This is a thread for Dawn

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  1. So she can tell me how awesome I am.

    Please begin.
  2. My dearest Peter,

    Your dance upon the hot summer night breeze steals the breath from my lungs and I cannot help but follow you like a lost puppy. My legs tremble as I struggle to keep at your leisurely pace of fluttering, excitement and anticipation flickering in my belly like a crackling campfire. We pass tree after tree but my eyes never leave your dirt colored wings. I pause a moment, moistening my dry lips with the tip of my tongue as I remember all of the times you've patted my ass in the name of the good game. Off you flutter, taking me deeper into the cbox and I'm aware of just where you plan to take me: the famous "Backroom", where many things have happened, most of which were never narrated to the rest of the cbox dwellers for fear that their minds become tainted with undesirable images. My face flushes as I consider the images we could create together and it's a moment before I realize you've left my sight. I stumble over various obstacles as I struggle to catch up to you: a box labled 'Kura', a corner where it shouldn't be, a half eaten door, an unreasonable amount of war cosplay costumes... It seems like forever before I've arrived at Backroom. There you are, waiting for me, perched on a Connect Four game. Your perfectly curled antennae beckon me closer, though the action freezes me to the spot with a feminine shyness. Should we really be doing this? Someone could catch us... You flex your velvety wings, coaxing me and the innocent little campfire becomes a forest filled with flames. Ohh, how those wings remind me of the softness of a rose petal, gently caressing my--

    Waitaminute. I think I'm doing this wrong .___.


    Peter is awesome.
  3. That's haaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwt

  4. That video made me nearly piss my pants laughing. Just sayin'.
  5. This makes me feel excitebike.
  6. Wonderful, simply wonderful.
  8. [video=youtube;RAw_rZFognU][/video]

  10. Supersexy, Dawn.
    But you should write an ending, or Butterfly might die from holding his breath.