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  1. Kitami walked down the busy hallway of her college. She had to weave through people and ask people to please move since she couldn't get through. She was so small, only five feet even. She walked over to the common outside area. She sat under the tree in the courtyard, putting her head phones on and listening to some music. She began to eat her lunch, which consisted of an apple, granola and a small container of cashews. She was vegetarian, although she loved pizza so she didn't mind the cheese then, but she didn't anything other then that.

    She smiled to herself listening to calming music. She watched students walk by and talking loudly. She nibbled on her apple, thinking about the music and just spacing out. She had a good while before she had to leave for her next class.
  2. At a full stance the male stood to be at 5'10, he would always been seen wearing a dark green jacket that kept his hoodie over his head to hide most of his face and his "Marking" over his neck. A light green mist also drenched from his body like a light fog effect to show that hes in a calm attitude and nothing seemed to bothered him during that time. He made sure to have his head phones on to listen to "Knives and pens, by Black Vile Bride" That sort of music is what kept him calm most of his time. With the sleeves of his jacket slightly rolled up, it showed a sleeve tattoo from his wrist up within his jacket, on his right wrist wore a green watch that kept up to date of everything that he needed to know like when the sun was dropping or rising.

    The back of his jacket was slightly buldged out from an object that he was keeping hidden for only certain moments of his life. His position to where he lives was just a few feet out past a fence located near a high school.
  3. (She's in college)

    She stood up after she finished eating. She had to walk a little ways towards the street to throw away her things. She was still listening to music as she walked. She didn't look up until she had thrown out her things. She looked up and noticed the man just across the street, standing there with green fog seeming to seep out of him. She was too busy looking at him to notice the large group of boys walking past her. She did notice when one of them bumped into her hard. She was clumsy and she tripped forward landing on her side on the ground. She winced a bit but sat up once more. The guy was apologizing and helped her up. "I'm fine... thank you... it's okay," she said, her voice matching her, soft and sweet. She brushed off the dirt on her jeans, her head phones a bit crooked. She fixed them and then looked up at the guy. He was starring at her. "What?" she asked looking at him. "Nothing... sorry again..." he said before walking off. She looked a bit confused but she just turned and looked back to where the other guy was.
  4. With the headphones over his ears, his hoodie over his head blocking his side views, he never noticed her or the boys knocking her over, though when she had turned back around to catch a glimps of the man, he was no where to be seen except for the fog rising in the air to vanish with the air. Only thing besides the fog left behind was a long scrap across the tree branch as if a claw had swiped across it with force.

    Only thing out of wack in the picture where she was facing were the top of the trees were shacking and leaves were fallen as if something were jumping from top to top in a hurry or just to move around for search of food.
  5. She must have imagined it. She sighed and went back into the school. She went through the day without any more hitches, just another normal day. She went through her classes and stayed after for a little while talking to the teacher. She was glad there weren't so many people walking around outside when she finally left. It was getting dark, but she didn't mind. She began walking home, crossing the street to get to the other side and then, walking around the front yard of the house to get to the sidewalk. She held her books, her messenger bag, slung on her shoulder as she walked, her headphones on once more, playing music.
  6. Coming back to the college fence just as the students were leaving he kept him self sitting up in the tree leaves to keep him self hidden from the naked human eyes.
    Though the darker it became the more comfortable he was to move around freely outside without having hunters on alert for his being. Backing out from the tree he through hishoodie over his head and enclosed the green smoke to an end so there was nothing left of it dripping from his body, this was so he could now walk out during the night and amongst the streets. The male held his headphones around his neck and his hands in his jean pockets as he continued to walk down the sidewalk of the neighborhood.

