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  1. Yeah, I'm in a college where we're required to learn or at least have some knowledge in almost every medium out there. I've been dabbling in a bit of everything, especially because they're requirements for class.

    So without further ado, Paorou's excuse(s) for not being on Iwaku!


    Don't worry Iwaku, I never really forgot you guys. When my class was told to make a mecha for 3D modeling, I immediately thought of the mechas I made for SRW Iwaku.


    Out of vanity, I chose the Crimson Jin.


    My final 'exam' in this subject will have me model the 'complete' version with more details and the shoulder pads with 'eyes' in them.



    This. Just... this.

    Don't ask.


    I have a demo up for a shooting game I'm developing. Actually, this isn't really school related, but I just one day decided to modify a flash file I made for Advertising class. the result is this.

    Expect me to finish it when I have time. (I can't tell you guys when for sure, though)

    Other games I have plans for:
    - An Adventure using the Asmo's Greed System... the flash game!
    - A shooting game involving Magical Circles
    - another game in the same vein, (Magical circle manipulation) except it's a shmup where you use Paorou against endless waves of elders.


    Mostly just essays and the humdrum exposition stuff. Nothing much of interest here, except probably my haikus for literature class. ._.

    Palengke Pleasures (Market Pleasures)
    Various sights and sounds
    abound at the market at morn,
    creating a feast

    To be honest, i forgot most of the stuff I wrote. -_-
  2. Dammit! I was gonna fire choo!

    For the charge of heresy, we find you absolved.
  3. So there I was, forty clicks into paper person territory, when I ran out of bee swarm attacks. And due to my laptop predicament, I can't point and click very fast.

    so, I died.
  5. @_@


    I LOVE YOU <3
  6. @Asmo: There's a lot of other things I do on a daily basis I just don't post here. >.>

    @Fel: Actually, most of the people who played it commented that the bee swarm is currently broken. (It makes using the Derp King too easy.) You can set off four of those things at once, and fire one off after a not so troubling pause.

    So yeah, I'm going to set it up to be even harder for you in the final version.
  7. Dare I ask that any of those projects involve Iwaku World art?

    I can placate you with...

    Dunno...what do your kind typically value as sacrifices?
  8. I put in bits of Iwaku where I can.

    If a project that allows me to make Iwaku War pics comes up, I woul do that without thinking.

  9. *Covers his ears.*

  10. I completed this at 6 AM of New Year's, so I believe that this is EXTRA SPECIAL.



  11. The Crimson Jin looks like a villian's mecha...

  12. He was during the administrator's war.
  13. Alexander smiled as he held diane* "its fine baby girl. You did nothing wrong."

    John walked over * "infact she committed many crimes but it isn't her fault. It's your alex." *john waved his hand as cuffs appeared on Alex's arms and legs. Then a blindfold and gag* "now, Diane. If you would so kindly come with me."
  14. "Of course I will but father didn't do anything wrong. This wasn't his idea, it isn't fair that you're punishing him. She will need his guidance." Mars was already getting on her father's case, refusing to let things escalate.

    Diane hid silently behind Mars the same way Kunari use to hide behind him as a child.
  15. We are going with Deanta wanting Otto to try and keep spreading his flames correct? I am trying to work off of my GM post and yours but I didn't want to misinterpret what you meant.
  16. Anyone here play Dungeons and Dragons? I need inspiration for a campaign I'm joining :/
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  17. Thanks for clearing that up.

    I kinda imagined she'd be an Ignis, due to me having the idea that's she was formed from someone's burning passion for motorsport.
  18. Apologize for the Delay. Unforeseen community service work came up and I thought I'd let the RP have time to pick up. Seems it's been rather slow so I guess I didn't miss much. I'll add my pre-written post into the mix here shortly.
  19. That's cool buddy!
  20. "You were busy doing stuff." He kissed her gently as he stepped through the window.