This is how I mInecraft.

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  1. [​IMG]
    Castle corvussania from the front.

    The Front Gates

    The Cemetery

    The coastline

    All outfitted with throne-room, ballroom, hanging gardens, dungeons pending, secret entrances, escapes, barracks, library.... all that good stuff. Castlevania style castle.

    Ya.. so.. this is how i Minecraft. *does a little dance*
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  2. Server project or single player?
  3. That's great and all, but where the heck is Space Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean?
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  4. The front gates made me think of St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague.
  5. St. Vitus was deffinitely a source of insipration. notre dame, Tirgo Viste, Newschwanstein. MMM castles!!!

    It's on a minecraft realm server, But the castle's been a solo project.
  6. How many hours have you clocked to build this?
  7. On and Off since christmas. an hour here, hour there.
  8. It's kinda plain, but I envy you nonetheless.
  9. Now what I would love to do is make a giant thing like this with friends, but on Survival mode.

    So every brick, book case, table, carpet, window etc. was stuff we all had to work for.
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  10. Survival or gtfo
    *solidarity fistbump*
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  11. I enjoy the act of building itself, so having an additional arduous step of needing to gather materials to do so is just a burden to me. I prefer creative mode.
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  12. [Insert Glorious City of Arxis here.]
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  13. Is the Iwaku MC server still a thing?
  14. Duuuude, I'd love to join you on a project like that~ If you ever get around to it, let me know!
  15. If I still had Minecraft, I'd volunteer a hand. Maybe an eye. What about tools, though...?

    Regardless, the project you and @Gwazi Magnum have in mind is perfectly reasonable. To facilitate the process, I'd suggest dividing gathering duties: One person does all things wood, another stone, another shears sheep for wool if you want carpets, beds, and the sort. Once resources are gathered, build your structure. Fill it with your choice of accessories afterwards to save time, and so you get the positions right. Make sure to keep a perimeter of Glowstone and water/lava around it, so monsters don't just go spawning all over the place and Endermen can't just walk up and steal the blocks. For further badassery, construct a few Iron Golems to slay da mobs.

    My only other suggestion would be to replace bricks with simple cobblestone. Clay is relatively rare compared to the alternatives, and too much is necessary to build on huge scales like you want.
  16. I too have a Realm that a buddy and I play on. I'd be happy to start a new survival map for some good old community collaboration. I've always enjoyed the thought of having a community building for sharing materials and to see just how expansive we can go with creations.

    Edit: should probably add if you'd like to join PM me your ID so I can add you. I have around 17 slot open for people if you're serious about joining and helping out with whatever people want to build. Money isn't a problem so there's no risk of the server disappearing!
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  17. The issue is I lack any capabilities to host a server.
    And even if I did my internet is spotty enough that people would have constant 5 min disconnects.

    It's fine when it's just me playing and I vanish for a tiny bit, but server wide? That would get in the way of things quite a bit.

    Plus there's the whole matter of how many people really would stick around for it all?
    That would work well on paper, but the issue there is player engagement.
    No one wants to just sit around on one repetitive job constantly, they'd get disengaged and leave long before the project is done.

    My suggestion would be to switch roles a bit and/or do those tasks in groups so there's both variety and more social interaction.
    Plus on Survival mode there's also security against mobs to consider.

    That and building the Castle piece by piece.
    Building individual rooms, utilizing it and then moving forward gives more instant gratification/incentive to keep going.
    Plus, if someone get's a sudden spur of creativity the design can more easily be altered.
  18. I've still got the vanilla realm server payed up through another month, if anyone wants to join, theres plenty of opportunities to do some sweet collabs, Just PM me some minecraft usernames ( NO i am NOT asking for passwords, just the screen name so i can INVITE you! ^_^)
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