This is my ancestor??

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    First off, do you believe this creature exists? If not, what things do you think are real? Do mysterious things like this fascinate you? Would you rather not think about other weird creatures in our world?

    Well, I don't like thinking this creature exist because... it kinda scares me >.< I just picture it running out of the forest and like.. eating me! This thought comes up regularly since siting have been in my state and in one of the surrounding counties!
  2. I think that they may exist and they may not, I like to read about them and see pictures, but there's still not enough evidence to say if they are real or not. That's why I will keep an open mind and accept the possibility that they can be real, but I will not say that they are real before I have gotten it proven ^^
  3. How did they do a DNA test if no one has conclusive proof this creature even exists? I'm not flat-out saying that it doesn't, but I won't consider the evidence conclusive until I see a body.

    I declare Bigfoot Season officially open!
  4. Hahah! Right? That part got me. "Is there any evidence? Not yet." I was amused.
  5. I'm sure at once point the species existed, but really, you could call ANY of the furry human species that were tall before modern day humans a Bigfoot. XD The same way Neanderthal mixed with the modern human genes. It prolly did happen at some point!

    As for existing -now-, no, that's just silly! I mean, seriously, where would they hide with all of our invasive modern technology? D: They are way too large to hide without any traces.
  6. ...Or are they?
  7. People.

    Her Last name is bloody Ketchum.
  8. Wrench Pro's avatar is a shaved Bigfoot. He's trying to distract us so we don't get him.
  9. I don't believe there's a Bigfoot creature out there. I'm not wrong or right, since it is a possibility still. I do like to pretend he's real, though. Especially since my boyfriend always tells me how the day he meets Bigfoot, he'll challenge him to a fight. xD That man wants to become top predator, top threat, etc... But anyway!

    I'd buy it if they could prove our species has a connection with this critter. He's bipedal like us, probably even intelligent like us on some level. No conclusions should be drawn until we CAN acquire such proof, though... The people making this 'scientific' claim seem dumb to me otherwise. >__>

    And yes, mysterious things like this do fascinate me. I don't usually wish them to be real, however. I like the ordinary life I have way too much. *boring*
  10. Touche.

    But it's an educated bigfoot.

  11. To me this thing doesn’t and will never exist. I’m all for evolution, sure why not go science do your thing, but there should be something said for plausibility. People have had theories of ‘big foot’ since the seventies people have had theories of ‘the missing link’ that would prove evolution once and for all and well we should stop! Let science be science, ya cannot prove what is ‘inconclusive’

    No new data has REALLY struck the world on bigfoot since the lat 80’s where they believed it to be mountainous.

    As far as things in this world existing, YES I believe they do. I’m a firm believer that at some point a dragon like thing existed. The dragon falls in every cultures believe system somewhere, from china to Britan, to Rome and even Hebrews. I believe, this part I’m skeptic about, that someone has even found proof of one in sone Native American cultures. That’s just ONE example though!
  12. What did bigfoot ever do to you? Hah?! HAAAH?!

    I'm sure he just wanted to come out and find some friends to play with.
  13. In this age of HD cameras on cellphones and the like, you'd have thought we'd have at least something more substantial than some twat in a gorilla suit lurching around a forest.
  14. anamatronics grumpy?
  15. That gets my thinking, which is scarier? Bigfoot, or robot Bigfoot?