This Old Haunt (Eve lilith Angelson x Fishwolf)

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  1. Emily laughed and floated up through the ceiling, watching the young teenagers squirm and try to dare each other out of going first. They were already afraid, but they haven't seen anything yet. Finally one kid got forced to go into the house first. All of the other teenagers had teamed up on that one poor kid, but Emily knew how that felt. She-almost-felt pity for him. She would take it easy on him, but after the other kids came in a real haunting would ensue. She was a ghost, of course, but not the malevolent kind. She just enjoyed giving the local hoodlums a scare they would remember. Emily wiggled her mainly transparent fingers in the poor moonlight, and looked to her friend. "Ready?" She asked her friend, who was watching beside her.

    Emily still remembered the day that they died. They were simply walking across the road, talking about school and such, whenever the car came. They never heard it coming, because it was ready to storm that day and the thunder made them hurry to their own separate houses. They were almost at the driveway of Emily's house when the car roared down the hill, straight at them. It was almost as if they were in slow motion, almost as if the car held them in that spot. Whatever the reason, they couldn't move, only watch as the car came closer, closer. The driver looked panicked, as if he couldn't stop, as if his brakes were out. The next thing they knew, they were sitting on the lawn, watching their bodies be zipped up in bags.

    It was about five years after that accident, and the two friends found that they were imprisoned in that house. Emily's parents moved out of the house a year after the accident, and the two children found that they had the house to themselves. And it was true. Nobody would buy the place after the accident. It was truly their house now. And they could do all the mischief that they could do now. Emily grinned her mischievous impish grin, which had turned truly ghoulish now that she was a ghost. "Let's go have some fun!"
  2. Gena was watching the teens who where just out side of the houses borders daring each other to go in, come on come on she said in her head as her best friend came up through the ceiling and in too the bedroom that Gena was in, "Yeah I'am ready when am I not ready" she said with a cheeky grin as one of the boys got pushed in to the grounds and up to the house.

    Gena was in life a nice kind caring girl who had helped everyone she could she had high hopes of one day being a doctor or maybe a member of green peace she hadn't been to sure what she would have preferred but she never got to do anything. The day her and Emily died had been a strange one she could see the car and tried in vain to get Emily away in time but even with the car being in slow motion she couldn't and they had both gone flying through the air and when they had hit the ground Gena remembered the pain as most of her bones broke. But luckily it didn't last to long as the next thing she knew she was sat on Emily's front garden with Emily watching as both their parents cried and their body where taken away.

    With a shake of her head she turned to the window and saw that the other boys were walking up to the door one after the other, laughing out lord she turned "Oh please lets go have some fun" she said to Emily and floated out of the bedroom through the wall and in to the hall, where she watched the boys walking in through the front door.
  3. Emily grinned and rubbed her hands together. "Time for a haunt!" She floated down through the ceiling and quickly ran across the hallway, right in front of the boys, dissapearing into the other wall. She heard the fearful shouts of the boys and smiled. "What was that?" They asked each other fearfully. Emily then snuck up on one of the other boys, the bravest-looking one, and she whispered into his ear. "Won't you stay awhile?" The boy screamed like a little girl and ran out of the house. Emily laughed. "Your turn, Gena!"
  4. Gena smiled "Let the show begin" she said as she slowly lowered herself head first into the kitchen where one of the boys was looking through the tall cupboard. With a giggle she saw the boy turn but he missed her moving into the space he had been looking at with a quick think she produced a thin rope around her neck so it looked as if she had been hung. As the boy turned around Gena began to swing and held her arms out "Wont you play with me?" she asked, the already pale boy started to cry for his mummy as he fled out of the house. Making the rope vanish Gena rubbed her hands together "oh that was good" she said as she moved up to Emily.
  5. Emily clapped, a soundless clap because of her ghostly hands. "That one was great! Looks like we scared 'em away." Emily stuck her tongue out at the fleeing teenagers, then looked at the rising sun. "Wow, already sunrise. They lasted a bit longer than most. Hey, remember that kid who panicked and thought he saw a ghost even though we didn't even start to go downstairs? Sometimes the house itself does the work for us." Then something caught Emily's attention. A car was pulling into the driveway, a grey sedan. Emily narrowed her eyes as another car pulled up in behind it. She leaned into the window, watching as a man got out of the first car, and a couple got out of the second car, a man and a woman. The first man seemed to be a salesman....Wait, what? Emily leaned even further out the window to listen to what he was saying.

