This Made My Day

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  1. [video=youtube;YCiY1y3uJ3o][/video]
  2. I like the one he does of Peacock by Katy Perry as well x3 Steve Kardynal FTW!
  3. This had me LOLing for a long time!
  4. Dat guy.
    DAT guy.

    His videos ALWAYS make my days. <3
  5. Oh wow! 8D That gave me a good long warm fuzzy chuckle!

    I loved the expression on people's faces. XD
  6. I was in hysterics from 2:23 onwards xDD I gotta go watch more of these now...
  7. This was hilarious!
  8. I think I have already seen this video, but I agree, it is completely hilarious, especially some people's reactions. I love the fact that some chose to go along with it, too!
  9. He also did an epic video about Shake Weights :D I actually got one for my birthday because I loved that video so much xD
  10. This is freaking HILARIOUS
  11. My cheeks hurt... I liked the initial wtf followed with a laugh ones best :3!
  12. I hate this song more than any other song in the world right now, but I love this shit. xD
  13. Yeah, the one who wrote that song have some serious issues. Run, anonymous guy, run!
  14. i hate this song, but yeah, i agree--this makes any day.
  15. i was just worried that he had so many change of outfits....i love the im sexy and i know it in the streets one XD
  16. Oh Wow. I love it. XD
  17. [video=youtube_share;o71kCuva4B4][/video]
    this one is far better imo