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  1. I don't know why I came to think about it, but here goes:

    My idea supposedly evolves around the person who would be called the "submissive" part of a male x male relationship. He would be pretty, sweet, and by all means perfect.

    My idea was that instead of the usual "Ew prettyboy" reaction, all guys around him would be head over heels for him. I would like the story to be about that one guy that this perfect little boy decides that he'll fall in love with, but just about every guy in the entire school are going against this and trying to tear them apart.

    I want there to be a bunch of hilarious scenes and stuff of the like, and once they do get together I want a lot of jealousy and anger involved in it.

    As for the plot and setting, it could be anything, but preferably a modern roleplay. It could be High School/College, but they could be older than that.
  2. So what would you like the other character to be like? I am pretty interested.
  3. Well, no matter how he is, he would be the type of guy that blends into the crowd? So I suppose that I want him to be regular? And then he would maybe have some secret hobbies or something of the like.. I don't know xD
  4. I will make a character sheet out and send it to you and see if the character I have on mind would fit
  5. Yes. Then I'll get straight back on mine. I'm still not sure about the picture, but I might use one of a character in traditional Japanese clothing, he looks so pretty. xD
  6. Do you want English name or japanese?
  7. Let's go with Japanese names, then! I'm in the mood. xD
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.