist a few seconds into the future. The two parts of Kargon were in constant discourse now - a dozen futures of fiery demise averted, a hundred deaths sent back in time like daggers.

    But even as Kargon witnessed his potential doom, over and over, he kept his orders sharp.

    "BACK AND FILL!" roared his voice - a voice with the thunder of a harsh life, grown deeper and more cavernous with every bruise and scar. "BROACH TO PORT!"

    "Back and fill!" echoed the watch-captain, still a little pale from their last manouver, "Broach to port!"

    The Tourniquet turned sharply, its Carmot engines screaming in protest as they worked in opposition to the mage-wind sails, the whole ship almost twisting out of shape. But it was just in time, for a boulder the size of a small town loomed from the mist a second later. The pirate ship skidded through the air, its stern scraping across the boulder before a second thrust sent it on its way. And on the bow, Kargon screwed up his map in one hand and tossed it into the storm.

    The Witch Map had been a hard-won thing, a prize paid for in a currency of tavern brawls, midnight thefts and cut-throat bargaining. He had had to beat three men to an inch of their lives, and his crew had endured more than their usual share of skirmishes with rival traders and officers of the crown. In the end they had tracked it down to the townhouse of a governor in the Mid-Realms, and the Tourniquet still bore the damage from the viscious aerial raid they had conducted to plunder the governor's vault. Of course, the militia had given chase, but once the Tourniquet had plunged into the rock-field of Torsa Prime, the governor had written them off as dead men. For no one alive had ever got through the floating boulders of Torsa Prime.

    But such conventions didn't hold water when it came to Kargon, a man both living and dead. And now he had cleared the rock-field with the Witch Map in his hand. The map, drawn by the disease-ridden mystics of the Ceradene Cove, was the key to the location of the Nocta Syr Prison.

    For when a prison shifts location at the dawn and dusk of every day, only the most twisted and powerful of oracles can forsee its arrival.

    The map gave them the location of the next four shifts, and that was all the Tourniquet needed.

    In his other hand Kargon held a watch, and as the last of the large boulders skimmed overhead, he kept his eyes upon it. He could feel his Cast Soul ranging, the shade moving with a mind of its own in the moments ahead. In flashes he saw it: the shape of the prison towers unfolding from the mist, like an iceberg rising from blood-dark waters. And then the Cast Soul faded. It would always come and go, and it was only by the greatest application of will that he could keep it in one place. Tonight had almost exhausted Kargon, and he feared it would be a long time before the Cast Soul allowed such cooperation again.

    As a cold shiver ran through him - the feeling of the Cast Soul re-entering his body - Kargon yelled. "TOSS-BUOY, CAPSTAN READYYYYY!"

    A group of pirates near the stern shot into action, readying the harpoon-like device at the back of the ship. They angled it, looking back to Kargon for orders.

    And Kargon eyes were fixed dead ahead, at the swirling mists, counting the seconds as they ticked on his watch... "BY THE KEEL..."

    The mists separated...

    "...THIRD ABEAM..."

    Things started to appear: metal points, like the tips of a crown...


    Everyone else on the deck grabbed hold of ropes and prayed for their lives.


    The harpoon was fired and a ball of blue light shot from the stern of the Tourniquet, trailing enchanted rope. The Toss Buoy screamed between the towers of the materialising prison of Nocta Syr and came to a halt over one of its massive courtyards.

    The magic buoy was locked perfectly in space, and in the next instant the rope pulled taut.

    Anchored upon the buoy, the Tourniquet cut its engines and swung downwards, plunging to a chorus of half-terrified and half-exhilirated shouts from the crew. The ship fell like a pendulum between the half-summoned towers, swinging through courtyards and knocking gargoyles from ledges.

    Kargon felt his stomach twist, but still he kept his sneer - the one thing he was careful not to lose on a ship like this. "PROW-CANNON FIRE!"

    With a sound like thunder in the storm, the prow cannons opened up and sent a volley of cannonballs into one of the towers on the east wing. The magical rock was ripped apart, the chambers opening up like a wound. The Tourniquet came to the limit of its swing, a few dozen feet from the tower, and its mage-sails swung through the breach, entering and exiting the hole in a perfect arch.

    And then it carried on swinging, all the way down till its masts scraped the floor of the courtyard. There were screams and insane whoops from the crew as parts of the ship snapped loose and cargo tumbled across the decks. But then the Tourniquet lifted again, swinging upwards on the enchanted rope and pointing towards the sky once more.


