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Hello again, I know I've been posting a lot, but I really need to do one of these two plots!
send me to rp rehab

+ I'm 18 in 4 days, so I'll hold off any smut until I'm 18, provided you are too!
+ I'm looking for MxM.
+ I post slowly. If you post once a week, that's good enough for me!
+ Gimme 2-6 paragraphs and I'm good!
+ Don't do anime!
+ I love me some detailed character sheets. If you don't, thats totally cool but I will be doing it.
Plot One:
Welcome to the Dancing Ball 2015!

The annual ballroom dancing competition is about to kick off, the dancers are picking their partners and beginning their choreography. Character A is a foreign young star who is always dancing with his sister. Except this time around, his sister has broken her leg, and cannot participate. Character B is one of the biggest dancers in the business, rich and posh, B is always dancing with his girlfriend. But recently, she dumped him for another dancer in the business. When the two male dancers are put in dorms together, they get a crazy idea. They dance together! To make it even weirder for B, Character A is known as a flamboyant gay flirt. Since isn't technically breaking any rules, they become the first same-sex pair in the competition. But can the two get past the homophobia of the judges? Can B figure out his own sexuality around the flirtiness of A?
Plot Two:
The Walking Dead

Rick Grimes has lost almost everything, his wife, his job, his land. But one man has stood by his side the entire time, Daryl Dixon. Rick develops some odd feelings for his friend, completely at a loss about his own sexuality in his 40s. Rick spends his time attempting to figure out whether he should tell him, or maybe even act on it. But his best friend Shane has other ideas. Shane is not homophobic, but awfully scared about Daryl taking over his place as the second man in Rick's hand. Just as it did with Lori, Shane's feelings get mixed with the redneck.

(The idea is based around season 3/4, I'd be playing Daryl and you'd be playing Rick and we'd both play Shane, depending on who he is interacting with.)
That's all I'm interested in at the moment, if you're interested please don't hesitate to tell me!
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