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    >>Loading plot...

    Virtual reality gaming. It's nothing new to you or your friends. In fact, you're all quite good at it. You've played just about every game you and your friends could play in your own private server.
    Except one.
    One you somehow found in your hard drive, titled "pf.exe". You've loaded it up and saw the option to play together, so, naturally, you asked your five friends to play with you.
    But, this was your biggest mistake.
    You and your friends get sucked into this game and get separated into two servers. The game, controlled by an unknown person or force, is inside of your head and knows all of your fears and weaknesses. One false choice could kill a friend or yourself.
    The choice is yours.
    >> Continue?

    Setting (open)

    >> Loading Setting...
    The setting of pf.exe is an abandoned school in the middle of the night. All doors and windows leading outside are unable to be opened. The school consists of four floors.

    * Boiler room on the right, storage on the left. Security office down the center hallway.

    First floor
    * Principal and staff offices by the front door. Math wing on the right. Science on the left, infirmary on the far left. Cafeteria down the center hallway to the left, gymnasium on the right.

    Second floor
    * English wing on the right, girls bathrooms on the far right. History wing on the left, boys bathrooms on the far left.

    Third floor
    * Music wing on the right, art wing on the left. Foreign language wing down the center hallway.

    Rules (open)

    >>Loading Rules...
    - No godmodding, trolling, yadda yadda yadda
    - No smut. Romance is okay, but smut is not. You have other forums to do this in.
    - Remember to follow forum rules
    - Remember to be active!
    - Please do not control the unknown force. I will take care of that.
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  2. Tosho DaTa
    Tosho woke up from his quiet slumber to partake in early gameplay, however today was different, once Tosho arrived at his computer and shook his mouse to wake up his computer he discovers a unusual file placed in the center of his homepage, it was a blank file that was named ''pf.exe''. ''Weird, i don't remember downloading this'' Tosho remarked in a questionable tone, followed with a stretch and yawn Tosho walks out of his room and proceeds downstairs where he is greeted almost immediately by his parents, ''Good morning son'' Tosho's father said while reading the paper. ''Having another cup of coffee i see, when are you gonna hire me in your cafe?'' Tosho asked in a moderate tone while fixing his own cup of coffee, ''Soon enough'' Tosho's father replied the same way he always does when asked that question. Tosho reached into his jacket to pull out ear buds which was already plugged into his phone and already playing music.

    Proceeding back up stairs into his room he sits in his computer chair, ''hmm, lets see what this program is''. Clicking on the program he immediately passes out, Tosho's head hitting the edge of the table that had his computer on it, dropping his coffee mug on the floor and spilling coffee on the carpet. Tosho wakes up to find his self locked into a dark room, ''where am i... hello? anyone there?'' Tosho asked.​
  3. Isabeau Isabeau scrolled down on her screen, searching for what may be a new game. Everyday it was the same; it was boring her to death. Closing her eyes, she moved the mouse around a bit, and then clicked on something random, like she did constantly. That was how she found new games; ones that she hadn't already played. But this time was different. This time she had clicked on her folder icon and what came up was something she 100% hadn't downloaded. It was a file with the title 'pf.exe,' definitely not something she would've downloaded. She would have at least named it something fancy. Shrugging, she figured Tamsin had just downloaded her own game, and Isabeau figured that she might as well play it.

    After about five seconds, Isabeau found herself in an unknown black room, her computer no where in sight. Suppressing anything even remotely related to fear, she spoke clearly and softly: "Hello? Is anybody there?"

    And then she heard the blank voice of her online friend DaTa, who appeared to be in the same predicament.

    "DaTa?" She softly asked, unable to see in the dark room. If anything were to move, she was certain she wouldn't see them; no windows were visible either.

  4. Tosho DaTa
    ''Isabeau?'' Tosho asked not clearly knowing if it was her or not he hoped it was indeed her. sitting still on a unknown cold platform, Tosho reaches and stretches his arms out beside him to get a good perimeter of where he was, his left hand touches what he presumes to be the wall and continues to run his left hand forward till he suddenly feels a switch. ''There it is'' Tosho thought to his self, his heart increased speeds in worry of what he might see, however he proceeds to grab the switch and flip it up. Lights in thus room flared in a burst of light coming from the ceiling and revealed something horrifying. The room looked like any other normal room, quite fancy if it wasnt for the fact that the room was covered in blood...
    Titled Horror Room (open)

