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  1. [Polt: So I was thinking a kinda Need for Speed type of roleplay. Street racing Gangs, races, weapons and violence, sexual moments, falling in love, death, stuff like that. Alright, This rp will start off my character on an abandoned dirt road that she likes to practice race on. You character(s) found this abandoned road and saw my character and decided to follow her just to find out about her. Your character(s) can either race her or watch her practice, either one is fine.

    Keep in mind, follow the rules. There will be sexual themes and stuff like that in it so follow the rules please. Thank you.

    Before you join please sign the forum:
    Looks: (Description or picture is fine)
    Bio: (Can be long or short but atleast give me something to work by.)

    Name: Yuri fea
    Age: 18 years
    Looks: [​IMG]
    Gender: Female
    Orientation: Strait
    Bio: Fea was interested in cars and racing ever since she watched NASCAR with her father at the Lowes Motor speed way in Charlotte , North Carolina, USA. She then got into watching races and played racing video games and all. At age 16 she got her driver's licence. She then joined a street racing gang at age 18. She's one of the best driver's in her gang.]

    Yuri pulled onto the dirt road. She's been coming her for awhile. It's one of the few places she can actually put the pedal to the metal without having to worry about cops. But she always make sure first. She drove up the abandoned dirt road about half way looking for anyone who might see her. Once she didn't see anyone she went back to the beginning of the dirt road and Pressed down on the gas pedal making her engine sound off. She was driving in a Mitsubishi Eclipse. It was all black. Her windows was tinted red. And she had Nitro put in her car. She counted down from three. "Three,Two, One." She then hit the gas pedal and let go of the brakes taking off.
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    Name: Karuo Yukizara

    Age: 20

    Looks: [​IMG]

    Gender: Male

    Orientation: Straight

    Bio: living in a upper class family at a big neighborhood Karuo grew up to be something more than a juvenile delinquent as his teachers called him he loves to DJ and race judging by his style he was always the cool kid in school didn't talk to anyone who wasn't his friend and if you are on his death list he won't be afraid to kick your a** he moved from time to time and never made any true friends after he graduated he bought himself a Audi R8 and customized it now he uses it all the time though it sounds like he has a OK life he doesn't his parents both passed when he was 17 and his brother is his only close relative he is really sensitive about the topic if you bring it up he will most likely ignore you or talk about it the matter of relationship other than that he is a very skilled racer and drifter and is pretty chill he wears his generic white T-shirt black pants a red hoodie and sneakers and his sunglasses which he never takes off on some occasions

    Karuo saw the girl earlier he decided to take a night drive and saw the car and didn't want to stir trouble so he got out and watched from a distance she was in her car presumably she is out here to just drive and not worry about the Five-O he stared what car is that he couldn't see what it was and how it was customized he just saw the outline and the headlights "hmmm" he said to himself then suddenly she took off startling him a bit

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  3. Name: Drake Desmond
    man 2.jpg
    Car: muscle-car-wallpaper.jpg Gender:Male
    Bio: Drake was born and raised in Toronto Ontario, Canada. His mother left when he was four and his father raised him, He learned alot about cars, Especially American Muscle. His father owned one and fixed it up, Once he was twenty-two, His father gave him the vehicle, Because he was diagnosed with lung cancer at sixty-three, He died a year later and passed on ten-thousand dollars toward it, He used more than three quarters of the money on the car, getting a new engine, and now lives in a small apartment.
  4. (Hey guys. :) Oh, and feel free to join in Justice Hunt.)

    Yuri quickly switched from first gear to second, then to third, then fourth. She was going about 150 mph soon. She soon reached the end of the abandoned road and made a drift u-turn and speed back to the beginning to the road. Half way to the end she flipped open a little cover connected to the steering wheel that covered a button and pressed the button. It ignited her Nitro and she began to reach speeds of 200 to 250 mph. One she was close to the end she quickly pressed on the breaks and pulled back the emergency brake making her stop in a drift where the front of her car was facing Karuo. She stared and looked at his car. It was an Audi R8. She looked at the top off the car to see if there were cop lights but she saw none. She then got out of her car waving her hair as she got out cause her hair was a mees from the speed. She then began to walk over to the guy with the Audi.
  5. Karuo stared at this new mysterious girl she drove an eclipse and it was a nice one "well little lady its a bit late to be racing out here it also illegal" he said chuckling "so tell me why you here?" he wasn't a cop but just wanted to frighten her a bit
  6. "Practicing. And I know it's illegal. I thought this road was abandoned." She said smiling. She put her hands on her hips. She was smiling. "I'm Yuri. Yuri Fea." She said smiling. "And you are?" She asked curiously. She looked at the Audi R8. "Nice car." She said smiling.
  7. Karuo put on a smile "Thanks my names Karuo" he said happily "so Yuri now that your a new friend of mine what would you like to do?" he stretched his arms and yawned waiting for her response
  8. Yuri smiled."Wanna race?" She asked. She had that tempting look that no one could refuse. "I bet you that I could beat you." She said.
  9. Karuo laughed "why not I could always go for a race" he smirked and got in his car
  10. Yuri smiled and got into her car. She then drove up to the non working traffic light. She poked her head out the window. "This will be our starting, and finish line." She said and then looked back in her car and out the window.
  11. Name: Lilly Diaz
    Age: 19
    Looks: (Same girl as in the picture)
    Gender: Female
    Orientation: Straight
    Bio: She have never been the "good one". She grew up in a bad place and her parents threw her out when they found out she was doing drugs and stopped going to school so she left the city and haven't talked to them ever since. They threw her out at the age of 15 but they've tried to contact her before but she's been avoiding them. Mainly because she's a drugdealer and she doesn't want more probelms. She always avoid and runaway from annoying and difficult situations.

    Lilly was on her way back home. It was late and she was walking on an abandon road. Or so she thought. She heard some car motors roar ahead of her. She snapped her head up and saw to cars just about to race. She smiled to herself because of the memories the cars gave her from her childhood. The cars were very impressive so she decided to stay and watch the race.