This is your chance to welcome me!

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  1. Hello Everyone~
    My name is Tamsin and I'm fairly shy. I turned seventeen last month, and I am a girl. Besides role-playing, I love to sing. I also dance when I'm alone, but I didn't tell you that.

    When role-playing, I prefer one on ones, as I like to make things intimate - nudge nudge, wink wink - also, large groups make me nervous.

    I will probably take it slow at first, having only just signed up for this site, only tackling things inside my fairly small comfort zone. However, as time goes on I will be involved in a variety of projects.

    Please be nice to me and try not to assume any common knowledge. I am fairly dim, and any assumptions made about my current level of knowledge or understanding of etiquette shall be incorrect and will only succeed in embarrassing us both!

    I hope we become friends :)
  2. In that case I shall take this chance to welcome you, Tamsin.
    I most certainly didn't hear you say anything about dancing when alone, but I also do that. :)
  3. Welcome to Iwaku.

    You'll find lots of other dedicated rpers here to play with!
  4. Oh! Are they my r-PEERS, AHAHAHAHA! Puns!

    HOW DID YOU KNOW?! Also, now you can claim you knew me before I was famous, when I inevitably rise to stardom!
  5. I'll make sure to boast to everybody. ;)
  6. Tam! I love you! Welcome to Iwaku, my buddy!
  7. ERMAGERD, Ryu! Thank you for showing me this website and actually acknowledging that you know me!
  8. Welcome to Iwaku~ Also, that pun gave me a pain in my heart. I think Im dying D; but it's ok, I think I can survive this round if pun induced cancer (it happens often ;) ). If you ever need someone to help you out, whether that be an RP or to help you out of your shell, Im always available~
  9. Thank you for your kind offer. I am waiting to be accepted into a group close to my comfort zone right now - I'll start posting stuff there. You may not see much of me on the standard boards :P
  10. By all means, make yourself comfortable :3