This is Prolly Gonna Suck

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  1. Proof that the c-box is evil, Exhibit A:

    In this thread, we set out to make a rotten-yet-functional-RP like a B-movie mixed with an ineptly written chidrens' story. No matter what, we keep this going until the story reaches some sort of ending no matter how contrived. But before that terrible ending, we'll see just what utter convoluted crap we can roll into our trainwreck katamari before it crosses the finish line.

    Okay. Sotrytiem

    The Dark Lord Skip rules this world.

    He just didn't feel like letting anyone know until recently. He has decided to destroy the world in two weeks! Princess Prolly G. Suck was prophesied to awaken the Chosen Ones who were supposed to stop Dark Skip, and she managed to send them off to the final battle last weekend. Unfortunately they haven't come back. Skip just announced that the world would end as scheduled, and Princess Prolly feels really, really bad about that. But she's going to have to get over it and try again. Just choose some Different Ones and try again. It's better than doing nothing, isn't it?



    As soon as I have two characters, we roll!

    Edit:Hijacking may happen, at least by the GM! Sometimes you need cutscenes to move the plot. The rest of you, play nice with each other.
  2. Dramatis Personi

    (Character List Goes Here)

    This Happened
    (Updates and Details to be Mindful of... or Blissfully Ignore!)
  3. Charter Shete
    My NameIs: Princess Prolly
    I look like: A Pretty Princess. (will post pic later)
    I'm kind of a big deal when it comes to: Prophetic dreams and bossing people aroundleadership skills. Can fly and talk to pigeons too.
    FYI: When the Dark Lord tried to prevent the prophecy, her parents hid her in the city park. She was raised by pigeons. She left the nest to fulfill her destiny, but after that fell through, she returned to the park where she currently mopes around, binging on birdseed, berries, breadcrumbs, and vendors' hot dogs while drowning her sorrows in fountain water. But she's about to shake off her depression and try again!
  4. My NameIs: The Great Ultra Pretty-Fucking Awesome Apex of Humanity(, bitch! >:3)
    I look like: [​IMG]
    Imagine Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Tarma from Metal Slug, Jack Black, King Kong, a Tyranasaurus Rex, a cyborg, Colonel Quaritch, all mixed together, with pure awesomesauce poured on top.
    I'm kind of a big deal when it comes to: Kicking quantum amounts of ass.

    FYI: Groveling WILL BE REQUIRED!
  5. Can we call you 'Great' or 'Apex' for short? How about Gupfaah?

    EDIT: Two-players is the minimum. No maximum in sight at the moment.
  6. Call me A-Hole. AOH, :D
  7. My NameIs: Rheayvenn
    I look like: Benecio del Toro
    I'm kind of a big deal when it comes to: Vampires and keeping to myself and not really talking to anyone but don't mess with me.
    FYI: Rheayvenn faced the Dark Lord 17,000 years ago and was believed dead cos they found a boot with some blood on it. But he's actually alive and he's been plotting his revenge for the last 17 millennia. But he never got round to it cos he lost his soul to a shadow demon and needs to fix his sword with the tears of true love.
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  8. My NameIs: VOLTASS
    I look like: GIANT ROBOT YO!
    I'm kind of a big deal when it comes to: SOOTAL MAH LAZOOOORS AND CRUSHING SHIT WITH DA FAITAN' SPITIT

  9. My Name Is: Mary Sue Johnson
    I look like: Shimmering honey fields of hair, with electric turquoise eyes flecked with sparkling silver...
    I'm kind of a big deal when it comes to: Being the best at everything and falling in love with anything that has something that resembles male genitalia. Everything I do has to contain copious amounts of Drama.

    FYI: Is an expert (whatever happens to be needed at the time).
  10. My NameIs: Lorda Rings
    I look like: A short woman with golden curls (and really hairy feet).
    I'm kind of a big deal when it comes to: Intense monologues and last-minute comebacks.

    FYI: Has a ring that can make her invisible, although she continually forgets she has it on.
  11. My NameIs: emo-kun

    I look like: [​IMG]
    or something close to that....

    I'm kind of a big deal when it comes to: suicide, depressing things, anything vaugely philosophical

    FYI: almost anything and everything can drive him into depression and suicide. his suicide attempts fail pathetically every time though. he also tries to be philosophical, but he eventually ends up confusing himself XD
  12. Good characters, everybody.

    For those wary of Faramond/Megane's, we've already discussed the style of humor found in Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei and what makes it work. If he pulls it off, there should be little to worry about. If he fails, I've given him a general idea of what will happen to his character.

    'Kay. Time to get this show started!


    Is it simply cause you're visits are intermittent, CCS? Or simply other things to do?
  14. My Name Is: Comrade "Self Insert" Character
    I look like: The Author of the story.
    I'm kind of a big deal when it comes to: Beig dramatically overpowered, using guns that never run out of ammunition and screaming lines stolen from movies as though they are original prose.
    FYI: ah AM thuh Laaw!
  15. Hey all, this rp kick off yet or are we waiting for more people?
  16. Stuff happened. Sullied my mood. Then I got busy again.

    I want to go ahead with this.

    Who's still interested?
  17. *raises hand*
  18. "i return to you know, at the turn of the tide" :jack:
  19. No, I've had enough. You took too long Coffee. Screw your roleplay. I've lost interest and I've come here especially to tell you how much I hate everything you stand for.

    There was a time when I was ready. But that time has passed.