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  2. Tobiah wasn't exactly... well, happy. How could he be when, for one, he had been called up from the kitchen only to see his boyfriend tucked in bed with a hardly contented expression. Sighing heavily to himself, a composition of not only annoyance, but a great deal of just pure tiredness. With Reginald, and likewise, himself for letting the other time and time again just call upon him. Of course, Reginald was his boyfriend! Hell, not only that, but the person he was linked to through fate. They were partners - but that didn't mean necessarily mean he had to like him all of the time, and right now, stood with burly arms folded over his chest, he displayed that blatantly across his nonchalant expression. "Hon, if this is about that job, you can honestly forget it. I've told you, as your Master, that I forbid it-- if Braylin dares to bring it up even ONCE more, I'll... you know that? I'll send him back to his asshole of a Master. Frankly-" He paused a moment, if only to take a peek at the ajar door. Once shutting it and blocking Braylin out from eavesdropping, he quietly continued, voice dropping its harshness to indicate seriousness. "...Well, frankly I'm fed up of him interfering with us, y'know? He gets involved too much, babe."
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  3. "Maybe him being involved is good!" Countered Reginald, his eyes wide and shining as he sat perched on their bed. "He... He's my friend, Tobiah. I would care just as much if it was your friend, and you know that. This... This isn't about him, or the job, alright? Well, it sort of is, but I'm more focused on your attitude." Shifting in his seat, the antsy neko immediately began to feel himself grow nervous from clearly disobeying that he had known to be his Master- the man he was destined to look out for, take care of, in hopes for the same. "You're c-constantly deciding things for me, and I know you think it's for the best, but it doesn't feel like it. I'll follow you're rules, but I'm going to work with the fish monger. You're too stressed about money, and so is Bray, but he needs to take care of his puppies and not me. I know you think I'm an i-idiot, or something, but I know when I need to help out. So just... Let me do this one thing, please?"
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  4. "Oh, of course," he drawled, his tone dripping in sarcasm and evident disgust, that particularly given away by the crack in his frosty expression. What was once an icy mask was now contorted into a thin-lipped scowl; his eyes lit in nothing but unadulterated disappointment in the other, and the sudden endorsement of rapid blinking was representative of his sheer surprise. In all the months they had known each other, and become lovers for that matter, he had never expected, ever, for his own neko to defy him, have the audacity to respond and defend against what should have been a cemented decision. And so? The human stiffened considerably. It may have been a warm day outside, with the sun peeking in through the split in the curtains, but that was hardly indicated in the frosty atmosphere suddenly created. "Reginald. I disregard everything you have just said," he murmured softly after a moment, the fact he wasn't shouting and raging not a comfort, but a form of intimidation. "I am in charge, I think that's been pretty much understood the last few months, hon, and as such, thinking I'd let you go swanning off with the town's flirt is a bit of a ridiculous ideal, hm?"
    Quietly running his finger along the dusted worktop of his nearby desk, he gave a small smile -perhaps a smirk?- before peeking at his smaller lover smugly, that smugness having been shown the first time they had met, and now? It at least proved that he hadn't changed in the slightest. He wasn't violent to Reggie, but that didn't mean he wasn't emotionally violent. He was possessive, obsessive and manipulative - and he sure as hell didn't give a shit about it either. "Now, how about you get some rest? You'll be an adorable little house-husband, doesn't that sound nice and cutesy~?"
  5. Watching the all too familiar smirk grow on his lover's face, he hurried to tug the blankets to his neck. The memories of the days locked in the basement of the old house hit him hard, and he NEVER wanted that again. He never wanted to be forced into a metal cage, the smell of rotten meat and vomit filling his nose. He never wanted to live in the dark, and if that meant he had to listen to Tobiah's ridiculous demands? Then so be it... Though that didn't mean he wasn't questioning the whole case. ".... But, Tobi? We don't have money.... We NEED money, for the babies, and US. D-Do you expect to eat snow? This... T-This is silly. And Braylin JUST had the babies! H-He needs time to heal and take care of the kids... Not me. I can take care of them when I get pregnant, too, but not now..."
  6. Listening intently -at least with the premise of intent- he continued to inspect the room for the fact of avoiding looking toward his boyfriend. It wasn't that he felt guilty. Oh no, guilt was lost on him at the moment, particularly at the moment given Reginald's burst of confidence and self-righteousness. Of course, Tobiah blamed Braylin entirely for that - he knew the inu had a penchant for spurring the neko on to 'being himself', and subsequently, that tended to lead toward the prevention of taking medication, as was evident from the earlier discussion. Finally turning to peer at him once even he felt the silence grow unbearable and slightly too awkward for even him to enjoy, he, if only for the purposes of dramatics (that of which he had always been a fan of), he continued the deafening quiet with the zoomorphic reptilian smirk cutting his otherwise soft, mannish features.
