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  1. In ancient times, all races lived out in the open, none were in hiding. However, the world grew more and more corrupt as time went on, forcing the supernatural creatures into hiding. Now that over two hundred years have passed, a girl is wandering around in a forest, completely lost. Little did she know she was being followed. She comes near a cliff and peers over it a little when the ground suddenly starts to shift under her.
    Before she could fall to her death, a hand reaches out and grabs her, pulling her back to safety. When she sees her rescuer, she’s surprised to see that he’s not even human. Both aren’t sure what to make of each other when suddenly the guy’s older brother comes out and sees her. The boys are princes and quite opposite in personality and bring her back home. The oldest brother decides she will be his mate simply because he’ll be the first supernatural to have a human mate in over two hundred years. But as preparations are being made for the upcoming wedding, she gets to know both brothers and gets along pretty well with the younger of the two brothers. However, in the end, will she fall for the older brother or will she fall for the younger one?
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  2. She'd been racing through the forest blindly now for a while. She'd ran to escape the life behind her, however, she hadn't followed any road or even a path. Instead, she'd just raced headlong through the forest and now had no idea where she even was. Slowing down, Riley glanced around, hoping to see something familiar to point her in the right direction. But there was nothing. Nothing at all. There were trees, trees, and more trees in every direction she looked. With a sigh, she started to jog in a new direction, hoping that somehow, she'd reach a road or something. A slight wind had picked up, blowing her red hair in her face and she reached up to push it back, her bright green eyes scanning the world ahead of her for any sign of a road.

    However, she wasn't careful enough as she ran.She didn't notice the small creek beside her or the slight drop ahead of her since she was too busy looking to the sides and behind her to be fully aware what was ahead of her. All too late she realized she was at teh edge of a waterfall and tried to stop. Her eyes widened as her feet slipped and she began to fall down. There was a root jutting out from one of the nearby trees and she managed to grab it, holding onto it which left her dangling high up in the air. "Great...Now how am I supposed to get out of this?" she questioned herself, glancing down at the long distance to the bottom.
  3. What a predicament, indeed. Should the girl slip, she'd tumble all the way to the bottom of the ravine. That would be bad, probably. Siva wasn't sure. From his spot in the trees, he could see everything. She hadn't been very smart to run blindly into the forest. What kind of creature was she supposed to be? She had no armor, no tail, and her only fur was on her head. She looked almost like a... human? Siva wondered whether he should save her. She was an intruder after all, and stupid enough to get herself stuck like this. It would be easy to turn away. The arrival of a human would only upset the peace that his kingdom had been working towards. It's a good idea to leave her, he told himself. But still...

    It was at this moment that Riley's hand began to slip. She was falling and couldn't save herself. This was the end.

    A hand shot out to grab her wrist. Attached to the hand was an arm, and attached to the arm was a tall, slender man with long black hair. He looked down at her in concern, hoisting her up onto solid ground. "Are you - are you alright?" he stammered, obviously shocked at her appearance.

    Siva, still in the trees, scowled and turned away. Well, he pondered, there goes that idea.
  4. Feeling her hands slip, Riley tried to get a better grip but it just made her slide even farther down. Just as her hands were about to loose all grip, a hand gripped her wrist. Looking up in surprise, she saw a guy looking at her with concern as he began pulling her up. Boy, she sure had never been this glad to see another person before, though one thing didn't make sense. What was he doing all the way out here? Once she was back on firm ground, she took a couple of steps away from the edge, taking a deep breath to try to calm her racing heart.

    Glancing at the guy when he spoke, she nodded a bit. "Ya, hands are a little sore but otherwise, I'm fine," she replied, smiling a bit. "Thanks for saving me." She quite literally owed him her life for that one. Though by the look of things, he seemed just as surprised about her being there as she was of him.
  5. The man leaned in closer, eyes wide. "You're a human!" he cried in disbelief before recoiling. "Never seen one before." He shifted, walking around her in amazement. "Where did you come from? Are there more of you out there? What's your name?" His questions came out faster and faster until he stopped, cleared his throat, and pushed his ebony hair out of his eyes. It was then that Riley could see that they were glowing orange. He had a look on his face of awe, as if she were a goddess straight from the pages of a storybook.