    The pirate ship rocketed upwards, clearing the courtyard and twisting past the towers. There was a cheer, human shouts competing with the storm and the distant roars of the Prison's dark master, who even now was aware that something precious had been stolen from him.

    The Carmot engines went into overtime as they cleared the peak of Nocta Syr and cut the Toss-Buoy lose, leaving it to collide with the prison as it swept onwards.

    Kargon untied his feet and stalked back across the deck as the ship levelled out. And through the lashing rain he glared up at the central mast - the one that had swung through the hole in the prison tower. He watched something tumble down it, half-falling and half-leaping down the rigging.

    And when it finally hit the deck, he picked it up with one hand and punched it with the other.

    Captain Ku-Jon Bokor was thrown back against the mast, dazed by the punch, and Kargon held him there, one hand around his throat. The rest of the pirate crew gathered around, glaring just like Kargon... angrily... expectantly.

    "Now Cap'n," Kargon barked as he pinned the man in place, "About this treasure ye promised us?"
  15. Gwen

    "Alright so we don't let them near us and we don't dare eat or drink anything." She breathed out in annoyance "We will survive just great. But I believe we can leave. That doesn't mean they won't end up giving us something when we do." She crossed her arms "This isn't good."


    "Oh the female. How they change a man's mind." He rolled his eyes and Belle giggled

    "Says the man who has how many ex wives?"

    "One Belle. I have one." He shook his head then frowned deeply "I told them not to hurt the poor boy, not to restrain or leave him in the dark. Who was responsible for..." Belle grinned

    "You know." Hawthorne sighed

    "Ah yes. That particular guard. No matter." His eyebrow rose at his mockery and Belle stifled another giggle "That is not accurate in the slightest."

    "He's got you down good Joey." Belle confirmed with a small nod "Still not as good as the intern in the left wing. Quincy?" Hawthorne nodded

    "Very good. But that's not the point. I could impersonate an American accent but it isn't pretty in the slightest. Besides we have more matters to attend to than my horrid accents." He smiled thinly to himself and claimed "I will be gentle with the boy. I am sure if we treat him andthe girl well we will get what we need."
  16. <~~~<★>~~~>
    THOMASINE~JOLIE!! (open)
    • ~Thomasine-Jolie LeCiel LaFee~

      (FaceClaim: Mellisa Clarke)

      "I wasn't born into this world to dominate it. Nor was I ever meant to save it. But rest assured; I will cure it."

      DoB: - June 9
      Age: 37
      Ht: 165cm (5'5")
      Wt: 53kg (115lbs)
      Eyes: Blue
      Hair: Black
      TayGee, TomTom (French family and friends)
      TJ, Tommi-Jo (English speaking friends), Sky Fairy (teasing)
      La Sirene / Dead Ariel (news reports)

      SPECIES - Vampire Royal | Gethin Family
      ETHNICITY - French / Citizenship: Canadian
      OCCUPATION - Bike Courier/Delivery
      SEXUALITY - Homosexy


      Not exactly a black sheep of the family but then again, not really the most praised either, Thomasine was one of the more entertaining to watch over the years. The vampire was a welcome fresh breath of air. This female is an insane wolf in killer sheep's clothes; a friend of the night-wandering street people and an enemy to those that cheated justice. Any who escaped the Law, or those who were getting away with crimes she would kill. She used a straight razor to murder her victims, dumped their body into water to hide the fact that she fed off the bloodflow; this technique hid the fact that a vampire killed them.

      Working as a night time bike courier and delivery person freed up her schedule to find and stalk 'bad people.' Yes, this is how she intends to feed, but it is also an outlet of her twisted 'hero complex.' Normally she just hires out or dates junkie/prostitute Silvers that will allow her to feed off of them. It is twisted but she feels sorry for them and will pay them for services.

      But she was a trained 'Rescinder' for her family and thus she was bloodline loyal. She held a very important position workig for the LeFees; her main focus was to 'find loose ends and cut them off.' And so, Thomasine was commanded to stop her ways before things got out of control. Her Old Lineage family in Canada sent her here to New York to lay low and get lost into the crowd. Her murder streak could cause too much strife if found out. At first it was entertaining, but now too risky for their taste and even though she got away with it; enough was enough. She's been told to calm down and get some help before she can go home. But those thoughts of 'curing the world' keep surfacing and that help she sought is now in prison. It is only a matter of time now before her 'curing streak' begins anew.

