This Never Happened.

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  2. Abigail was enjoying herself quite alot, swimming in the large body of water that Daren had been keeping a storm at bay near... When the sky above her began to darken, getting rid of the shimmering lights that the sun had cast into the waters before. A little frustrated now, she surfaced to discover a particularly nasty storm brewing, overhead. Knowing full well she'd have to find another body of water, she grudgingly climbed out of the water spotting a lightning spirit practicing with some sort of blade. She approaches him with that irritated look still on her face "Hey! Were YOU the one who started the storm?" she asked him, her voice wasn't too loud but it did have a tinge of anger laced in it.

    Meanwhile, Logan was hanging around in a forest near the body of water Abigail was in, he always liked to keep a distant eye on her in-case she got into some trouble. She'd always been known to be a little hot headed at times, as if on cue, a storm brewing overhead almost seemed to confirm that thought he had
    "She ain't gonna be too happy with that..." he thought to himself with a little shake of his head, hearing her voice not too far off, he decided it wasn't worth listening into that argument she'd probably start with another spirit, but he'd hang around in-case things got ugly... They were known to with "incompatible" spirits.
  3. Anila floated calmly overhead, her eyes closed as her frail wings guided her along, air blowing in her face.
    But soon she noticed a storm was forming she stopped flying and simply floated there in her spot, at the darkening clouds.
    "Oh boy, looks like a nasty storm." She said as she created a heavy gust of wind. "No storm is complete without wind.
  4. Daren jumped back he never had a water spirit jump at him so. "My apologies. I must have forgot to maintain the storm while practicing." Daren drew a symbol in the air and ceased the lightning. Th cloud however, kept coming closer. "This is not me. I have no control over the air." Daren holstered his sword.The cloud got to shore and for a second Daren could see someone hovering above, but then the cloud covered them.
  5. "Oh! Sorry about that... I thought you were the one who started that thing." Abigail said apologetically, she looked a little embarrassed now as she rubbed the back of her neck. "I guess some rain wouldn't hurt." She comments looking up at the sky, momentarily, calming down a little. The lake she had been swimming in needed the extra water anyways... "I guess I'll just find somewhere else to swim in..." Abigail thinks with a sigh.
    Logan noted that the lightning and thunder had stopped, though that large storm cloud was still moving, so another spirit must be creating the wind for that. Since he had nothing better to do at the moment, he figured he'd go see which spirit was behind it, running towards the storm cloud "Now... How do I get up there..." he thought once he caught up the the storm cloud, spotting a small figure creating the wind.
  6. "No problem! I should probably move though. Lightning and water... Don't mix too well. I'm sorry." Daren took off with lightning speed before the rain landed on him. The lightning created from his original take off created a small patch of glass in the sand.
  7. She smiled as she continued moving the large grouping of clouds along slowly, working to keep the storm going until the clouds were all rained out.
    Boy, that'll take a while.
  8. Abigail sighed, she'd have to be a alot more careful next time... Her temper's always flaring up when she's not paying attention, and on-top of all that she needs another lake to swim in now, which isn't an easy task to do. In hindsight, she should have asked that lightning spirit about it beforehand, so with another sigh she began heading off into the forest searching for any pool of water to spend her time in while that storm passed...
    Intrigued by what the wind spirit up in the sky was doing with the clouds, Logan observed the way she was assembling them with great interest... It was a rare sight to see, and he was kind of glad he'd chased that storm cloud, plus, his sister would enjoy having more water to swim in after this was done. He smiled a little at the thought of that, he liked seeing his sister enjoy herself like that.
  9. When Daren found a clearing in the woods he sat in a tree. Lightning and Fire spirits don't have homes. Wind spirits rule the skies. Water spirits rule the sea. Earth spirits rule gaia. Fire and Lightning just compete for the most destructive. Daren took out his blade and drew random figures in the tree trunk.
  10. As the storm grew weaker, Anila found her arms growing tired.
    She found herself stopping the storm somewhere within the forest to rest, and it was likely she'd probably end up forgetting about continuing to move the storm any farther. It was nearly all rained out anyway.
    Feeling her arms drop to her sides she slowly lowered herself from the sky.
  11. As Abigail was moving through the trees in the forest, she reached a clearing wondering if there was any water to be found there. However a grating sound of metal against wood distracted her. Moving towards the noise she spots that lightning spirit she had met earlier carving something into the trees, it was a strange thing to do but she stood there and watched, sort of entranced.
    Logan on the other hand stood up seeing the wind spirit descend glancing at the cloud which had settled over the forest, watering the trees with the little water that remained in there. He turned his attention back to the wind spirit, and walked over to her as she was about to reach the ground, it seemed like a good opportunity to get to know her better.
  12. Daren noticed the storm cloud come to a sudden stop. He glanced up and caught the water spirit from earlier out of the corner of his eye. He sat up in the branch. "Didn't see ya there. Sorry about earlier, I didn't mean to disturb your swim I just enjoy the sound of the ocean as well."
  13. "No no... It's alright, my brother always said my temper needs to be kept in check anyways..." Abigail said guiltily, she looked a little bashful about what had happened earlier. "Sorry about that... My name's Abigail by the way." she adds quietly, she'd always felt this way after getting angry at someone who didn't mean to irritate her, especially when the reason was misplaced...
  14. "Oh, Well that's good to hear. My name is Daren by the way." he swung the sword underneath him like a tail. "I know a natural spa if you would like to use that instead?"
  15. just before her toes touched the grass she stopped descending, merely inches from the ground.
    She liked being in the air, and preferred higher ground, so didn't usually touch the ground. In fact, she can't even remember the last time her feet were in the dirt.
  16. Abigail nods gratefully "Thanks... I'd like that, Daren." she said with a little smile, perhaps she just needed to loosen up a little... She made a mental note to do something for Daren later on, it wasn't too often that another spirit was still kind to her after she had gotten mad at them.
    Logan realized the spirit still didn't see him, he decided to call out to her. "Uh h-hello?" he said, somewhat doubtful that she'd hear him, she seemed to have spaced out...
  17. Suddenly hearing a voice she looked over to see another. She was curious as to how she didn't see him before. She was rather concentrated on the clouds, but he was rather close.
    He had the look of another spirit, possibly earth?
    "Oh, hello!"
  18. Daren jumped down and signaled Abigail to follow. He walked through the forest and all the animals turned the other way when they saw the electricity sparking off of him. The more this started to happen the more depressed he got and the more the storm cloud began to thunder. He stopped. "The humidity is too strong over there this is as far as I go. If I continue on I could shock you through the floating water." Daren calmed down and the thundering ceased.
  19. Abigail couldn't help buy pity Daren, he looked quite upset, so she put a hand on his shoulder feeling the strange but kind of enjoyable tingling of the lightning emanating from him flowing through her, it reminded her a little of getting stung my a jellyfish. "Don't worry, my element's always been a good conductor for electricity!" she said with a little giggle trying to reassure him, she hoped it wouldn't be taken the wrong way.
    "It was amazing seeing you move those clouds like that!" Logan tells her a little awkwardly, he wasn't sure how else to start a conversation, so he figured this was worth a shot. It would be a shame to end up boring her already, so he'd need to be a little careful with what he said.
  20. Daren looked onward. He was never encouraged so. Possibly because of his solitary. "Alright, then. But, I warned you." Daren continued through the fog to the natural spa.