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This is my handle.

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Captain Nic, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. After a long hiatus composed of Doom, schoolwork, and general braindeadness...

    New stuff!

    I. Traditional

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    In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only imminent war. A farthing to anyone who can guess what I based this on.

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    I need to take my meds.

    The rest is dedicated to setting development:

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    Inking practice.

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    You see, back where Captain Nic hailed from, the Teknikan Empire got stuck in a long, long war. Can you guess why they haven't won yet? It involves a very unique case of Reality Bending leakage...

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    "You see, here in our Alliance, flag-bearers can be hand picked from any of the rank-and-file troops. I used to be one myself, and I never enjoyed the job one bit. In the Empire, though, it's different. Ever since God-knows-when, the Imperials started assigning 'veksilaries,' or something to the effect, to carry their flags. And the kicker? These guys carried their flags into battle. None of us here in the Alliance see the practicality in that, but I guess it's a big deal in the Empire.

    Now, these... 'veksilaries' were pretty tough guys by Imperial loyalist scum standards, and even I think 'tough guy' is an understatement. They'd be able to flail around their flags like battle-axes, while still being able to shoot the nearest sap unlucky enough to look him in the eye. But that's not all. I once saw this fella, with the flag, who yelled like some sorta oversized beastie, the sort you only see in a holo-feature. You'd be able to hear his voice for miles around; fraggin' terrifying. What followed was the usual ax-charge by Imperial infantry, who, by now, have gotten high and stopped giving a single fuck in the world. I got out of the ensuing melee, but the sight of that Teknikan flag-bearer is gonna haunt me till the day I die."

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    "Do you have an AT weapon?"
    "No. Not a single one, sir!"
    "Then I'm going in!"

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    Individual infantry role concept for the Teknikans. I'm working on other factions, but I'm gonna need some notes from you guys.

    The baseline for the other factions:
    -Space USMC combined with Space Wehrmacht.
    -Space IDF combined with Space JSDF.

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    "Those Allied blokes aren't gonna wait for you to run! Shoot!"

    II. Photography

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    Chicken pesto sandwich, made with wheat bread, sandwich spread, and with a serving of plain-salted potato chips. I prepared this myself, but I think I should've had a different choice of dressing.

    I am now taking requests. If there are any details you wish to elaborate on, kindly drop me a PM.
  2. OH MY GOD.

    Sheesh, never stop drawing, man.

    I love this all, though my favorite has to be one where the POV of the drawing is a close up of that guy shooting the other. AWESOME!
  3. Why, thank you.

    I should try coloring sometime.
  4. Dude your stuff is awesome. O.O
  5. Nic.... if I tried to draw like that, everything would get muddled and the same color, no mater how much I tried to make the light and dark of it stand out.

    You've got skill.
  6. Happy New Year (open)

  7. Now it's time to be SPACE AMERICAN (open)

    A country with an identity crisis, and no time to spare against the Empire.

    Note the style in which I depict these fellas. I try to make them look distinct from the Imperial soldiers in my first post.
  8. Where's my farthing for going 'OOH CADIA!'?

    Hehe, and, also, very good work here, I love the clean aesthetics of the female inking.
  9. Oh, the Imperial Guard part of that picture is easy to guess. What picture/artwork I based it on, is another matter.

    A farthing for you, anyway.
  10. Nic....


    So poofy...

    Your art's still as amazing as ever. Your poses seem so fucking natural! I'm so jealous it burns.
  11. You're an incredibly talented artist. The position of that sandwich...yum, you've made me hungry =D.

    But in all seriousness, you're wonderful at traditional art and you should get into coloring art! Whether it be traditional or digital, I'm pretty sure you'll make even better art. Keep up the good stuffs, :).
  12. A fluffy hat? It shall be done!

    And yes, Cosmos, I need to do more digital.
  13. HATS (open)

    As per TK's request, though I tried to explore the concept of 'giant furry hats.'

    Got a few ideas from Google Image Search.

    *Foams at the mouth and curls up on a pile of the hats*
  15. He toke hys sweard and hys buckler; (open)

    This image was originally a pen drawing. I colored it digitally.

    Anyone who knows the inner workings of Old/Middle English? I could use the archaicness.
  16. Omgee, it looks like you painted it. /IthinkIloveyourhands.


  17. Damn, you're good.

    Ok, what programs did you use?
  18. I only used Photoshop for the last one. The joys of brush.

    I know I posted it in a previous showcase, but this was drawn in SAI.
  19. Welcome to Ornery Orchards. Now get out (open)

    This was a quick sketch, and I didn't even have my own drawing implements on hand to do it. Tried to avoid chicken lines as much as possible. Still need to work on my proportions though.