    • ~Appearance~

      (FaceClaim: Mellisa Clarke)

      Ht: 165cm (5'5")
      Wt: 53kg (115lbs)
      Eyes: Blue
      Hair: Black
      Body Type: Toned and curvy.
      Piercings: Nose, tongue, hood and ears.
      Sun-scars: Tummy and ribs on left side.


      Style: Thomasine usually wears dark eye makeup and neutral to earthy pink lipstick. Other than that, she keeps to her normal pale complexion. Her hair is usually trimmed at chin length, but does grow it out to shoulder length during spring. Right now she sports bangs across her forehead with rather heavy eye makeup.

      Despite the youthful face, she is 37. But having a strange genetic mutation of vampire gene, she looks to be at least half her age and passes for a school girl of 16-18 years old. Her style is not that of a typical teen however. She wears more mature-styled clothing, but tends to err on the side of 80s-90s sensibilities... and she loves all thiings with pandas on them. As a vampire, she does not need to 'work out' but she does love swimming and riding bikes-- both motor and pedal-powered. And so she does tend to wear brands, shoes and gear reflecting her activities. But if she can go bare-foot she will do so.

    • ~Persona~

      (FaceClaim: Mellisa Clarke)

      + | Strong Work Ethic - .Whatever she does, she gives it her all and will do the job well and get it done. She does not care for lazy people, but will try to get others to get off their asses and do something too. Thomasine also makes it a point of being on time and communicating at all times too.
      + | Calm and Thoughtful - . The world could burn around her and she wouldn't so much as bat an eyelash. The vamp is not the most spontaneous person, but she is, however, one of the most prepared. Actions have consequences and she always is considering them.
      + | Loyal and Protective - . A friend in need is a friend indeed. Well, it doesn't matter to this vamp. If you have her back, you better believe she has yours. She tends to form strong bonds with people she cares for and that being the case, she defend them even if it means she will fight for them.


      - | Twisted SuperHero Complex - . A hero. She truly believes she is a hero. Thomasine killed murderers, rapists, child abusers, hate criminals and fed off of them. She thinks she is making the world a better place each time she kills. Even if you have already served your time, if she found out you were 'Wicked' she would 'cure you.' The cure is find you, kill you in secret, feed on your blood and then wash you in an open body of water and have you float away with the current. Your naked body would be adorned with shells, feathers, stones, flowers; anything that would symbolize tokens to allow passage to final rest. News media folks had nicknamed the unknown serial killer: 'La Sirene' in French-speaking Canada. It means The Mermaid. And in English-speaking Canada: 'Dead Ariel.' The name is a twist on a famous animated mermaid.
      - | Aggressive and Murderous - . If there is a fight to be had, she will step up and fight. All her actions have the consequences considered and as such, she has become somewhat arrogant; she is Gethin blooded afterall. And over the years, that subtle arrogance has turned her rather aggressive. And now if she can get away with it, Thomasine will even enter killing or even cold blooded murder into the equation. Right now she believes she is a hero that cures the world of its 'Wicked Disease.' She is very dangerous; a ticking bomb. It is only a matter of time before she deems humans as the scourge of life on earth unless she finds help.
      - | Soft Heart but Bloodine Bound- . As murderous and aggressive as she is, she does have too much sympathy for Silvers. Of all vampires, it is they who have been targeted the most from all the hate and bigotry by humans. If she can spare money or time, she will aid a Silver in need. She even dates junkies and prostitutes and pays them to allow her to feed upon them. She will never take too much and kill them, but she will however ask that they remain loyal to her. No. She does not ask... Thomasine demands it. But if they are loyal to her she will have their back.

      That is until another Gethin asks her for aid. If that happens, she is bound to her bloodline and will serve her relatives first.


      + | Likes - family, swimming, diving, cycling, motorbikes, pandas, fighting, pretty girls, Slivers, walking around barefoot, using her Clairvoyant powers, being called a 'Mermaid,' curing the world, the sun.

      - | Dislikes - violent offenders, human Laws vs. vamps, flying in airplanes, pervy-smelly human males, cellphones, salty and fatty human food, dogs, clonky-clunky boots, nosy and noisy old human ladies, her Aunt Monique, getting burned by the sun, god.