    "Dear, who said you'd be having kids? Hm? Me. I decide to give you them. Likewise, I can opt to prevent it. It's relatively easy - making love is something that could grant you with some brats. Simply, I just won't sleep with you IF you dare to continue the... insolence," he mulled over his choice of wording. Perhaps he had been a tad too dramatic? Similarly, perhaps it followed that he'd been TOO harsh on the boy. Heck, Reginald was his lover; his SOULMATE. And was it okay to treat him like nothing more than a prisoner, expected to bend to every command and void of individuality?
    One look upwards at the neko's face brought with it recollections of the prior disobedience, and only ONE memory of that enabled him to recognise that the harshness and the cruelness was 'justified'.
    "I... want to love you, but how can I when you're sort of ruining the relationship, hon?"
  7. "... What do you mean?" He whispered, his tone shaky and broken as he gripped at the very edges of the comforter. "I-I'm not ruining this relationship, Tobi. Y-You're the one who never wants to talk to me, you always just leave to do other things..." He reminded, though his voice definitely dwindled from its formerly confident tone. With tears brimming his eyes, he wondered if he went to far with the comment and immediately covered his mouth- a childish display for a childish person. Wiping his eyes with his free hands, he let those same, perfect orbs drift off to lock on the window. "Don't hurt Braylin, please? I-I'll.... I'll stay home, be a good "house-husband", just keep him and the puppies alone and safe... And you promise to at least spend time with me. I NEED affection, it's in my blood. So just... Please, w-we need to compromise, like a normal couple does."
  8. 'Like a normal couple?'

    He was kidding about that, surely? Perhaps this was a show of sudden comedic talent he hadn't seen from his lover in so many months (possibly due to the cocktail of tablets and pills he had Reggie swallow down religiously)?
    Evidently, Reginald was being a hundred and ten percent serious, if the emotional display was anything to go by. The sight of the other's eyes, that of which had always been incredibly attractive as far as the human had been concerned, now drenched in glassy tears should really make his stomach twist uncomfortably, and guilt should crash over him as hard as actual waves. But instead, all he felt was nothingness. His expression, formerly smirked and cocky, now dead-panned as he reached to grab his boyfriend's hands to stop the twisting in amongst the fabric. For one thing, he could hurt himself, but most prominently on the human's mind, it was bloody annoying.
    "Compromise?" He whispered after another long period of silence, clicking his tongue as though the word itself felt uncomfortable forming in his mouth, and from the sight of a twisted grimace, perhaps it was. Repeating the word to himself to come to terms with its meaning, it only took a sudden moment for him to let out a laugh - a release of building pressure, mostly. "Compromise! We aren't compromising like 'normal couples' do, baby. We're not a damn normal couple! Let's get THAT straight, huh?!" He yelled, the burst of loudness not only breaking what was a stiff environment, but understandably waking the babies in the next room over. And once hearing them, his head swiftly turned to the door, a reaction like a predator hearing its prey in the wild.
    "...Those damn babies had better shut it, or I will do what I do best with their dear sweet mother. I guess you can infer what you want from that. For now, we're going to relax, and you'll... just do as I ask. It's easier that way, Reginald, just trust me on that. Trust is normal in relationships, and you clearly like normal relationships," he mumbled, whether it was serious or a dig at the other's childish ambitions for a perfect relationship, though who could blame the boy? For the last few months, everything had been literally perfect. The perfect scenery, the impending arrival of children, the nice village atmosphere where, with no exaggeration, everyone genuinely cared and looked after one another.
    And all of a sudden, for the last few days, Tobiah had taken this turn and proved to show his constant, ongoing possessiveness that had disappeared for a while, but made its untimely arrival once more.
    "We're dysfunctional," he reminded after a moment, having pulled his shirt off to lay beside him - his physique was, as expected, as trim and kept up to shape. His appearance, at least, remained a constant factor. "And our dysfunctional composition of personalities makes things fun-- but also means you need to tone your stubbornness down, or it'll get out of hand, hm?"
  9. Reggie would be lying if he said he was surprised by the other's words. The harshness of his lover wasn't new to him at all.
