This is my 1,000th post

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Razilin, Aug 15, 2014.

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  1. Sweet.
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  2. Nobody cares, Raz..~.
  3. -Pats you on back- It's okay Raz. -Goes off to take a cat nap-
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    Jul 13, 2014

    damn, that is some serious Iwakuving. O__O
  5. I get bored. Fills up the time when I'm not training, studying, hanging out, or sleeping.
  6. How can I know how many messages I have to ?;)

    Congrats anyways Raz xD
  7. Congratulations, you win the website.
  8. Later Edit ; Pffft , @Razilin I have beaten you lol !~

    I am way pasted my 2.000 posts/messages xD ha ha .~

    Go Tiger Power!^^
  9. dude, is your avatar HAL?

    thats wins for today
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  10. u suk
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  11. Raz is so old, that if I said hey look there's Razbots no one else would get it. Nerf Castle, all the way man. Nerf Castle all the way.
  12. fuck yeah rory

    just remember that you're old enough to remember it to

    besides, age before beauty bitches
  13. You were always fun to RP with, like with Project Genesis. Fun cyberpunk times.
  14. were you with me on that street fighter one?
  15. I wanna say probably not. Then again, that was close to 7 to 8 years ago already. hahaha.
  16. HEH, thought you meant since Iwaku 2.0.
  17. Does anyone remember Iwaku 1.0? I do! It had a dot hack background and everything! Wow, THAT is an old show, now that I think about it.

    Dot Hack//SIGN - doing SAO before SAO, only worse.
  18. I've only heard legends...
    TK and Sakura was there, not sure if they're still active on the forum.
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Thread Status:
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