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  1. @Dipper

    I need some Sandwich Recipes. Gimme some Magic.
  2. Depends on what you're allergic to, and whether sour dough soaked in gravy and packed with stuffing and bacon is enough to stop your heart.

    Hint: It's not, but it's so delicious that it might as well be.
  3. Sourdough bread or Texas toast
    Your amount of smoked turkey
    Garlic aioli
    Your choice of cheese (smoked stuff is nice, swiss or provolone)
    A little bit of tomato

    Put that bitch on a panini machine, or press it into a pan lightly buttered or oiled.

    Sandwich of the gods. Simple and delicious.
  4. A fun idea we used to do was waffle-iron our bread, smother that bastard in delicious cranberry sauce and fill it with whatever else we had thanksgiving related on hand: roasted turkey, salty tears, mashed potatos, melted cheese, tomatoes if we were feeling adventurous, and a nice bowl of gravy for dip.

    Another delicious one is ciabatta bread with turkey, potato chips, gravy, and sometimes cucumbers because we had to stay healthy. You can replace the gravy with mayo, though, because it's just as good.

    Try 'em. If we have similar tastes, you won't regret it.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.