    Now without a literal security blanket to fiddle with, he proceeded to wring his hands over and over- a habit, he noticed, that grew when he started to take his medicine. Deciding to purse his lips, it was only when things grew louder that he physically jerked away to cover his sensitive ears. His ears, just like Braylin's and the four other puppies, were hypersensitive to sounds past a certain tone... If it weren't for the fact that he was already silently sobbing, he'd be like the now whining children in the other room. He removed his hands, briefly rubbing the snot from his nose with the sleeve of his wool sweater, before covering them and slowly slipping under the covers. If he ended this conversation, this would stop. And if he just tried to fall asleep, he could ignore this... Right? With that in mind, the far less burly man buried his cheek in the pillow and at least pretended to get some rest.
  10. The soft sniffles were pretty much enough for the man, usually calm, cool and collected, to turn in bed and, mostly in the heat of the moment without any rational thought behind it, moved to lift a knee up into his gut. Given that Tobiah was much more athletically gifted than the neko, the nudge dealt ended up far more vicious than even he himself, in all his annoyance, would have intended, and once blinking back surprise at how HARD a punishment it was, abandoned all former hostility to grab Reginald by the cheeks. Cold hands cupped the broken angelic face of his boyfriend, his own expression now marred with worry and apology. His thumbs graced the pale skin on either cheek, attempting a sign of a smile in reassurance to him that, despite how angry he was, that most definitely wasn't intended... though what reason did Reginald have to believe that.
    Tobiah was a violent person, through and through, and the return of his colder side would surely bring the return of some violence? In truth, it didn't. It was a genuine mistake to have hurt him that hard - a gentle nudge was all he had been going for, nothing different from the soft slaps on his shoulder from Reginald whenever he told a joke or playfully teased him.
    Difference was, Reginald wasn't six foot tall, and Tobiah wasn't small and petite.
    He had forgotten that rather vital fact, their antithetical physiques proving clearly fatal now he had lost control for a split second from an accumulation of tiredness, annoyance and upset.
    "B-Babe?" He finally managed to blurt, voice returning to a more softer tone, thankfully, and full of genuine care. "I... I didn't mean that, I swear! I... ngh... hon, a-are you hurt or...?"
  11. A harsh wheeze, followed by a sharp snap, were all that came out of the neko as he gripped his gut in shock. Letting his eyes lock on his lover, they no longer expressed the usual horror or fear, but simply hurt. His master, the man he trusted with his life, just practically punted him in the stomach. Despite all the things they had been through, in his mind? This was unforgivable. He tried to scramble away desperately only to land on the floor of their bed, hissing in another round of pain when he felt his skull lightly smack into the wood. Once far enough to at least slightly collect himself, he noticed the trickle of blood from his lips and the searing pain from his most definitely broken ribs- in which he immediately began to panic. Trying to get to his feet, he backed away slowly from Tobiah while clinging to his broken ribs to ease the pain in his mind, even if it wasn't actually helping anything. "S-Stay... Stay away from me!" He squeaked, "Don't t-touch me, don't come near me... I-I..." With his mind hazy and the pain hitting more than it had in a long time now, he dashed down the stairs and slipped on some boots and jacket. "I'm g-going into town." He announced, "Don't follow me, o-or..."
  12. "Or... Or what?" He challenged automatically. His general personality did, no matter the situation, enable him to act challengingly and on the defensive... even if that was over actions like making the supposed love of his life bleed out and ache in evident agony. It would take an idiot not to recognise the pain he was in, and in spite of both the warning and what he had done (as well as their disagreements earlier on), the man wasted little to no time whatsoever in simply venturing after him, prepared to coddle him close like a mother bird. Although, something about the ferocity and the determination in Reginald's voice had spoken volumes - Tobiah noticed just how stern he was being. Sure, so maybe Tobiah would get him back after a day or two, but then again, what was the guarantee of that?
    He had basically taken things to a whole new level with the sudden introduction of abuse. Abuse that he had sworn would never rear its ugly head once falling in love with the neko; HIS neko. Yet promises, especially self-made ones, were the easiest to be broken, and this was another example of that.
    "I'm disgusted in myself, okay? Maybe I have to change, and maybe... we can compromise on... some stuff." He decided after a moment, realising how hypocritical he sounded, though it was better than remain stubborn and seeing his lover storm out and tell the little community about what had happened. Not that they NEEDED to be told - it was pretty obvious what had happened when the other's beaten state was observed. "Reginald, don't go out. They'll HATE me for this, you know, and it was an accident, so... come to the bathroom, I'll patch you up, huh? Run you a hot bath, with bubbles and bath salts and the works!"
  13. There WAS a moment of consideration, honestly just wanting to be hugged and patched up, and be told that it was going to be okay. But it wasn't okay, and for the first time since the whole adventure between them started, he realized that.