    "I still can't belive you want to buy this place. You have heard of what happened here, right?" The couple nodded, and the man ran his fingers through his hair in a very un-salesmanlike manner. Obviously he was confused, and so was Emily. "Just give 'em a tour, we'll scare 'em out." Emily wasn't about to let someone move into THEIR house. She looked over at Gena, confirming that she had heard the conversation.
  6. Gena smirked as she remembered that one kid "Oh yeah that was fun and since then it's been non stop party time well for us at least she said with a laugh. As Emily looked confused Gena moved closer to the window "What the hell is going on here?" she looked down ton see the cars and people oh please no not someone else who wants to move in.

    "Oh bring it on lets have fun, shall we Emily, this is our home and no fleshy is going to take that away from us we have been here longer" she said as she started to float through the floor and closer to the front door.
  7. Emily nodded, her eyes glowing with excitement. "Time to show these fleshies a real show!" She then watched as the salesman and the couple walked into the house. "After you." Emily said, bowing low, mimicking the men on that old TV station that they used to watch when they were alive.
  8. Gena smiled "Why thank you indeed" Gena said as she floated past Emily watching the salesman Gena could see he wasn't happy about being in the house she could see the sweat that was forming on his upper lip and from his receding hair line. Watching the couple as they walked in Gena frowned they didn't seam to care about the state of the place, and where in deep conversation about what they wanted to change. Hell no you don't Gena thought as she got closer and blew on the back of the woman's neck.
  9. Emily frowned and crossed her arms, her ghostly hair floating around her head freely. "Looks like we have some pests to deal with. First we'll start with the classics." Emily cackled and quickly flew over to the opposite wall of the couple as Gena blew on the back of the woman's neck. They were looking at the wall, considering what wallpaper to put on it. She made herself invisible, unseen by the couple, then used her powers to make the wallpaper peel off of the wall by itself, revealing red letters that looked as if they were painted with blood. GET OUT. The couple reacted as they should at first, the wife gasped, and the man took a step back. But then they started smiling and agreeing that the house was, indeed, perfect. "WHAT?!" Emily shreiked, and her rage made her appear right in front of the couple. "This is OUR house." She said menacingly, then disappeared. The lights then went out. Emily didn't know why the couple had responded positively to the message on the wall. Then she heard them whispering. "This is great! A real ghost! Now our show should really take off!" What? A TV show? This is why they want to live in the house? Just to get a few recordings of a ghost? Emily shivered in rage, her fists clenched. She was floating near the chandelier, and looked over to Gena.
  10. "What tv show, WHAT THE HELL?" Gena could feel the anger bubbling up from the pit of her stomach, she knew that she had made herself visible but she didn't care as she was around the back of the couple they hadn't seen her materialize, gathering up her strength as she had been practising and pushed the man. Watching him stagger forward Gena laughed out loud " so fleshy you have two of us to deal with, and we don't have to sleep so why not GET OUT OF OUR HOME NOWWWWWWWWWWWWW" Gena said as she got closer to the guy she got right into his face and let the skin fall from her face slowly to revel muscle and bone.
  11. The man uttered a garbled yelp and jumped back from Gena, while the woman paled and took a few steps back. Emily crossed her arms and smiled, then appeared behind the man. She made the door open by itself, and the man turned around to see a headless Emily floating behind him. He then ran out of the house, but his wife stayed. She crossed her arms and smiled. "Look, I know that you don't want us in your house, but this place is perfect for us. It would make our lives a lot better, you know."
  12. "Your life's what about our deaths, this is our home you cant just come in here like this we have been here a lot longer then you sweet cheeks, and what's this about a show?" Gena could feel emotions like hate and hurt and even a bit of confusion she liked things the way they were just her and Emily, they got on well and the odd living human every now and again just gave them the little bit of entertainment they needed. Floating over to Emily she smiled "I do like the headless one, it always makes me smile" she said as she stood with her fiend and waited to see the woman's next move.
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