    Tosho looked down in question to what he was sitting on and thus discovered he was sitting upon a red velvet bed, melancholy this room was, it presumed a killing, however it wasn't to be questioned further. ''We need to get out of here'' Tosho proclaimed in honest leadership, proceeding to the door Tosho discovers that the door is locked and the key was obviously missing. ''Isabeau, the door seems to be locked, perhaps there shalt be a key somewhere?'' Tosho said in hopes that isabeau would help him find a key. Grabbing the top of his scarf he pulls it down slightly to take a small take of air, however shortly after he discovers that air was not what he was given but he was given a large blood smell count. Iron fuzzed with the air that he took through his nose tickled the back of his nose causing him to snizz. ''So much blood'' Tosho remarked in thought while pulling his scarf back up which overlapped his mouth and nose. This blood that dripped upon these walls, this iron that stood tall to make it a castle of deceiving spitefulness, It might consume those who reside in it.

    |FACT: Blood smells like iron and if consumed it will taste the same, Scientifically proven|

  5. RafaDark was playing RPGMMO Games all night long when he saw it was already morning, the tiredness came to him. "Ok...more one game and i will sleep." Talked him yawning and relaxing in the chair he was sitting. Passing his mouse on his desktop, he found that thing again, the pf.exe, he saw it some time back and he talked about it to his friends but none seemed to know something about it. "Right, time to try this..." he then clicked the pf.exe. He's vision became black and the chair he was sitting disappeared "What the... where am i?" He thought as he weakly rose from the ground, getting his vision back he saw shocked and with horror the room where he was, an room full of blood. "What happened in here????" He screamed.
  6. Mirabelle

    Mirabelle looked through her files extensively until she found the one she was looking for. It was right there with the other games she had downloaded: pf.exe. What was such a file doing in her folder, and why had she never seen it before? She was suspicious, but her friends usually had good judgement, so she imagined her worrying was for nothing. She'd also been told that this was another one of those virtual reality games she greatly enjoyed, so she took one more quick sip of her glass of water before putting her headset on. If she tried to reach for her water while she played, she would probably knock it over, and she didn't want to take that chance. Both excited and nervous, Mirabelle started the application.

    In what was almost no time at all, Mirabelle found herself sitting at a desk in a dark room. She no longer felt her mouse and keyboard beneath her hands, and she spent some time feeling around for them before giving up. As she sat there, thinking about what could have happened, she realized that the graphics looked fantastic. There had been many games that had tried to look as realistic as possible, but this one was easily the best. It truly felt as if she was seeing this world through her own eyes.

    Mirabelle got up from the table, realizing with surprise that her character had gotten up as well. She had expected to be unable to move without her keyboard, so the fact that this game controlled so well on her motion alone had gone against her expectations. Pushing that thought off to the side, she looked around the room. From what she could see, it looked like one of those classrooms that she saw often in Japanese horror games. She didn't see anyone else, but she knew at least one of her friends had to be here, so she decided to wait patiently for one of them as she sat back down. With nothing better to do, she hummed an uplifting tune to herself and leaned back in her chair, hoping to reduce the unsettling atmosphere.
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  7. Cai didn't remember a single thing when she got up and set her palms on the cold floor. She pushed herself up and looked around, finding herself in a cold, dark hallway. She wondered if anyone else was here or if it was only her in this building. The floor was broken and the walls were moldy. Pieces of, what one could assume was the ceiling, laid around her surrounded by dust. She stood, wobbling a little, and looked around for a way out or another person to share this nightmare landscape with.
  8. Looking around the room, he saw that it was not having an door or even an window, it just looked like an hotel room after a slaughter. With fear of what could possibly happen to him, he searched the room by any type of exit, but he just found walls. Trying to remember how he get there, he remembered that he pressed the pf.exe and he appeared in that room "Maybe i'm just asleep?" thought him "Is this that game? what if i...die in here...What will happen? if i would need to stay here, where do i will find food? Is this a Nightmare????" he questioned himself walking from side to side in that blood-bathed room. He stopped and looked at the room again, he found interest in the rooms middle wall, it was the perfect place to put a door, he then tried to push the wall to see if it was having an hidden door on it but his efforts became nothing, he tried to punch the wall, it did a strange sound then a light of hope came to him, he started punching and bashing the wall to get his exit, after a while, his hands was full of blood from the wall and his own but the wall didn't changed even if he punched the hardest he could, nothing would happen to it.
  9. Mirabelle

    After humming alone for the longest time, Mirabelle started to feel unsettled. The room gave off an uninviting atmosphere, even though everything she saw seemed normal in her eyes. Yes, she had never gone to a true school before, but she had certainly seen multiple depictions of classrooms online. But this place seemed to be different somehow. Perhaps it was just the darkness getting to her. She sighed, trying to get over it.

    Mirabelle wondered if she had perhaps gotten something wrong. Was she supposed to be doing something? If so, what should she be doing, and where was this indication of her goal? Most likely, if it was anywhere, it was somewhere inside this room. If she found it now, it would save time for both herself and her friend. Resolved, Mirabelle got up ad began searching the desks.
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