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  1. Sylvie


    "Ken...I don't like this..." I admit in a whisper as I approach one of the dented walls. I skim my fingers across it and grimace as bleach invades my senses. There is light, red stains within the crevasse and I try to imagine how this could have gotten here. Someone's head smashed against the wall. Maybe they screamed, maybe they didn't. But...this large of a dent...oh dear...oh God. This isn't good. No. No no no. I will not be in a hell house ever again if I can help it..."I-I think that's blood..." Jesus. My eyes train themselves on any detail they can catch. There is nothing new besides the imperfection itself and the leftover stain. Whatever happened here...someone wanted to clean up. "Kendra I think this might have been a mistake..." I turn to her, eyes widened. I didn't truly think that this house could have had people hurt in it.

    When she calls out there is no reply as far as I can hear. My flesh bubbles up with goosebumps. My fists clench and I try to focus on the control of my emotions. No panicking. You are never going back. Never ever. You are not going to be harmed. You and Kendra can handle...

    "Hello?" I hear a voice call out from behind us and I nearly jump out of my skin. I skid over to Kendra, where I cling to her sleeve instinctively. I knew one thing. I could pretend to be the scared bystander and ambush an enemy in case...but when I peek over Kendra's shoulder I am surprised to see a kind looking man with dark eyes. His hair is a mess and I am fairly certain his tie has been readjusted so many times that it has come loose. There is clear concern in his eyes, but there is a hardness set upon his jawline. Like he could get set off by just anything... "I don't believe I have gotten to meet either of you." He brushes stray locks out of his eyes. His lips are set nearly straight, but are close to being pointed to a frown. He doesn't seem to be physically harmed, but there is certainly hurt upon his demeanor. "Oh dear. I must apologize now..." He glances over to the dent in the wall I had originally examined. His eyes widen and for a moment I think he is going to have an emotional reaction. I can vaguely read something off of him. It's sadness, shock, anger perhaps? Disappointment but I can't tell who it is for. "This house is usually much more well kept." His fingers fidget as he goes to adjust his tie and he puffs his cheeks out in a exhale. "No fault of anyone here. I promise you that. May I ask you of your names, ladies?" He asks politely, becoming gentle as he sees my expression. I can read sympathy off of him, although I can't detect any mischievous intentions.

    I don't reply to him, my throat constricting. I feel myself falling back into that old pattern and I bite my lip hard, again, clutching Kendra's sleeve. The man smiles sadly and shakes his head. "I am Scott Carmichael. I own this establishment." He bows his head ever so slightly, but he seems pained once again. "I can place you in a safe place for now. I will explain anything that you need to know...but you two look ever so tired." He shines with compassion but I don't know whether or not to fully trust this.

    "I see no reason to trust..." I finally manage, voice dry and small. My eyes narrow and he becomes hesitant as he holds his hands behind his back.

    "I promise that this is a safe place. We have just had a hard day." Tiredness. Acceptance. "Never again. If you two ladies feel comfortable, I can introduce you more formally to the house." He smiles politely at Kendra. "I assume you are this child's caretaker."

    "Im not a kid..." I grumble.

    "However it lands..." He shakes his head. "I can assure that this is a good space to stay. I will make sure of that. Is there anything I can do for you two now?" He's distracted. He stares staring down at his watch. He focuses his eyes back to us. I can tell he is trying to fake confidence and I almost start to feel sorry for this man. He is a mess of emotions.

    And for that, you get no pudding.
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  16. Amadeus

    "Worthy means...well, worthwhile to do something for. Worthwhile to be with, worth your time to even be near. I think you know I am not worthy on that scale, the other...well, worthy to even be here, I have done nothing that means I could be worthy to be anything, even a sacrifice to your almighty." He smiled ever so thinly, bringing pain along his countenance. He wasn't sure if his words were even true, he just believed them to be correct.

    "I never truly believed the idea of perception when it comes to bad, to sinful, to saintly." He laughed softly "I always figured that was a soft excuse for someone to do what they want. You want to hurt someone because it gives you pleasure, oh, then it's a good thing. Even if the person screams. Even if the person is in pain." He scoffed, tongue clacking against the roof of his mouth. He thought of Celeste, the texture of her rotting skin against his clothing as he curled into her, begging her to wake up. He had used his hands to wipe away most of the blood, and had closed her eyes to continue the myth that she was sleeping. S I N F U L.

    G O O D

    S I N F U L. B U T I T F E L T S O G O O D. Whoever did it must have thought he was a saint. Felt so good... He grimaced, pained and nearly breathless. Maybe everything you consider good is wrong...Loving others...keeping your mouth shut...why not let hatred consume? Eat. Eat. L E T I T C O N S U M E.

    Her words saved him. "But by Idneus's terms, these select few, including yourself, are fit for something godly." He wasn't quite sure how they had entered his ears properly, but it was enough to interrupt the pieces of thoughts from converging into something horrific. Perhaps a panic, perhaps a sudden faint, she had interrupted it, and he was grateful. He was able to finally release a breath, gently taking his fist and pressing it against his chest so he could feel the air escape and reenter him.

    "Thank you." He muttered, mostly under his breath as peace returned to his dully aching body. "I don't think anyone has called me fit for anything in a really long time." He winked at her, eyes glazed and tired. His glance flickered down to their connected arms as she squeezed it, and he allowed a little, true, painless smile emerge onto his face. "Of course you are likable. I wouldn't have trusted you so easily if that wasn't the case, Shil." He attempted a pet name, the affection foreign against his tongue. He was surprised to feel the mild tenderness he was gaining for the action. "I think that's just the common sense in your brain working to it's full extent." He hesitantly used his other hand to press his pointer finger against her shoulder. "Just don't tell anyone I said anything." He teased, before his face fell once more and he cleared his throat, removing his hand from her shoulder and placing it back by his side. "It was no problem, I suppose. I have nothing else to lose by doing this anyway."