This is the most uplifting song EVER!

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  1. "I'm a different type of half breed.." Anya chuckle nervously. She glance down at her messed up dress and shoes and flustered slightly, during war it might have been fine to be wearing blood on yourself, Anya definitely didn't want to present herself like this in this time. Especially since she is famous in the mortal world for being a fashionista, "I'm sorry for my poor appearance. Do you mind if I go in and clean up for a bit?"
  2. Wow, I havent' listened to these guys in years
  3. Sif smirks in his direction. "Well then. Expect a visit sometime soon." She stood and clapped him on the shoulder firmly. So firmly that it would have knocked a mortal over.

    She stepped to the door, collected her sword, and departed without a look back.

    Hercules knew that he would indeed receive a visit from Lady Sif sometime soon.