This is what happens to those who love vampires...

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  1. She hit the outskirts of London shortly after eleven o'clock one dark, damp night. She was dry-mouthed as she wove her way through the
    streets, drawing lose to the small house where Anatan lived. She felt as if she was walking towards an area of great disaster. There was no reason for her to feel so negative, yet she couldn't shake the sense that she had arrived too late.

    We'll laugh about this afterwards, she thought, chuckling to herself unconvincingly. When he stares at me and ask why I look so frightened, I'll seem like a fool. Even if Dosk found him, her thoughts went on, he wouldn't kill him unless I was present. If he was planning to hurt him, he'd wait until I was there.

    She considered that. If I am right, he might be waiting for me. Perhaps he started the rumour that he was looking for me in order to draw me back to London.

    She drew closer to the house in the suburbs. The city was asleep this far out from the enter. She passed only a handful of people on the streets, and all were hurrying home to bed. The night was young if you were a vampire, but it was late for humans.

    She stopped at the front door and paused for a long, nerve-jangling second. In some ways she didn't want this moment to end. If Anatan had been attacked, the darkest discovery of her life lay ahead of her. Once she entered, there could be no hiding from the truth. Out here, she could at least hope.

    Fiddling with the lock, Melloni whispered to herself to stay alert. The door slipped opened, and it creaked as it swung inwards.

    It was dark, but not to her eyes. Vampires were creatures of the night and she could see clearly in the hallway. It looked no different than it had several months earlier, that evening after their walk in the park when Melloni had twice been pushed into the pond. She felt her heart lift. Surely, if tragedy had befallen this house, there would be signs of struggle, grief, change.

    She checked the living room, where Anatan had often read to her on long, wet evenings. Rows of books lined the shelves. She would give three hundred years of her life to have Anatan read to her from one of the leather-bound tomes again.

    Anatan's room was next.

    Anatan's door creaked even worse than the front door had as Melloni opened it. She couldn't recall the doors creaking so much in the past. She would have to oil them. It wasn't good to let hinges rust. Anatan normally took care of such details. Then again, he was getting old. Maybe he'd just...

    The thought died unfinished as Melloni walked into the middle of a horror film from her very worst nightmare.

    The sheets had been torn from the bed and lay crumpled on the floor. Furniture and a large vase had been shattered and were spread in fragments around the room. There was no signs of Anatan. But above the bed, scrawled on the wall in what might have been red paint but wasn't, was a series of crooked letters.

    This is what happens to the lovers of vampires.


    Okay, so this should be a vampirexlover romance. Did the above make you want to roleplay something like this? Yeah??? Well, then, get off your ass and reply below!!