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    It has been two years since the last Calm. When High Summoner Yuna defeated Sin two years ago, she thought that was the last time they would see it. Then, one day, an unfortunate event happened. Spira spotted Sin once more, it attacked unexpectedly. Yuna had gotten rid of her summoner title, her aeons were no longer hers. They were all taken away when she defeated Sin two years ago. She didn't die, and she never knew she was going to live to see another Sin.

    A young girl from Besaid saw this coming, she knew that summoners should continue to obtain their aeons, but all of them have stopped because Yuna lived in Sin died. Chihiro knew that it was too good to be true, so she did years of practice. Everyone thought that she was crazy, but she did it. She was going to be the summoner that was going to destroy Sin once and for all.

    She stood inside of the Besaid temple, looking up at the door that led to the trials. Now to receive her first aeon, that was her mission now. To start this pilgrimage to destroy Sin. It was to be done. Chihiro was going to risk her life to save the lives of others.

    "Do you have any guardians?" Yuna questioned, standing next to the young woman.

    Chihiro shook her head, looking over at the high summoner. "No, but I am sure that I will manage to obtain one on my journey," she told her, "I am sure that being the only summoner on the road will give hope to the people of Spira."

    "I would go with you, but I have responsibilities here," Yuna offered, giving the young woman a smile. "I know you can do it, I believe in you."

    They gave each other a hug, and soon as that was done, Chihiro went up the stairs. A deep breath came from her lips as she went up the stairs, going in without a guardian. The fayth was going to hear her prayers, and the fayth was going to give her an aeon to continue on her pilgrimage. This was going to be the last time this was going to happen, and Chihiro was going to make sure of it.

    "I will defeat Sin," Chihiro said under her breath, heading into the trials.

    Yuna stood in the temple, waiting for Chihiro to return. Her former guardian, Lulu, walked in as well to stand beside her. They hoped for the best for the young woman. Now they wished to find her a guardian, because the both of them couldn't agree to do another pilgrimage. The last one they did was the last one they would ever do, as much as they wanted to help.

    "She will do fine," Lulu mentioned, "She reminds me of you."

    "I know she will do it," Yuna mentioned, giving a nod. "Hopefully her prayers will be answered quicker than they answered mine when I first became a summoner."
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