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  1. Kim Min Kyung had absolutely no idea what on earth he was doing. He was 19 years old, an Art major, and pretty much set on which direction he wanted his life to take. And yet here he stood in front of two shirts of an almost identical navy, unable to make that one crucial decision. He huffed and plonked himself back onto his bed, burying his head into his hands.

    "Aigo, I knew I shouldn't have bought both of these. I knew I would have this exact problem. They're both so nice and both go with these jeans but I can't choose! Why didn't you stop me when you had the chance?" He glanced over at his roommate who was sprawled out on his own bed reading a magazine, who shot him back an exasperated look.

    "Max, it is literally a shirt. They both look exactly the same the same. Now I swear to god if you don't put one on and get out of here within the next 5 minutes I'm going to cover your half of the ceiling in photos of me in ludicrous positions whilst you sleep, so you can wake up to the glory of me every single morning."

    Max huffed again, then stood up and chose the shirt on the left at random, just to get it over and done with. "Drew, you shouldn't say that like it'd a bad thing. Besides, I already get to wake up to your glory every single morning anyway." He shot Drew an over-exaggerated wink as he did up the last button on his shirt, leaving the collar button undone.

    "Ha. You're so funny. Now take your cakes and go. God knows what trouble your pretty boy has got himself into today. I dread to think." Drew turned his attention back to his magazine, and Max picked up the box of french pastries he'd bought earlier that day, then headed out of the door with a quick 'see ya'. He headed through the hallway and down the stairs, narrowly missing the random drunk kid who had fallen asleep at the bottom of the second flight of stairs. A kid who Max was pretty certain has been there since the night before last. Hopefully he isn't dead... But I have more important things to worry about right now. He flew down the hallway of the first floor of the building and stopped in front of the door to his Boyfriend's room. He strained to hear for any commotion beyond the door, and satisfied it was clear, gave the door a sharp knock.
  2. When DelaMonte woke this morning, he was aware of 3 things; he wanted something sweet, he wanted his boyfriend, and he had to go visit his little sister. As he lay blinking sleepily at his ceiling, his semi-conscious mind reminded he couldn't do any of those things laying down. (Well, he could certainly do Max laying down, but that required his babe to be here and he, unfortunately, was not.)

    So, with that in mind, he rolled out of bed, onto the pile of pillows he insisted on having there and groaned into the plush cushion. He pushed himself up and sat on his calves, stretching. Wincing as his back cracked, he pushed himself up and shuffled over to his closet. He looked over his massive collection of pastel colored garments, picking out an adorably oversized cloud printed sweater and a pair of light blue skinny jeans.

    After a quick shower, he threw on his clothes, tying his dreads back into a high ponytail. Standing at the mirror and winking at himself, 'Monte found himself glancing at the empty bed of his roommate. "Dumbass. Prolly' drunk his pasty ass unconscious." He muttered bitterly. Either way, he was never really there anymore, allowing 'Monte full control over his bedding and school supplies. (Because he always seemed to lose pencils the second he put them down.)

    Gracefully prancing over the pile of pillows, he pulled on his light pink socks and went to grab his favorite boots. (A present from Max, the cutie!) As he zipped them up, he jumped at the knock at the door. The sound was familiar and caused him to throw the door open with a smile.

    "Hey there, Boo~!" He sang, kissing Max lightly on the lips.
  3. Max smiled straight into the kiss, he loved how happy 'Monte always was to see him and to be honest, loved how happy 'Monte made him feel. He was quite pleasantly surprised that everything still seemed relatively in place in his room so far, and that DelaMonte seemed to be in an okay mood. He was also wearing one of Max's favourite sweaters, which just made Max want to kiss 'Monte even more.

    "Hey sweetie. How are you doing this morning?" He closed the door behind them before offering out the box of pastries. "I popped into the library early this morning to find Trevor, y'know, the guy in my painting class with the really weird nose, and saw these in the bakery across the street and couldn't resist. They even had apple and cinnamon strudel so naturally I bought two." He'd bought too many cakes for them just for one day, but knowing the both of them, they'd end up eating them all over a cuddle and a film anyway. Much to the dismay of their aching stomachs later on, but there was always a cure for that.
  4. "Hell yeah!" 'Monte exclaimed, grabbing a pastry and munching quickly. How his babe managed to always know when he'd be craving something sweet, he never knew, but damn, he loved it.