    "Amazing," he whispered. "You have red hair!"
  6. His next words shocked Riley even more and she wasn't really sure how to respond to them. She turned her head to watch him walk around her, wondering what he was if he wasn't human. Or perhaps he'd been lost out here for so long that he didn't think there any people left. She was about to attempt to answer his first question but then more came and kept coming faster and faster. So she gave up trying to answer them and just watched him instead, wondering what was going on. Her eyes widened in surprise when his hair was pushed back and she could see they were orange and glowing. That was by far, not natural.

    "Ya, I've got red hair. What about it?" she asked, once he'd stopped his stream of questions, "And who are you?....What are you?"
  7. He froze. "Oh, I apologize." The stranger cleared his throat, his pale skin reddening with embarrassment, but straightened, standing the way he'd been taught. "I am Prince Xamandr Tirn of the southern monster clan. But you may call me Xam, if you prefer." He reached down, helping her off the ground and to her feet. " No human has set foot in this forest for many, many years. I apologize if I frightened you."

    Xam flashed the girl a charming smile. "What is your name? Among our people, red hair is a rare sign of good fortune. Perhaps I should call you Lady Luck."
  8. She watched him stop and straighten his stance. When he spoke again, she couldn't help but be surprised once more. Prince of a monster clan? Monsters were real? He didn't look like a monster. He seemed like a normal person except for the eyes and perhaps a bit too pale. She accepted the help to her feet and brushed the dirt off the best she could. "You didn't really scare me. Just surprised me a little is all," she replied, shifting a little, wondering what kind of monster he could be.

    "My name's Riley. And red hair for people means someone with a temper. Unfortunately, usually that's correct," she replied, smiling a bit in return.
  9. "I see. Well, Riley Red, it is an honor to make your acquaintance." He bowed deeply. There was something strange about his smile, but intriguing as well. As if he had a secret hiding in his lips. Suddenly he stepped forward eagerly. "If you will allow me, I believe that you should meet our king. He absolutely loves humans! I'm sure he'd be very pleased to meet you."

    Of course, Xam didn't mention the true reason he wanted Riley to meet the king. The truth was, this was an opportunity that came once every century or so. His father would demand that the two of them be married at once.
  10. When he bowed, she wasn't so sure what to do in response. She'd never been around any sort of royalty before and if he wasn't human, she hoped she wouldn't do something wrong and make him angry or anything. She noticed his smile and wondered what he was thinking of. "Oh, um...alright," she said, deciding to just agree to it. Besides, it would be interesting to see what other creatures lived on the earth with humans. "By the way, what exactly are you?" she asked, wondering what other creatures existed and which one he was. Did this also mean that myth books about monsters were actually real?
  11. Xam tensed up. He couldn't exactly blame her for being so forward; she was a human after all, and couldn't have known that the question was quite personal. And besides -- the answer would only scare her.
    "I am a monster. That's all." He smiled cheerfully. "I believe there are many stories about monsters in the human world?" He led her down a small path through the woods, one that was invisible to the untrained eye. "Unfortunately, most of them are only vaguely true. The monster world is very diverse, you see." He kept up a casual, entertaining tone, but something sounded strained.

    "I would refrain from asking people what they are, if I were you," he added in a warning voice. "Many won't take kindly to it."
  12. She noticed how tense he suddenly got and wondered what she had said that had made him do that. When he avoided answering her question, she only became more curious as she followed him through the woods, not really paying attention where they were going but it wouldn't have mattered even if she had since she was totally turned around in this forest and was lousy with directions. "Alright. Um, may I ask why I shouldn't ask? Isn't kinda the same thing with you figuring out that I'm human?" she asked, not meaning to be rude or anything with that. She just wanted to understand all this a bit better.
  13. He smiled ruefully. "Yes, well, I suppose monsters are more peculiar than humans. However, I'll answer any questions you might have about us when the time is right." He turned to look at her with a grin. "You're in luck. I hear the cooks are making something special tonight."

