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  1. Pryley, is a town of adventure where everything you could possibly want is right in front of you and for the right price it can all be yours. Of course there are those who think otherwise, the ones who believe that if you want something you take it. In the back alleys of, Pryley, money and power are law, it's a place where the weak cower and the strong triumph, and the second you let your guard down it'll take everything you have and then some. There are no second chances, the people here would sooner watch you burn than lend a hand. The people you run with are you're family, so long as you're able to bring something to the table they'll be there for you. Yes, by day, Pryley, is a wonderful town everything you could possibly want all in one spot, the people are nice and everything's fine, but at night that's when everything changes.

    Obviously this is still a work in progress and if you have any questions or would like to help add to this and make it better please feel free to pitch some ideas.
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  2. still needs work though so this more of a brain storm at the moment but I'd like it to see this as an active RP
  3. I'll offer my help if you want.
  4. go for it
  5. I like the setting, I assume the plot is focused more on the underbelly of Pryley and the "families" within? What were you thinking of a time period? Modern, Medieval, or some Alternate Universe that sort of mashes everything together?
  6. Alternate Universe would certainly make things easier to explain.
  7. yeah an alternate universe modern day is what I was going for
  8. Nice, so no village, but a city? Or a town?
  9. something like this payoff_by_jenovah_art-d3jr4ct.jpg
  10. Oooh, I like this... Though I suggest keeping it down to only a few families *maybe 2 or 3* and some sort of policing institution (regular police, special task force, army, religious group?*not my favorite*, or even a higher family that keeps all the others in line)

    I personally like the idea of corrupt government (Cause we all know that it adds to accuracy lol) so maybe have 3 major crime families in the city, all vying for power. One has managed to come out on top by going more on the straight and narrow I.E. their boss is mayor. They use their connections corrupting other politicians, give out commissions, put gangsters into the police force, bribe judges etc. so that they work through the system to a point while still being an established syndicate.

    The other two would be more traditional, possibly one is a more straightforward Americanized gang and the other is closer to the Italian/Russian mafioso? Just a few thoughts lol (Also if you would like help with back stories and the like that is what I am best at in rp XD)
  11. I was thinking more along the lines of everyone being out for their own when the lights went down. Sure you may have 'friends', but really only when you need something or they need something. The 'police' and 'government' only exist during the day. They don't move during the 'dangerous' hours. The strongest are people with the information, strength, or power to keep the lower mutts off of them.