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  1. Caution: Lots of swearing. Please leave if you are sensitive to that stuff.

    This is fucking bullshit. How dare you, when we trusted you to watch our house, break our things and steal our valuables and then expect us not to notice. How did you think we wouldn't notice? A broken lightbulb on the floor? What, did you really need a loke bulb that bad? Do you really have the gall? And then getting upset because we expected recompense for the toys that YOUR child broke? Not only that, but ransacking our change jar, the only fucking money we had until payday, our fucking backup plan because I work out of town and the wife doesn't always have the money to make it through the week? I hate you, I have never liked you, and if you EVER step foot on my property again cops will be called and you will be cited for trespassing. Your boyfriend, one of my closest friends, knows what kind of piece of shit you are now. Don't expect that to last. He tolerated when you fell off the bandwagon and got back into meth and pills because you did stop... apparently for a while. But I KNOW he doesn't hold with thieves.

    Go fuck yourself. Good day.
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    Let it out, succumb to the sweet rage!
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