    Without noticing he came up a few feet out infront of the female that was knocked down in the courtyard by the other boys, though not really knowing hwo she is, he kept on walking till he had passed her up. Just as he did pass her, he took a sniff in the air like a wolf, to catch a sweet scent of her blood. The kind that was lust and carefree.
  7. She had taken out so left over granola and was nibbling on it cutely, before she turned down the street, to the left, towards the less populated part of town. She lived alone in the house her grandmother had left her family. He parents lived far away from there so she had to live alone. She kept listening to her music, her book held to her chest. She had no idea he had been next to her or that he had sniffed her. She was busy listening to Shinedown a song called 45. She smiled to herself, her eyes on the ground and her hair covering her face. Her sweater hugged her frame and it was just a simple black sweater. She had very pale blonde hair, it almost looked white, and equally pale blue eyes.
  8. With his extreamly high hearing capablity, he was able to hear the song she was playing through her headphones, seeing it being one of his favorite songs, he begun singing the lyrics almost loud enough for even her to hear it. As he walked passed her with the scent of her blood in his nosterals only thing he could do from that point was to hold back from hurting her, The tail kept around his waist would vibrate around his body in a liking sensation from the smell. He knew in fact that she was indeed a human from just her smell. Cocking his head back to her as he gotten behind her singing along, he had a small grin form from his lips from her scent. During that moment he allowed small bits of the fog to appear around her feet and to form a trail in front of her as if he kept the fog invisible till now.
  9. She could hear the singing faintly and she turned looking at him. She recognized him from earlier that day. She stopped walking though and took her head phones off. She looked up at him, her eyes showing curiosity. "Hello... you know Shinedown?" she asked him softly. She stared right into his eyes, curiosity in her eyes as she watched him. She then noticed the green fog once more. It caused her to look down and around her at the fog. "Whoa.... thats odd," she said calmly, when most would just start to panic. She was surprisingly calm.
  10. Stopping in his tracks, he continued to keep his hoodie over his head to use the shadow of the hoodie cover his eyes to try and keep the pitch black pupils hidden from her, since he didn't know if she would try and run and tell.
    "Yes, I've been to a few concerts back in the day, there very good and calming."
    The hearing of her voice made him even more relaxed in his shoes, now knowing that there wasn't really anything to be afraid of since she didn't freak out from the fog forming around her feet.
    He brought his head up an inch to meet eye to eye with her, almost giving her a glimps of the bitten scar on his neck when he was bitten many years ago and his eye color.
  11. She looked into his eyes, her own looking like iced stone. She tilted her head to the side. She could see the bite mark on his neck and she would ask but it wasn't her place to ask. "That's cool, I've never been to a concert of theirs before. I'd like to go one day," she said softly, looking back into his eyes. "So what are you?" she asked softly. She sat down on top of a stone fence, pulling herself up to sit on it. She was curious. Her parents and most of her family worked with hunters, getting them housing or anything like that and she had been told stories and such. "I'm not a hunter if that's your next question," she added. She had such a calm face in the light of potential death.
  12. "What do you mean what am I? I'm.." With a quick gulp in his throut he scruffs his hands a little in his jacket pocket to answer her question. "I'm a human, aren't you?" The man would walk in a rotation to bring him self around to stand in front of her, his eyes locked on hers with a soft gaze to it. "Btw, my names Shichiroji, you can call me Shich or Bonez for short if you like." The cold night would bring darkness all around them, putting the green fog to become darker around there forms and location, also causing a low grade fog in the whole area from his body. I been to to many concerts, I lost count. There's actually another concert coming up in a few weeks, you should try and go, it's Black Vile Bride, and Slip knot."
  13. She looked at him in skepticism. "I'm not stupid or blind. The bite on your neck plus the green fog that is coming from your body tells me your some sort of demon... but I won't push you if you don't want to tell me," she said shrugging. When he said there was a concert soon and she smiled. "I know, I have a ticket to it," she said softly smiling happily. "Oh, my names Kitami, but everyone just calls me Kit," she said softly, smiling to him. "Nice to meet you Shich," she said offering him a cute simple smile.
  14. The moment he caught on that she knew he wasn't human, he allowed the spiked boned like tail to fall from his waist and reveal it's self in a relaxed, the fragments of each bone from the trail caused a crackal sound like bone breaking effects. As he pulled his arm out, revealed was a sleeve tattoo that had a zombie crawing from a grave site and reaching out across his wrist. In his hand was also a ticket to the concert.
    "Looks like were both be going, in any case, would you like to meet up together and check em out?"
    With the same hand with the ticket, he pulled the hoodie off from his head, allowing his black haie to drop down passed his ears and eye lashes, each strain of hair perfectly alligned. He'll softly pull a small smile revealing sharp miniture saber tooth like teeth in his mouth.
    "I'm surprised your not afraid, everyone I'v came across were always afraid and ran off screaming in terror"
  15. "That's cause your not the first demon I have ever met," she said shrugging. She jumped down from where she had been sitting and looked at the ticket. She smiled. "Thats awesome. I'd love to meet up with you there. I'll be at the front, about 6:30 okay with you?" she said to him, wondering if he would meet up with her in reality. She knew there weren't any hunters in the city at the moment. They usually stayed for a week and then leave to move to another location.
  16. "Yeah.. 6:30, I'll be there. But since it doesn't start till the 14th, and its the 3rd right now, maybe were see each other around again?
    It's tail curled back up within his jacket, along with his ticket going back inside his pocket. His eyes slightly gazed upon her body before taking a step back to allow her some space. Throwing his hoodie back over his head he took a spin around and headed back out were he came from, his direction was towards the outside woods to find a tree and sleep in it tonight before any hunters decided to come around without him knowing.
    "Well, i'll see you at the concert, ok?"
  17. "Okay then, I'll see you around. And just t let you know. The hunters left town two weeks ago," she said before just waving goodbye and walking back towards her home, the large house just outside the city. She preferred to walk although it took longer but she liked the fresh air as she got to her house. She opened the front door and went inside, sighing to herself, and stretching. She could sleep in tomorrow since her first class was later in the day.
  18. As he plundged deeper into the woods, he whipped his tail out and slithered it across a branch to help support him up into it. Sitting down across a bracn, he faced towards her house and watched it although he was a good 2-3 miles away from it, his vision was outstanding. Having trouble sleeping he for some odd reason couldn't stop thinking about her, and knowing that she was the first he has ever met that wasn't afraid of meeting someone like him self. Hoping for tomorrow, he was going to wait by the college to catch up to her again.
  19. The house lights were on and she seemed to be walking around. She was listening to some music and painting. She was an art major in college and she was currently painting a mural in her room. She was smiling and humming to herself as she danced around to the music. She seemed very odd. She was always calm and happy. She had no reason to be sad or upset so she never was. She was like a breath of fresh air to most people, calming them down.
  20. ~Next Morning~
    Early in the morning, Shich began to stretch his body out to loosen his bone fragments through out his body, he twisted and turned for a full body loosen. Jumping down to ground level, he rolled the sleeves of his jacket up to his elbos for a more comfortable feeling on him. Just before walking towards the outter line of the forest where he stared over at the college, he curled his tial around his waist to completely hide it. Leaving his hoodie down, he began walking, leaving small bits of fog balls behind as if he was tired and not fully awaken to control the actions of what he was doing of the fog, he was able to convert the fog into deadly poison if wanted too, so still being half asleep parts of the fog he was letting out had bits of poison in it, killing the leafes and grass around him that it touched.