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  1. Words cannot express how... Relieved I feel at leaving this site. I feel like this huge cloud is just disappearing from over my head and a huge weight being lifted from my shoulders. It has done nothing but cause me so much stress and has made me feel that I am not good enough to write amongst adults. I have made two wonderful friends on here, whom I will probably never forget and that is the only thing I am grateful for from this site. I am terribly sorry to those whom I am currently writing with. They deserve a better partner... They deserve someone who would be willing to stick to the role play and the site for a long while but I am going to stick to this site. Please, forgive me.

    Until next time,

  2. *Gives bow*

    Good bye comrade even though I do not know you. Farewell.
  3. Man, I know that feeling.

    *stares at the thread wall*

    Hmm... now people will click on this thread because they think I'm leaving.

    *stares at viewers*

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  4. Gonna bump this again, so people think I'm leaving.
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  5. More.
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  6. Pfft. Stop getting people's hopes up, Asmo. :P

    Sorry Iwaku didn't work out for you, NotAllThatCreative. ): Safe journey.
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