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    >>Loading plot...

    Virtual reality gaming. It's nothing new to you or your friends. In fact, you're all quite good at it. You've played just about every game you and your friends could play in your own private server.
    Except one.
    One you somehow found in your hard drive, titled "pf.exe". You've loaded it up and saw the option to play together, so, naturally, you asked your five friends to play with you.
    But, this was your biggest mistake.
    You and your friends get sucked into this game and get separated into two servers. The game, controlled by an unknown person or force, is inside of your head and knows all of your fears and weaknesses. One false choice could kill a friend or yourself.
    The choice is yours.
    >> Continue?

    Setting (open)

    >> Loading Setting...
    The setting of pf.exe is an abandoned school in the middle of the night. All doors and windows leading outside are unable to be opened. The school consists of four floors.

    * Boiler room on the right, storage on the left. Security office down the center hallway.

    First floor
    * Principal and staff offices by the front door. Math wing on the right. Science on the left, infirmary on the far left. Cafeteria down the center hallway to the left, gymnasium on the right.

    Second floor
    * English wing on the right, girls bathrooms on the far right. History wing on the left, boys bathrooms on the far left.

    Third floor
    * Music wing on the right, art wing on the left. Foreign language wing down the center hallway.

    Rules (open)

    >>Loading Rules...
    - No godmodding, trolling, yadda yadda yadda
    - No smut. Romance is okay, but smut is not. You have other forums to do this in.
    - Remember to follow forum rules
    - Remember to be active!
    - Please do not control the unknown force. I will take care of that.
    - Spots are first come, first serve. We will start when all friends have profiles up. Also, one character per person, please.
    - Groups will be randomly assigned, but if you have a problem with anyone, let me know.

    Form (open)

    >>Please Sign In to Continue
    Appearance: (Anime appearances are encouraged!)
    Biggest fear/phobia: (if you need a random fear and don't want to go by regular fears, go to realfears.com )
    Brief history: (Family life and how they met their friends)
    Other: (You can put their screen name here if you wish, but it's not required)
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    Example/Accepted Profile (open)

    >>Please sign in to continue
    Name: Cai Gyeon
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Strengths: loyal, social, adaptable, calm
    Weaknesses: Usually forgetful, possessive of others
    Biggest fear/phobia: Pupaphobia, fear of puppets
    Brief history: Cai grew up with her father in a secluded area she refers to as the middle of nowhere. Her mother left shortly after Cai's first birthday and, due to where she lives, she had little friends growing up, which could very well be where her possessive, clingy behavior stems from. Cai became obsessed with online gaming a few years ago upon being given her computer and virtual reality set, which is how she met everyone.
    Other: Cai has a sweet tooth and constantly carries candy with her. Her screen name is NightinGye
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  2. >>Please sign in to [BCOLOR=#999999]cont12 cont q234 cont q34t[/BCOLOR] continue
    >>Done downloading
    Name: Tosho |a.k.a ''Data''|
    Age: 18
    Gender: male
    Strengths: Hacking, Calm, Hard to scare
    Weaknesses: Addicted to coffee, Addicted to music, heights
    Biggest fear/phobia: heights or coffee shortage
    Brief history: He was born on october and since his birth he strangely never cried or made any other emotion besides a blank one, although he is afraid of heights he only discovered this when he was 13 when he tried parkour with his friends, in which this is how him and his friends met is a parkour group gathering that was local in town. It was then when he realized he was afraid of heights, when he attempted to jump a building he felt a emotion that didn't tickle his fancy. Tosho never attempted parkour again however, he continued his studies on hacking and online gaming and now is the most powerful of his friends for his anti social behavior.
    Other: Screen name: DaTa
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  3. Can you change his weaknesses a little? They don't seem like they'd be relevant to the situation.
    But, other than that, looks good! Accepted.
  4. hay me and a couple of my friends are looming for a good rp could we join yours
    also if their are two servers then does that mean there are two different settings or is it just the school on both servers
  5. The school is on both servers.
    And you don't need to ask. Just post a profile ^^
  6. great ill get neko to draw me up a pic if she isnt sick #CryForNeko
  7. Anyways like i was saying, I understand that this is similar to corpse party and what not however, perhaps you could include what we could be encountering in your description of your roleplay or apply a video of corpse party and tell us that it might be similar to that, however you decide to put that i don't really care.
  8. name: sakai a.k.a truth
    gender: male
    age: 18
    strength: strong,care ful ,calculated
    weaknesses:cant lie
    phobia; trypanophobia( fear of injections/needles)
    brief history:
    he lived in a house where he was beaten mercilessly if he made so much as a small lie
    other: user name; TrUtH
  9. i hope you dont mind waiting for a picture
  10. Looks good. Can you add a little more to the history? Just seems a little short
  11. yay i know its just a draft im still working on it
  12. Hay cheese I'm here oh and I hope my cs isn't to bad
    Momo minatori a.k.a. mina
    Fragile, tends to cave in with out a strong leader
    Minor panophobia
    Rather troubled child, Mina was hit by a car at age 10.
    At age 11 she finally stoped living with her abusive aunt Mira after an accident that shattered her hopes of ever being able to walk.
    She currently lives with a nice foster family in Minnesota.
    On her 16 birth day she got a t a gaming headset from whom? the foster parents wouldn't tell

    Her user name is neko lover 456
  13. hay neko
  14. >>Please Sign In to Continue

    Name: Isabeau "Beau" Francy
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Strengths: Her personality, her need to help her friends, her skill with a sword, martial arts...
    Weaknesses: Long words, boring people, guns and any other long range weapon...

    Biggest fear/phobia: Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia

    Brief history: Isabeau has lived with her mother and little sister, Tamsin, since her father died the day after Tamsin's birth. She never really knew him, but after all the stories her mother told her about him, she was not so sure she wanted to. When she was five, she convinced her mother to let her join a dojo, in which she made her way up to black belt by the age of eleven. After refining her skills another year, she began to practice with a sword, but did not yet master that by her fourteenth birthday, when her mother bought her a computer. She quickly became addicted to online gaming, but still practiced with a sword until she finally mastered it near her fifteenth birthday. After that, she rarely stopped her game for anything. That's how she met her friends, through her online games after she had finished training.

    Other: Her screen name is "BoaConstrictor1999" because of her name which is pronounced Bo and her birth year is 1999. She also has a hyper personality, so never give her sugar... you might regret it.

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  15. She's beautiful :)
  16. //very tempted to put her and Cai together

    @Aristotle A few more details would be nice, but you're accepted anyway. ^^

    I think we just need one more before we can officially begin ouo
  17. sweet
  18. >>Please Sign In to Continue
    Emily Crevan




    Charming, charismatic, responsible, strong of will

    Easily scared, easily distracted, annoying

    Biggest fear/phobia: Herpetophobia (fear of reptiles) and Ranidaphobie (fear of frogs)

    Brief history:
    Emily grew up in a normal and almost stereotypical family, and of course it was very boring. The only excitement she gets is from reading, playing online games, and using online chatrooms, which is where she met her friends.

    Her screenname is GreyVixen

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  19. Accepted.

    Okay, everyone. I'll get working on who's in what server and we should be able to start by tonight
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  20. awesome
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