    Maybe she'd notice the subtle attempt to change the subject, maybe she wouldn't.
  14. Riley decided she could live with that. As long as she did get answers in the end anyways. Even though she didn't really want to, she let the matter drop since she could tell he didn't want to talk about that anymore. "That's good. But I suppose you'll all want me gone before the night comes," she commented, wondering how in the world she'd find her way home. Especially in the forest where she had no idea where to go.
  15. "Actually, you're free to stay as long as you'd like." Xam paused curiously. "You were running from something, weren't you?" Before she could answer, he continued walking. "You needn't speak of it. We all have things in our past that we'd prefer to let stay there. But you did come to the forest for a reason, yes?"

    Xam wasn't exactly pushing for Riley to stay. But whatever kind of life she was running from, he wouldn't be the one to push her back to it.
  16. She was a little surprised that she was allowed to stay as long as she wanted. However, he was just prince. Perhaps the king would have a different idea on the matter. She continued walking and glanced away when he mentioned her running from something. "Ya, I guess I was running. I came to the forest so I wouldn't be found. I'd rather not be found by them." Riley replied, sticking her hands in her pockets. She'd rather forget about her past, but it was kind of hard to do so with the scars she had on her. But those were covered so no one would ever know.
  17. "The Southern Monster Clan is open to creatures from all walks of life. Even humans," he added with a playful wink in her direction. "I'm sure you'll fit right in." A pair of wrought iron gates was coming into view.

    At that moment, a cry erupted from the forest. "Halt!"

    Xam held up a hand peacefully. "At ease, gentlemen. I bring a guest."

    At first glance, it looked like the trees were moving. But eventually Riley was able to make out two men with skin like tree bark, both carrying spears. They looked startled. "Young Lord! We didn't recognize you in the dark." They looked past them to the newcomer, and one of the tree men dropped his spear. The other opened his mouth to speak, but Xam interrupted him.

    "Take us to my father, please."

    The tree guard who had previously dropped his spear nodded and led them through the gates while the other stared in shock.
  18. She listened to him speak as they walked and shook her head a little at the wink he gave her. When she noticed the gates coming into view, she was a bit surprised to see them, though that didn't surprise her as much as the voices which caused her to jump a little in surprise. Since it was dark out, she hadn't really seen the soldiers standing guard so it'd surprised to suddenly hear voices.

    Riley was even more surprised by the guards appearance. They looked like living trees! She stepped up beside Xam to get a better look at the two strange guards and saw they were just as surprised to see her. Though, she couldn't help smiling in amusement at their reactions since the one had even dropped his weapon while the other had his mouth open in shock. It seemed seeing a human really was unusual since the one guard couldn't seem to recover from the shock all that quickly as he gaped at the sight of her as she walked past with Xam and the other guard who was taking her to meet the king. She wondered what other strange beings she'd see here.
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    The walk to the castle was uneventful. In fact, for a city of monsters, the main road was practically deserted. There were some small children running around, but they all seemed more interested in the presence of the prince than in the newcomer.

    "It's usually much more crowded than this," Xam said to Riley. "Right now everyone is visiting the Nomii Temple to prepare for the Star Festival." He looked back at her and smiled. "You've arrived at a wonderful time of year. I suppose you truly are Lady Luck."
  20. (it's alright, I understand)

    She walked with him, glancing around the place as they walked. She thought it was rather interesting how a lot of different kind of monsters could live together in peace, yet humans couldn't welcome them with open arms. It was quite something. She smiled when she noticed the children and how they stopped to stare at the prince.

    Hearing Xam talking, she glanced back over at him. "What's the Star Festival?" she asked, wondering what kind of things the monsters celebrated. "And I doubt I'm lucky. I nearly died today and I wouldn't call that lucky."
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