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  1. You are just a normal kid. You live in your Realm of Reality, in the big city. There are all sorts of shops and places that catch your eye, but you never visit because you don't have the time. Life is okay, but so busy! Then, one day, you have some spare time on your hands. You see a sapphire blue door squeezed in between two of the normal grey ones. This is your first brush with the Other Realms. You open it, and it leads into a shop. It is stocked, floor to ceiling, with pairs of scissors. Craft scissors, sheep shears, sewing scissors, and hundreds of other sorts. And no amount of adjectives can be used to describe them all, there are old, new, shiny, dull, plain, bright, glass, steel, blue, pink, purple, goes on forever. Instead of a manager, there is just a shadow with two gleaming silvery eyes. It nods to you. "Yes, this is the Time Cavern. I doubt you've seen this manifestation before, but it's really just the same. We keep all the Portals here.” The Shadow claps its hands.

    You turn to pick up a pair of neon purple and green scissors. When you lift them, a gap appears in the air in front of you, then the world spirals and the walls dissolve into a swirling phosphorescent carnival that makes your eyes burn. Lime green and red striped tents, grass a mixture of bright blue and spring green, the sky an infinite darkening blue-violet, with neon stars glimmering in growing numbers. You close the scissors and drop them back into the dusty shoebox. The gleaming circus, with glittering lights and wild colors, is gone as the world spins back, like a spring returning to its original position. The old Realm of Reality stitches the still glowing gap back together like it was never there.

    You pick up another pair of scissors and try the same thing. The room turns, and you are immersed in tropically warm water. Fish brush past your arm. You close the coral scissors just before the water can rush into your lungs, and you fall onto the floor of the Time Cavern. Your clothes and hair are completely dry, but a strand of seaweed clings to your shoulder. Then, The Shadow rushes toward you. "Wait a minute. You aren't a Time Mage, Portal Witch, Astrological Wizard, Realm Warlock, or even a Dimension-jumping Specter! You're just a child!” It shoots a bolt of electricity at you. "Stand still! If I can't wipe your mind, then I'll have to destroy you!”

    A shelf of scissors tips over and falls with a loud smash. The scissors fall open, channeling all of their Portals at once. An indigo vortex forms, pulling the shelves and scissors inside. Each time a pair falls in, it grows, and a new streak of energy appears in the vortex. Soon, it looks like a weird, radioactive galaxy churning away, dragging in reality itself. Soon, the Shadow is enveloped by the spinning Portal. Then, a bright light flashes, and you are pulled in too. There is a moment of intense wind, then a rollercoaster-like half-falling, half-floating sensation. You are floating in a glowing galaxy, with silvery-white strands running into the distance in all directions. You can't tell where it comes from, or where any of it ends. You reach out and grab a pair of scissors. It's a pair of common steel ones just like back at home. Maybe they will take you back... you close your eyes, slash a gap in this newly found reality, and fall through, like Alice down the rabbit's burrow. A flash of light and racing rainbow colors like a tunnel between worlds, and you are dropped onto the ground. When you open your eyes, the people are unfamiliar, the smells, the town- it isn't your Realm. This is Earth.

  2. First up, this was brilliantly written, so even if I don't join I'll definitely read it.

    Anyway, this sounds really interesting, but what is "Earth" if it's not "Reality"?
  3. "Realm of Reality" is just another way of saying "your realm." Basically characters are going to be from different realms and end up converging into one realm: Earth. Hope that makes sense.

    And just to be clear: this isn't some sort of fandom RP where our characters come from their respective stories onto Earth. Rather, everyone gets to be creative and create their own little realms that their characters come from. In the character sheet, I'll give a little questionnaire rather than the usual CS so everyone has sort of a "guide" to making their character's realm.
  4. Oh, so it's kind of like a bunch of extraterrestrials from weird dimensions somehow end up on Earth and have wacky adventures? Sounds fun :D
  5. Basically! Depending on player feedback, we can keep this more lighthearted, or it can become more dark and mysterious. However, realistic behavior is a must for me, and all characters are going to be disoriented and confused. And, obviously, humans are going to be confused as well.
  6. I request the comedic falling of characters out of the sky, ultimately to land on a slightly befuddled tsundere.
  7. Haha, I guess we'll see what happens! Once this shows a little more interest, I'll have the OOC up.
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