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  1. This is just an idea that's been floating around in my mind. I suppose this RP is more towards artists or aspiring artists or people who just love art in general. This could either be a group RP or a 1x1 RP; both work fine for me.

    So here's my idea:

    • In this RP, the idea would be that we'd create some kind of plot or something and in each post/response, we'd attach a visual representation of our writing. This picture could be anything, ranging from something simple like the character's expression to a fucking detailed landscape. These pictures could either be your own work of art, or just something you found on the internet- just make sure you source the picture so I know that you didn't steal.
    • When the RP starts, I expect this RP to have a lapse of a good chunk of time between each response depending on whether you're making your own picture or searching for one. So, because of the amount it takes for each response, I'd like to have a dedicated partner. Someone who'd be willing to stick with me all the way no matter how long it takes me to reply. I'd do the same for my partner, too.
    • Now, if this RP was a group thing, four people would be my limit. Any more than that, and it'll be chaos. With four people, the posting with pictures idea would be generally the same as the 1x1 one. There's just more people.
    • I specifically put this request in the 'mature' section because the RP may revolve around some kinky shit. We'd probably write out sex scenes and such but the we'll avoid posting smut pictures. This RP could also be a regular RP without the mature shit and romance. It could just be an RP about friends or companions or something, dunno. (although, I may quickly lose interest if there's no romance :c ).
    Now you guys (assuming you're still reading) are wondering about plots and pairings, right? Well, I don't know. This thing is just an idea and I'm not even sure if anyone is interested. I'm just throwing this out there to see if I get any interests. This kind of RP could take place in literally any kind of setting along with any kind of pairing. As long as the plot is interesting, I'm all up for it.

    Soo........ yeah. I think I explained it all. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

    Anybody interested? Send me a PM or respond to this thread (:
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  2. I wouldn't post pictures of smut on here, but you can write it.
  3. That's why I said it was "just an idea" and I was just "throwing it out there". Also it would "remain up to my partner". But, I can change my post a bit if it bothers you ^^
  4. I was giving you a heads up as posting images of smut is against the rules.
  5. Ah, alright. Thanks
  6. No problem.

    Anyways, I am willing to do a light roleplay with you.
  7. Cool (: PM me so we can discuss details and whatnot?
  8. I shall when i get online next as I have to get going.

  9. BTW, you can have romance in roleplays. Smut is only allowed in the designated section of mature; you can write it but you can't post pictures.
  10. Yes, I know that. I guess I didn't make it really clear. I'll have to change it once I get back home in about an hour or so. My phone is pretty crappy.
  11. Le bump~
  12. I'd be up for this. I tend to enjoy including images, media, different fonts and colors, and the quote box code in my posts to give what I'm writing a cinematic feel.

    Any plot in specific you're looking to run? If not are there any basic ideas genres you're fond of?
  13. i love this idea! :) You're brilliant! PM me and we can exchange ideas and such. :)
  14. @CosmicWeinerDog Well, I don't have any plots in mind, but I do know I love modern settings with a tint of twist or fantasy elements. But I dislike the cyberpunk stuff. Or a historical type setting would be cool.

    @LordStriffe Yay~! Okay! (:
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