This is a Test, do not be alarmed.

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  1. You sit on something surrounded by a background looking at a person sitting on another thing. He is tall, pale, wears a tan ragged coat with pants of equal description and has really long black hair. He holds a saxophone with old bloodstained bandages wrapped around it and wears the glasses of a blind man. On a lesser note, the man has branches growing out of his shoulders. "Hello. This is a Test, do not be alarmed. Where are we?"

    The Golden Rule: Everyone who joins takes the Test separately with this post to start them off. You may join others but only with their consent.
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    Grace Mills sat in the room. Her purple hoodie was starting to get a bit too much to be wearing in the room, as it was summertime last she checked. She had put it on before going to bed. She took it off quickly so she didn't suffocate. she was wearing a pink tank-top underneath. She sighed in relief. The room was painted in dark colors and there was only one door. A single lightbulb hung in the roof above the two. She gave challenging stare at the person.

    "I would hope we are in my home state of Pennsylvania, or else I'm going to be missing a friend's concert in the capitol today. I would guess so. It's pretty humid in here. Cool branches by the way." She wasn't sure if they were real. Or if he was really blind. She could never be sure. But she smiled nonetheless.
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    Devin Weekly leant back on whatever he was sitting on, crossing his arms in front of his chest as he mulled over his answer to the person's question. How was he supposed to know, after all? The small room itself wasn't much of a giveaway: nondescript grey walls, no windows, carpeted floor, and a single, shaded light source that wasn't even that good at lighting up the room. He couldn't see much else that would clue him in. "Well, we're obviously in a room, but that's probably not the answer you're looking for." The boy leant forward and rested his elbows on his knees, taking a closer look at the asker, but the whole bloodstained rags and tree branches growing out of his shoulder thing didn't really help with the whole "don't be alarmed" thing. Devin quickly leaned back again, casting his gaze to his feet. "It feels like school, but it's probably not a school. They usually don't have carpets. Maybe, like, an office or something?" He finished that sentence as if it were a question and glanced up at the sax-man, hoping that maybe he would answer his own question.
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    James looked around. "I mean, why are we here? Us in particular?" He felt that this was extremely strange. He mulled over where they could be. "Hmm, maybe a testing chamber?"