This little piggy criedd "Wee wee wee" all the way to this Iwaku place.



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Allo, fellow roleplayers. I'mTinyRusyPiglets also known as Tiny or Rusty or Piglet, but I like Rusty, because I do.

I've been roleplaying around on an off for about four or five years. And I'm always open to new ideas and stuff.

Iwaku sounds really pretty intense. It really excited me when I first found it.

I'm totally excited.

Uh... so yeah.

Hi. Um... yeah... and... yup.


heh...I LOVE your signature!

Welcome to the site dude/dudette. If you ever have any questions or concerns, talk to the people with the pink, blue, or red names...They are the mods, global mods, and administrators in that order. Feel free to drop by in the C-box as well, which is active most of the times and can be a great place to socialize and plot with your fellow RP'ers.

Lastly, Make sure to have fun! Having fun is mandatory!

Hopefully see you around the site!
Wow, we're intense? XD

Anyway, welcome to Iwaku! I would give you some useful information, but I'm lazy and everyone else does that better than me. D: Plus, you already started a roleplay, you know what you're doing...

So.. YAY Cute piggy!
Hello, piglet. There are wolves here, I've seen them. Fortunately for us both they don't make sport of the small things... anymore.

Welcome to Iwaku.
Allo, Rusty.
Since I am the Chivalrous Kumquat Knight, I'll save you from the wolves.

...Okay, my name's Basil. I'm one of the mods here. And a knight. Sometimes.
Welcome to the Iwaku, little Piggy~

Mrynodyn pretty much summed up everything I was going to say. >.>
So..yeah... Have fun~

*tips hat and casually leaves out the back door*
Thanks you guys, I appreciate it .0. and I like my siggy also >.>
Hello there, dear!
I just joined your roleplay, so you'll get to know me pretty well. ;3
I can be seen around here in as many places as I can get my grubby little fingers and I am one of many more than willing to help you out with anything that you might need.
Welcome, I'm Kitti!
Welcome to the site, I also joined your Rp. Glad to see you're getting involved in the site so quickly!
LOL! You're signature is completely awesome. "OINK!"

Welcome to Iwaku. Don't let the intense of the site overwhelm you. All you have to know is that the Signups for role plays are Here The OOC's are there as well. The rules are pretty simple. And if you really want to get noticed there's the Cbox. Where everyone loves everyone and the guys... well, they're guys. The newsletter is a great way to figure out what's going on with Iwaku as well.

So please, don't hesitate to ask questions spam Diana's PM box with lots of questions because it's her job and she loves doing it.