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This is a trap.

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Diana, Jun 19, 2010.


  2. It's a Diana post, I'm game... *presses button*
  3. Meh, I'll see what Di's hiding...
  4. I am angered by this betrayal. >:|
  5. Diana's avatar goes with this trap pretty well...XD
  6. I refuse to play your games. This is Arkham after all...
  7. I want to know what internet sorcery she used to make that work.

    I feel like I just saw a MAGIC TRICK. O_x
  8. Gwen

    "I remember you saying that you did some research when you met me..." she recalled. Her eyes widened and she groaned "He knows who I am?" She glanced over to see Belles face pale slightly.
  10. Gwen

    "Oh come on little street fighter. I know you can do better." Belle challenged, grinning still. Gwen stared at her for a long time, still blocking hits.

    "Your right." Gwen felt the position of her skeleton once more and realized there was something she could do. She focused and made it so her bones in her wrist couldn't move around in their sockets. She hadn't tried such a thing before but it seemed to have worked. Belles eyes widened before Gwen lunged, knocking her back down. Gwen carefully maneuvered her weapon away and made sure she stayed on the ground

    "N-not bad." Belle sputtered out "When did you realize you could do that? Make my hand stop working I mean."

    "Er...just now." Gwen grinned and stayed where she was, making sure Belle couldn't flip her over.
  11. I'll like GMKs post. Blackmail ain't cool "miss-i-m-for-the-community"
  12. (I've never seen it but I know it's a pretty common one)


    He chuckled. "Oh yeah, we both went really easy on each other, it's not like we want to kill each other." He smiled.


    "Nice work Belle." He went over and kissed her forehead.
  13. John

    He smiled and hugged her from behind, drenched in sweat. "Thank you baby." He held her close.
  14. Belle

    She laughed and tried to push away "No, come on Johnny boy..." Gwen just chuckled at them and faked a gagging sound
  15. Belle

    "No!" She burst into giggles in spite of herself "You are all sweaty, it's gross."

    "As are the two of you." Gwen commented with a chuckle.


  17. Jason

    "Where we are staying isn't as prison-like as last time, right?" He crossed his arms and glanced at Gwen.
  18. Name: Elania

    Age (if applicable): 23

    Gender (if applicable): Female

    Dimensional Type (2-D, 3-D, 4-D): 3-D

    Dimension ID: Hideo, Re Ver. C-220 |14528|

    Appearance: Humanoid creature with iridescent green-blue skin. Hairline starts from the center of the scalp with long auburn hair. Eyes are a bright green, where the iris takes up more of the eye compared to Earthly humans. Dresses in little clothing due to it feeling constricting as she moves.

    Personality: She remains to herself, especially while working. Elania has a quiet disposition and doesn't like to be made the center of attention. Her preference is to move along unnoticed by others around her if at all possible. Meeting new people doesn't happen often at all, only being forced to do so when it comes to work related situations.

    She does loosen up a bit when she gets to know people, but it remains to rarity. Unless alcohol is involved.

    Elania also remains very watchful of what she does and how she acts because of what she does. This is partly why she doesn't loosen up a whole lot. Otherwise, she is easy to get along with and tries to remain a team player.

    Rank: B

    Position: Covert

    Gear customizations: Concealed pistol she usually straps to her waist or thigh and an energy dagger. Has an energy shield strapped to her left arm that looks like a regular armband on her forearm. Also wears a Mimex suit and keeps an Entropiece on at all times. Keeps various recording devices in a small pouch at her waist. Truth serums and other mixes are in another pouch.