    "No!" He snapped, "No, I want them to know. I want them to yell at you, and beat you up just like you beat me up and all the other nekos and inus. You promised you'd never hurt me, and n-now it's hard for me to breathe and I want to vomit, and..." He babbled, doing everything in his power to keep himself from buckling over in pain. "F... Fuck you! I do everything you tell me to do, because I want to make you happy, and you always put me down for it and treat me like a child. I'm sick of living in fear for my friends because my boyfriend. You deserve to get punished for once, a-and not me!" Spitting out a bit extra blood onto the porch, he didn't care of the closest hospital was miles away, or the fact that there was feet of snow below him. Anything to be away from his lover. "I won't forgive you instantly like I usually do."
  14. Hesitating, it was only when he realised the gravitas of the words that he broke free from his statue-like posture. It was wooden, awkwardly so, staring after the hobbling boy with a sense of defeat and anxiousness. In that moment, the usually confident, outgoing and, more importantly, unemotional Tobiah was set with oncoming tears, both out of fear of being found at as an official abuser but having to face the reality that this could mark the end of his relationship, and regardless of how cold he had acted, that was quite literally the last thing he wanted to happen. He wouldn't have gone through all the drama with Kristof and helped Braylin out if he didn't love Reginald with his life, and now that he had to watch the neko limp off with blood sinking into the serenely white snow below, it was a sore point.
    That was, at least, until he suddenly flinched.
    The rare moment of genuine emotion, the revelation of vulnerability and regret, disappeared almost as quickly as it had arrived. Like hell was he going to be the talk of the town! Knowing some of the gossiping old women who owned the hair salon, they would inform the police -with good reason, frankly- and prison really wasn't an ideal place for him. It wasn't just the horrifying thought of it, the aimless feeling, being surrounded with murderers and psychos. No, it would be hell only for the paranoia he knew he'd struggle with at knowing Reginald would be on the outside, and with Tobiah's mind wired like it was, he would be assuming that the neko would be talking to every cute guy going.
    In short, prison was not an option, and, with his raw emotions leading him once more, already proven a disaster with the incident in bed, he lunged forward, a vicious growl leaving his throat in anticipation of the act he was committing - he lurched in, grabbed a handful of the other's soft locks and tugged him back with such force that it could well have ripped out the handful of hair, it if wasn't for his loosening grip once Reginald was pulled in close. "Get inside that house before I drag you in, love," he sneered, his tone and expression hardly that of a loving master. Contrary, it was the look of disgust he'd worn that first day of meeting the neko, the now tautological circumstances replaying themselves. "Or would you like a nice bruise under your ear? Bruises do tend to suit you, babe."
  15. Whimpering from the sudden tug, his eyes shot open to glare up at the man. "Why are you doing this?!" He hissed out, only to be followed with full, vocal sobs. "Why do you keep hurting me?! I thought you LOVED me! A-And... And people who love you don't hurt you like this."
    Still gripping his ribs, the frantic neko didn't tug away. He knew he was beat- he couldn't outrun the other on a NORMAL day, but with the broken ribs? It was going to be impossible. Though that didn't mean he wasn't still angry, and frustrated. "I just want you to treat me l-like an equal, is that so much to ask for?! I want to be your BOYFRIEND, not your pet! Now LET GO OF ME, or I'll cut your throat!" With a rare fire in his eyes, Reggie pressed his knife like claws to the other's neck. "I-I'm serious. I'll kill you, then I'll kill myself. I-I don't want to, but I'm not afraid to do this.. Now let go. And when you let go, we'll talk as equals understood? Then m-maybe... Maybe I'll forgive you for all the shitty things you've done."
  16. His large fist tightened on the locks of hair threateningly, unlikely to take the other seriously. Well, that was at least until feeling sharp nails resting against the gentle skin of his neck. As much as he didn't want it to, his heart began to fasten automatically once realising the severity of things - the longer he refused to act, the likelihood was him succumbing to the other's insanely sharp nails -practical weapons- and aside from losing Reginald permanently, death was another thing the human feared. Death, after all, was inevitable, but the longer he could last on Earth, he'd do anything to achieve that.
    Whilst he wanted desperately to exert his dominance and his intimidating figure, he knew when to back down to avoid a visit from the Reaper in death, and so reluctantly released his grip with both an angered scowl... but behind that, as unwilling as he was to admit it, there was the odd emotion of pride. In comparison to his usual, frequented anger, it was a rarity, and even more hypocritical in the way that he broke his ribs for daring to defy him, but the moment he attempted to threaten Tobiah with death? The human tended to find a sense of pride in the other - it was attractive to him to see such a small, petite thing ferociously rise and become a feisty, threatening figure.