    "I'm doin' good. We gotta roll out, though." He turned to grab his bag off his deadbeat roommate's bed. "Y'know my sister, Shondala? Ol' girl's got work earlier than usual, we gotta go watch Bebe for her."

    Monte's sister was a nice lady, supportive as she was of his choices. But, she'd made plenty of bad ones herself, starting with having a baby in high school courtesy of her 'boyfriend', Trey. It wasn't uncommon for 'Monte to watch her on the days where extra shifts were needed to pay for bills.

    Pastry in his mouth and bag over his shoulder, he herded Max back out the door and into the halls. On the way, they passed the student passed out on the staircase, 'Monte's roommate. "Mmm Mmm Mmm." He hummed, shaking his head and bending down to dig in the boy's pocket, pulling out his wallet. Then, he kicked the boy in the stomach, effectively waking him up. As the boy coughed and struggled to get up, 'Monte continued on his way, Max in tow.
  5. Max didn't even get time to sit and make himself comfortable before he was being pulled and rushed back out of the door. He didn't mind so much though - he was quite fond of 'Monte's sister and even fonder of Bebe, so the fact that the two of them would be alone together looking after the kid didn't really bother him. Hopefully they'd be able to give Bebe enough distractions so that they could just curl up and chill on their own without worrying too much. Max got to be a little jealous when all 'Monte's attention was somewhere other than him. Only a little though.

    As they stopped at the drunken boy on the stairs, Max finally got a good look on his face and realised it to be none other than 'Monte's roommate. He shot his boyfriend a frown and a raised eyebrow, then winced at the kick to the boy's stomach. He glanced back to the the boy who had now pulled himself to his feet, and gripped 'Monte's hand tightly.

    "Babe, was there really any need for that? And did you really have to take his wallet too? He's a dick but that doesn't mean you get to be one to him too." He pulled 'Monte's arm to pull him to a halt, then pressed a kiss to his cheek. "Go give him his wallet back, sweetie."
  6. Monte pouted, opening the wallet up and retrieving 20 bucks. Turning around, he called out to the still dazed boy. "Ay yo, Jordan!"

    Jordan turned around, rubbing his head. He flinched away as Monte stomped over, despite towering over him. Scoffing Monte threw the wallet in his face. "You lucky I l love my babe, 'cause I was 'bout take that shit." Reaching into his book bag, he pulled out a bottle of aspirin, shoving it into Jordan's hands.

    Pout still in full force, he stomped back to Max. "Happy?"
  7. Max sighed at the exchange and rolled his eyes as Monte stormed back over to him. "It needs some work but yes, that was better." He quickly pecked Monte on the lips and linked their hands together. "Maybe next time you should skip pocketing the poor dudes money." He squeezed Monte's hand and pulled him down the two flights on stairs to the ground floor, stopping briefly to receive a fistbump from one of the guy's he'd started teaching Korean to last semester.

    It was much warmer outside than it had been that morning when Max had gone to the Library, but he still kicked himself for not grabbing a cardi on his way out. He could feel a nip in the air and he was pretty certain it was going to rain later on. At least Monte had the sense to wear something warm, even though it was a usual item of clothing for him. A shiver ran down his spine and he held himself a little closer to Monte, grateful for the warmth from the other boy.

    "How are we going to get to Shondala's, babe? Is she picking us up or do we have to ride the god awful bus again?"
  8. Snorting at his boyfriend's adversity to the bus, he shook his head. "Nah, honey, we ain't gon' ride the bus." Pulling Max closer, Monte laid his head on his shoulder. As they stopped at the corner, he muttered, "It's worse..."

    As he finished his sentence, a fantastic looking car pulled up to them. Looking at the fancy car, Monte sneered as the window rolled down and Trey stuck his hand out of the window. "Ya'll gettin' in?" Monte didn't answer, yanking the back door open and climbing in with Max.

    Though the outside was nice, the inside was filled with trash. It was pushed onto the floor, leaving the back seat open. Monte kept his feet on the seat, sitting curled up in a ball. Looking at both of them in the rear view mirror, Trey gave them a nod in greeting. "S'up Monte?" The boy scowled, looking out the window. Ignoring the lack of response, he moved on. "How you doin', Max?"

    Trey was a deadbeat. No job, no education, and no resolve to do anything to help his girlfriend and daughter, he managed to somehow have nice clothes and a nice car. He moved like he was stoned and smelled like it, too.
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