    • ~Abilities~

      (FaceClaim: Mellisa Clarke)

      : Telekinesis is the ability to manipulate and control objects/matter with the mind. (Second strongest power)
      Telepathy: The power to read/sense another person’s thoughts, communicate with them mentally and/or control/manipulate their minds/thoughts. (Third strongest power)
      Clairvoyance: The power to visually perceive events that are taking place elsewhere or sense places that are not in view. (Strongest power.)


      Strengths -
      + | Powerful bloodliine. Even though she is a sleight girl, she is exceptionally strong, durable, fast and everlasting. She has years of combat training badassery and can swim like a dolphin and see heat signatures.
      + | Clairvoyance gives her a 'danger sense' and allows her to react quicker in situations that call for quick reflexes or reactions. Night vision also works with this power.
      + | Fine manipulation with Telekinsis. She is very precise and accurate with this power.

      - | Telepathy used to mind control gives her temporary madness. The thoughts of others she tried to control will haunt her and she may believe that they are her own thoughts. Diving in dark waters helps her calm and alleviate the madness.
      - | Telepathy used to read thoughts leaves her with a ringing in her head that may lead to migraine headaches if she uses the power too often and too strong.
      - | Telekinesis use always makes her thirst for blood increase.



  17. Steve had just finished his fourth glass of wine and was feeling slightly buzzed, the downside, or upside in certain circumstances, of being a pyromancer was that his body burned alcohol very quickly, so he had to drink heavily so that he could simply get buzzed. He got an Idea and spun around, to his surprise Oralia was standing right behind him, he rushed foward saying "Follow me," before gently grabbing her hand and leading her to the balcony.

    "What's a party without fireworks, especially the princess's birthday party"

    With that he cracked his knuckles and rubbed his hands together, before enacting a simple spell he both devised, and taught to most all of his students, primarily to keep them entertained and out of his hair.

    Bright multicolored explosions began to burst across the sky, lighting the castle in their many hues, and creating a spectacle that drew the attention of the party goers inside, he dialed up the intensity, depicting a brave knight, saving a princess from a terrible dragon, with climactic explosions whenever the knight or the dragon struck each other.
  18. [size=+2]Zagara[/size]

    "Not like my abilities did any worse than yours." Zagara answered as he watched the elf take the lead. That was fine with him... even though she was skinny, she could still soak up a few arrows and bolts for him. Might even get a few sword thrusts too if she was the kind of person who charged in.

    Rubbing his swollen jaw, Zagara squinted in the darkness. He could vaguely make out Prestadeth ahead of him, and the walls along the hallway. Without a torch though, she'd probably have better luck. They say that elves had an ability to see in low to total darkness.

    "Might I suggest the Guard Room? That is... if you're looking for that blade you mentioned... they tend to keep those things in chests." This elf had obviously never been in prison before... well a human prison at any rate. "Should be up around that bend to the right... passed it every time on my way back from "Counseling." He said with a slight hint of disgust in his voice, which was evident more so after he spit afterward. The thought of what went on in that room made his stomach squirm.
  19. Prestadeth nodded in silent acknowledgement. The mage was right, already she could smell human sweat and the stench of meals long eaten ahead, and just beyond that . . . Presta didn't want to think about what the scents in the other room meant. Though she could see, Presta preferred to open her other senses to see far beyond what her eyes could tell her. tThe earth whispered to her, even in this tainted place, echoed the reverberations of foot steps, voices, heartbeats. . .

    Prestadeth suddenly stopped, Zagara nearly bumping into her from behind. Just ahead of them was a closed door.

    "There are three men in that room," she whispered, barely audible. Prestadeth closed her eyes and sniffed the air. "They are dining. . . rich food, probably pilfered from upstairs. They will be slow."

    Prestadeth peered at Zagara from over her shoulder, a single brow arched in question. "Would you prefer to take your revenge, or would you rather I lead?"

    Prestadeth was confident that she could easily dispatch the three on her own; however, she was never one to deny a man his revenge.

  20. Oralia's first thought was that she was being kidnapped! Not in a serious way, but there was that childish urge to call her father to come save her. Not the most mature behavior for a young woman on her birthday.

    Taking a deep breath, she allowed herself to be led out to the balcony, where her temporary courage was rewarded! With both hands on the stone railing of the balcony, Oralia leaned forward as she gazed up at the sky. There had been fireworks, but these were spectacular. Detail and movement told a story with all of the bursts of color. By the end she wore a grand smile and could barely contain her curious amazement.

    "That was brilliant! And it was only with a spell? I had no idea things like that could be done!"
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