    Nevertheless, despite the glowing pride, he refused to let it show, simply standing in the few feet of snow and with arms dangling awkwardly at his sides, not entirely happy with how... awkward it all was.
    "...Let's go inside and talk then. As... psh, equals..."
  17. Keeping his nails out, he motioned the other to stop when the sudden urge to vomit hit him. Finally buckling over, he let loose his dinner only to cry from the pain in his chest. Taking a long moment to steady his breathing, he managed to return to his icy position and urged him on into the house. "Go to the bathroom." He ordered flatly, the noise being rather disturbing- the only other time the boy was this serious was when he escaped with Braylin. "Go in and lock the door, I don't want Braylin dealing with his right now. We'll talk about how you're going to apologize, understood? And we'll talk about your punishment. We'll also discuss our children, hm? You'll shut the fuck up first, and fix my ribs." Eyeing the stairs nervously, he managed to sneak his lover into the bathroom without Braylin seeing, before locking it shut behind him. "Now fix me." He demanded, that fire in his eyes still burning just as bright. "Now."
  18. Reaching up into the medical cabinet, the man had to bite hard on his tongue in order to not snap back at him and make the situation any worse than it already was. He realised he'd fucked up, big time, and if the other wanted to hold the authority, he was quite happy to let him take that to diffuse the superiority complex he himself had built up over the last hour or so.
    And again, he was secretly an admirer of the sudden turn and change in the other's personality, and even if he wasn't going to admit it, the fact he was obliging and not snapping back as his own personality would entail was slightly indicative of how much he was enjoying the situation.
    Even if he really shouldn't do so - Reginald clearly had some broken ribs and a nasty bruise ranging from one side of the body, all the way along to the other. The sight of the vicious purple bruise, darkening in colour seemingly by the seconds, did make the tough man cringe, hurrying to wrap the bandage around him just to avoid seeing the evidence of his hard kick once more.
    He, if he could avoid it, didn't want to feel more crappy a boyfriend than he already did at the moment.
    "Like I said, we can discuss later," he whispered, eyes staring down away from the other's face in now full guilt. "...My punishment? Sorry, I'm letting you lead the talk, but I am in no way getting punished, hon."


    [[Do you wanna revive some of the other roleplays? I can only remember Archer, Ossibus Brothers and Trae. If you wanted to, I could create two of the discussions to even if out a little, unless you can remember any other roleplays? I'm stumped at the moment, only those three register tbh c:]]
  19. "You broke. My fucking. Ribs." He reminded, his tone growing soft as he lifted his arms for the bandage to fully wrap. "I'm going to be bed ridden for a month because of this, you understand that right? No. You're going to listen to me, fully, and you're going to shut the fuck up with you're whole superiority complex. This is going to be the rules, understood? Until I get better, you need to do as I say at the drop of a hat. You'll tend to me like a LOVING BOYFRIEND WOULD, and you'll keep your mouth shut about it. You'll feed me, bathe me, whatever I need.... In return, I'll continue to take my medicine. I'll stay at home, be your house-husband, but you need to find a way to bring food in because I don't want Bray losing time with his children. Lastly, WE will have children-" By then, his hard exterior began to break and expose the usually timid neko, as if an entire other person was hidden deep inside Reggie that only came out in situations like this. "I want us to be happy, a happy family who loves each other and cares. Not THIS. So listen to my rules, understand? Or I'll tell everyone in town what you did to me...."

    (Yeah, yeah! Go and do it, man. I think we sort of got this whole thing down packed, so I say make 'em. Do you want to name them after the groups they were in, or just the character names?)
  20. Growing quieter by the second the more the other continued, the slight admiration he had felt instantly losing its presence. Instead, it was replaced with that raw, red mist again, clouding what was otherwise his common sense and natural emotions. In fact, all that he was left with was an empty shell full of anger and bitterness. In his mind, the neko was way out of his depths now, carried away on a rare burst of confidence and self-worth.
    Moronic, as far as his Master was concerned, at least.
    Though, exploding in his face wasn't the best way to make his anger known again - perhaps an actual, thought out plan was more worthwhile.
    "Of course, that's fine. I'll do exactly as you ask, how about that?" He murmured, masking his annoyance behind a well made mask of kindness and apology. "To make it up to you, I suppose-- all I ask is that you stop the blackmailing. You're too cute for all that, dear."

    [[ Cool! I think the name of the groups would be best, seems to fit in more if we do that. If I create my old roleplays, do you wanna do Trae? I'll wait until you're online before creating them, so nobody else replies >_< ]]
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