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  1. Have any of you gotten into a conversation where you couldnt follow what was happening ?

    Me neither.

    What if an investigator for (a company, a cause, simple curiousness or anything else) was sent to find out what transpired in a certain event. And the people he/she asked answered, but he/she didnt follow. And asked more, but still didnt follow, asked for proof and was shown. Would he/she finally get it ?

    Maybe I should mention that the people asked may not be normal people.
    You could be a magician, shapeshifter, god, vampire or a monster.
    And if they felt like messing with the person asking.
    Add that some of them have a skewed sense of reality.


    Anyone intrigued ^^
  2. Haha, I like it! But whats it supposed to be about..? Like whats the plot?
    Other than that, I kinda like it. Its interesting :D
  3. I was thinking of having a grumpy investigator, a newbie police officer and a reporter try to do their work with an event. Maybe a robbery, murder or something else.

    Problem for them being that the people involved are strange. Multiverse-strange.

    Those normal characters goal is of course to find out what happened. And the goal of the suspects/persons of interests is whatever they want to.

    Depending on the kind of characters that join I will figure out some interesting reason for the normal three to get involved.

    A little CS:

    Name: (includes nickname)
    Gender: (unless you want to be one of those annoying traps.)
    Age: (What age do you look like)
    Appearance: (preferably drawn pictures/art or descriptions)
    Personality: (some kind of coherrance is always good)
    Occupation: (what does your character do with his or her time?)
    Skills/Abilities: (is your character able to do something out of the ordinary?)
    Bio: (optional, why and how did your character end up here?)
    *Homeworld: (where does your character come from?)
    *True nature: (what are your character underneath the facade?)

    Im glad for the interest @MythBushker ^^
    We just need a few more people, at least 4 more. Preferably 8 more xD
  4. Ah heck yeah. I'm all over this!
  5. Glad to have you among the involved @Kat Noelle ^^

    So, need at least 3 more people, hopefully 7 :D

    Anything anyone wonders about anything just ask xD
    (Unless its about the two ooc's I said I would put up a month ago... I have school, and those things crave thinking. Both of the stories will be up in a few days though, finally have some free time.)

    Gather round rpers, let yourselves be entranced into the muses my mind tries to pose around me.
  6. I have a question. These strange characters, are they conspiring together, or do they work independently against the detectives? Also, do they know what happened or are they just as in the dark and simply doing everything they can to be difficult? Okay, that's two questions, but they're related, so that's that.
  7. Are they conspiring together?
    Possibly, but its unsure what goal they have.

    Do they work against the "detectives"?
    Depends on if they have something to gain by doing so.

    Do they know what happened?
    Hell if I know, (ok I do but thats beside the point). They could be the ones responsible, the victims. Or completely unrelated except for the fact that they were close by.

    Are they doing everything to be difficult?
    I actually think some of them really want to help, but either they are too frank, or simply too wierd to be of anything but negative help.


    Was that answer enough for your 4! Questions xD
  8. haha yeah sufficient enough thanks!
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