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  1. I think I should add a bit of music as a nice background, I suppose...
    -flips through music and pauses on one-

    Who doesn't like Kpop? A lot of people?....Awe the FUCK well.

    Now I don't really know how to start a rant, but I suppose I'll just start by saying something along the lines of.... "Ehhh....You know what really burns me up?..."

    What really burns me up sometimes is that there is so much negativity in the world. I always try to be a positive person and try to make everyone feel happy and better about whatever shitty thing is fucking with them that day, but sometimes no matter how hard I try (Like I put on my Super Doomy cape and my Super Doomy boots and fart out fucking rainbows and throw up Sparkles and glitter)...shit does not work.


    It can be rather frustrating when you always want to make everyone happy...Hell sometimes I forget about myself and all the shit I have gone through. OH BUT DO NOT THINK I AM SELFLESS. In fact, I believe I am rather greedy...I do not seek positivity for THEIR sake. Hell, I want people to be positive for my sake. I want some kind of human shield from all the negativity that we see in this world. You would expect us to be happy with where we are in the world. Technology is awesome. Anime is awesome. Videogames are gifts from above.

    Where we are in the world is so amazing and technologically advanced. Hell I have friends all over the world now thanks to sites like this and Skype. The internet is a magical thing...Yet people want to abuse that power. People seek to turn things so dark and ruin it for the people who are only trying to have fun and seek happiness in their life....

    You know what really burns me up? Sadness and Depression. People believe that they are one in the same, which they are not. I do not suffer from depression, for my sadness in undiagnosed. I am a great sufferer of sadness sometimes, however. I can cure my sadness with hugs, candy, Kawaii shit...But for Depression...It is something rather different. I have met so many people in my life that are depressed...I wish I could, once again, put on all my Super Doomy shit and erase all depression in the world, but it is never that easy...It's a horrible thing for people to live with and I wish that that wasn't there.

    And that's where I get pissed off. If Depression were a person, I would...I would give him a stern talking to and then take him out for ice cream because he would need something positive. It's horrible how depression can cling to people and weigh them down and just ruin all goals and aspirations that one once had. I know I do not have depression, so many of you may say shit like-

    "Oh Doomy, you do not understand! You just don't understand because YOU ARE NOT DEPRESSED!"

    I know I am not depressed....but that does not mean I have not felt sadness, that I have not seen depression eat away at friends and family and totally ruin them! I do understand! I really do and I wish that I could help everyone, but I am only one person.

    You know what pisses me off? That I can't help everyone. That I am only one girl, sitting in her bedroom and writing about how much I wish to help people, but can't. For when it comes to negativity and sadness....and even depression at times, only YOU can help yourself. And I know what everyone is thinking now-

    "Dooomy! You cannot make assumptions that everyone can help themselves! Not everyone can help themselves! You're being naive and insensitive to people!" -insert angry face-

    But that is NOT what I am saying...It is YOUR choice to make your next step when it comes to all this depression and sadness and negativity. For depression, YOU make the choice to seek help, so are you not helping yourself to that? That's what I mean....Only you can tell yourself that something is wrong and that something needs to be changed.

    What do I think should be done? The only way a change can be made is if it is acknowledged. Maybe try to find positive things in your lives. Take up a hobby, Iwaku obviously being a good one, and maybe try to find some purpose in your life. NOT SAYING THAT YOU DO NOT HAVE PURPOSE! Because everyone is here for a reason...Everyone is loved, not by everyone, but everyone has someone who loves you...Even if you think you do not have a single friend in the world. There is someone that loves you and wants to be there for you and wants to hold your hand, but YOU just have to see through all the bullshit in the world to be able to find that person.

    Soooo conclustion? I'm not a fucking superhero and I know I never will be, but I try to make my life better. There will be times when someone is beaten down, but you should try to push forward so that it is not all the time. Depression is a mental disorder, yes, meaning that only YOU can seek help for it...You should not use that as a crutch. You should not hide behind that shield so that you do not have to find your way out of the darkness because I know it is scary, but there will always be someone to help you along the way.

    -Holds out a flashlight-

    Now let's put some positivity back into the world, hm?



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  2. I might have been able to add a useful comment after reading your post, but I as too busy wondering if that guy was trying to rub his face in the other guy's armpit while molesting him....o.o

  3. He was sharing his awesome

    It's Armstrong

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    No homo
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