This little vampire is hungry/seeking a master.

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  1. This little vampire is hungry~

    I'm looking for someone who would be a dominant, loving, gentle, but firm master when needed.

    Momoe is getting hungry, she might end up losing to her hunger, which turns her into a beast in human form. When she loses to her hunger, she'll first start to get sick, then eventually pass out, ending up with her darker side being awoken. She will attack anything/anyone when she is in her uncontrollable state. Only very few skilled people can tame her, those who do, or save her from anything will end up being her master, and her their pet. Momoe is still a baby in the vampire community, only 16 in human years.

    She is very small in size, but she makes up for it with her kindness and caring normal personality, also with her dark, hungry monster side of herself. Momoe is very obedient and loving pet. She loves to be praised and rewarded, so she rarely does anything to cause her to be punished, unless she feels strongly about it. She purrs like a cat when she's petted, and her eyes start to glow depending on her hunger, or her mood, even when she's aroused her eyes glow, also when she feeds her eyes glow.

    Please message me if you're interested! Good grammar and punctuation is needed.
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